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Josephine  Dlucik's Image
Littleham, Devon
Josephine Dlucik
1928 1994
Josephine was born March 17, 1928, and died August 8, 1994. Josephine is buried in St. Margaret and St. Andrew Churchyard in Littleham, Devon, England.
Barbara  Gatton's Image
Barbara Gatton
Barbara died in 2022.
Norah  Neal's Image
United States
Norah Neal
1981 2023
Janice  Weston's Image
Windsor, Colorado
Janice Weston
1946 2015
Janice was born May 23, 1946, and died July 28, 2015. Janice is buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Windsor, Colorado, USA.
James  MacDonald's Image
Ashland, Kentucky
James MacDonald
1929 1976
James was born January 28, 1929 in Morningside, City of Edinburgh, Scotland, and died February 29, 1976 in Kentucky, USA. James is buried in Ashland Cemetery in Ashland, Kentucky, USA.
Linstead.  CASTLE-ALLEN's Image
Linstead. died in 2022.
Gussie  Burleson's Image
San Antonio, Texas
Gussie Burleson
1924 2004
Gussie was born December 26, 1924 in Bartlett, Texas, USA, and died January 29, 2004. Gussie is buried in Meadowlawn Memorial Park in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Deborah  Fischer's Image
Deborah Fischer
Deborah died in 2022.
Richard  Solomon's Image
Alexander, Arkansas
Richard Solomon
1946 2023
Richard was born April 18, 1946, and died April 5, 2023. Richard is buried in Pinecrest Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleum in Alexander, Arkansas, USA.
Mary  Winsor's Image
Mary Winsor
Mary died in 2022.
David  Jones's Image
Geraldine, Canterbury
David Jones
1946 2016
David was born October 4, 1946, and died November 17, 2016. David is buried in Geraldine Cemetery in Geraldine, Canterbury, New Zealand.
Howard  Rawlins's Image
Springvale, Victoria
Howard Rawlins
1917 2002
Howard was born January 19, 1917, and died August 19, 2002. Howard is buried in Springvale Botanical Cemetery in Springvale, Victoria, Australia.
Zbigniew  Milko's Image
Warsaw, Mazowieckie
Zbigniew Milko
Zbigniew died November 14, 1997. Zbigniew is buried in Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland.
Virginia  Willbanks's Image
San Antonio, Texas
Virginia Willbanks
1915 1996
Virginia was born December 24, 1915 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, and died February 3, 1996 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Virginia is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Anton  McLEAN's Image
Anton McLEAN
Anton died in 2022.
Betsy  FRIZZELL's Image
Betsy died in 2022.
Bonnie  McQuistan's Image
Wakefield, Nebraska
Bonnie McQuistan
1924 2004
Bonnie was born September 19, 1924 in Wakefield, Nebraska, USA, and died November 3, 2004 in Newton, Kansas, USA. Bonnie is buried in Wakefield Cemetery in Wakefield, Nebraska, USA.
William  Thomson's Image
Alexandra, Otago
William Thomson
1832 1906
William was born in 1832 in Scotland, and died February 3, 1906. William is buried in Alexandra Cemetery in Alexandra, Otago, New Zealand.
Kathleen  Boyd's Image
Glen Eden, Auckland
Kathleen Boyd
1904 1968
Kathleen was born in 1904, and died July 26, 1968. Kathleen is buried in Waikumete Cemetery in Glen Eden, Auckland, New Zealand.
Florence  Egan's Image
Twinsburg, Ohio
Florence Egan
1940 2005
Florence was born in 1940, and died November 2, 2005. Florence is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum in Twinsburg, Ohio, USA.
Adgie  Coker's Image
Adgie Coker
Adgie died in 2022.
Jacquelene  Aamodt's Image
Anchorage, Alaska
Jacquelene Aamodt
1925 1980
Jacquelene was born September 4, 1925 in Minnesota, USA, and died July 10, 1980. Jacquelene is buried in Angelus Memorial Park in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.
James  Abercrombie's Image
Anchorage, Alaska
James Abercrombie
1924 1944
James was born September 20, 1924 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, and died October 18, 1944 in Anzio, Lazio, Italy. James is buried in Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.
Geraldine  Leet's Image
West Carrollton City, Ohio
Geraldine Leet
1945 2023
Geraldine was born December 16, 1945, and died December 6, 2023. Geraldine is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in West Carrollton City, Ohio, USA.
Breck  Abell's Image
Anchorage, Alaska
Breck Abell
1959 2020
Breck was born July 1, 1959 in Redding, California, USA, and died July 16, 2020 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. Breck is buried in Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.
Ivan  SPURDENS's Image
Ivan died in 2022.
Irene  Atwood's Image
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Irene Atwood
1930 NaN
Irene was born in 1930, and died August 2021 in Denver, Colorado, USA. Irene is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA.
George  Weigler's Image
Lemay, Missouri
George Weigler
1926 2014
George was born May 7, 1926 in Staunton, Illinois, USA, and died December 15, 2014 in Alton, Illinois, USA. George is buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in Lemay, Missouri, USA.
Sally  Held's Image
Clyde, Ohio
Sally Held
1929 2006
Sally was born April 3, 1929 in Vickery, Ohio, USA, and died August 6, 2006 in Sandusky, Ohio, USA. Sally is buried in Saint Marys Cemetery in Clyde, Ohio, USA.
Gustav  Becker's Image
Lincoln, Kansas
Gustav Becker
1883 1946
Gustav was born February 21, 1883 in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA, and died June 25, 1946 in Salina, Kansas, USA. Gustav is buried in Saint John Lutheran Cemetery in Lincoln, Kansas, USA.
Kaye  AITKEN's Image
Kaye died in 2022.
Kevin  Wills's Image
Katikati, Bay of Plenty
Kevin Wills
NaN 1967
Kevin was born June 1955, and died January 15, 1967. Kevin is buried in Katikati Cemetery in Katikati, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
James  Toth's Image
Columbia, South Carolina
James Toth
1936 2023
James was born December 22, 1936 in Urbana, Illinois, USA, and died August 25, 2023 in Lexington, South Carolina, USA. James is buried in Fort Jackson National Cemetery in Columbia, South Carolina, USA.
Mona  Denison's Image
Mona Denison
Mona died in 2022.
Angela  Nill's Image
Piqua, Ohio
Angela Nill
1963 2020
Angela was born March 30, 1963 in Sidney, Ohio, USA, and died July 3, 2020 in Piqua, Ohio, USA. Angela is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Piqua, Ohio, USA.
Silvia  Pate's Image
Kyabram, Victoria
Silvia Pate
1910 2007
Silvia was born April 17, 1910, and died April 5, 2007. Silvia is buried in Kyabram Cemetery in Kyabram, Victoria, Australia.
June  Henderson's Image
Spokane, Washington
June Henderson
1924 2008
June was born June 8, 1924 in Coos Bay, Oregon, USA, and died February 3, 2008 in Spokane, Washington, USA. June is buried in Greenwood Memorial Terrace in Spokane, Washington, USA.
Anthony  FRANCIS's Image
Anthony died in 2022.
Paul  Malding's Image
Phoenix, Arizona
Paul Malding
1960 2010
Paul was born November 15, 1960, and died December 13, 2010. Paul is buried in National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Peter  Langhans's Image
East Farmingdale, New York
Peter Langhans
1912 1969
Peter was born November 27, 1912, and died April 30, 1969. Peter is buried in Long Island National Cemetery in East Farmingdale, New York, USA.