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Michelle  Gribble's Image
Michelle Gribble
1970 2023
Michelle was born January 2, 1970, and died June 6, 2023.
Eduardo  Hernandez's Image
Phoenix, Arizona
Eduardo Hernandez
1944 2018
Eduardo was born December 9, 1944, and died January 9, 2018. Eduardo is buried in Phoenix Memorial Park and Mortuary in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Adrienne  Grigsby's Image
Adrienne Grigsby
1953 2006
Adrienne was born February 26, 1953, and died September 8, 2006.
James  Rice's Image
James Rice
1946 2021
James was born June 18, 1946 in Columbia, Missouri, USA, and died January 2, 2021 in Iowa, USA.
William  Peters's Image
Warners, New York
William Peters
1937 1993
William was born November 28, 1937 in Minoa, New York, USA, and died December 2, 1993 in Syracuse, New York, USA. William is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Warners, New York, USA.
Rosella  Bucknall's Image
Rosella Bucknall
1924 2011
Rosella was born September 24, 1924, and died March 2, 2011.
William Larry ?Bill?, M.D.  Elder's Image
Dallas, Texas
William Larry ?Bill?, M.D. Elder
1946 2024
Surrounded by his loving family and after a courageous fight with cancer, William Larry ("Bill") Elder passed away on February 23, 2024, three days short of his 78th birthday. Born in Crane, Texas, in 1946, he was the younger son of Charles and Loyce Elder. Bill and his older brother, Jim, enjoyed an idyllic West Texas childhood. Their loving parents taught them the value of hard work and the importance of family. Bill's neighborhood friends were like brothers. They grew up playing together, exploring their town and attending church together. They remained close long after graduating from high school. During his boyhood, Bill played Little League baseball and raised sheep for 4-H. At...
Adrienne  Grigsby's Image
Adrienne Grigsby
1953 2006
Adrienne was born February 26, 1953, and died September 8, 2006.
Charles  Hughes's Image
Whitesboro, New York
Charles Hughes
1951 1970
Charles was born June 21, 1951, and died November 8, 1970. Charles is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Whitesboro, New York, USA.
Evie  Lackey's Image
Munford, Alabama
Evie Lackey
1954 2020
Evie was born in 1954 in USA, and died October 22, 2020 in Alabama, USA. Evie is buried in Munford Memorial Cemetery in Munford, Alabama, USA.
Cecil  Higgins's Image
Whitwell, Tennessee
Cecil Higgins
1905 1992
Cecil was born March 22, 1905 in Tennessee, USA, and died November 6, 1992 in Tennessee, USA. Cecil is buried in Sardis Cemetery in Whitwell, Tennessee, USA.
Christopher  Sucoe's Image
Christopher Sucoe
1960 2014
Christopher was born July 15, 1960, and died March 4, 2014.
Gregory  Martin's Image
Corona del Mar, California
Gregory Martin
1970 2020
Gregory was born September 2, 1970, and died May 19, 2020. Gregory is buried in Pacific View Memorial Park in Corona del Mar, California, USA.
Procoro  De Leon's Image
Procoro De Leon
Lowell  Biddle's Image
Arlington Heights, Illinois
Lowell Biddle
1911 1983
Lowell was born January 30, 1911 in Illinois, USA, and died July 27, 1983 in Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA. Lowell is buried in Memory Gardens Cemetery in Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA.
John  Dunn's Image
Kinsey, Alabama
John Dunn
1940 2005
John was born September 8, 1940 in Clayton, Alabama, USA, and died July 21, 2005 in Dothan, Alabama, USA. John is buried in Gardens of Memory in Kinsey, Alabama, USA.
Loretta  Welch's Image
Loretta Welch
Loretta died in 2022.
James  Hershberger's Image
Wichita, Kansas
James Hershberger
1954 1975
James was born April 15, 1954, and died December 20, 1975. James is buried in Lakeview Cemetery and Mausoleum in Wichita, Kansas, USA.
Jose  Quintanilla's Image
Fresno, California
Jose Quintanilla
1965 2006
Jose was born June 29, 1965, and died October 28, 2006. Jose is buried in Saint Peters Catholic Cemetery in Fresno, California, USA.
Evabelle  Sturies's Image
Spirit Lake, Iowa
Evabelle Sturies
1942 1958
Evabelle was born December 12, 1942 in Estherville, Iowa, USA, and died October 2, 1958 in Spirit Lake, Iowa, USA. Evabelle is buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Spirit Lake, Iowa, USA.
Rodman  Woolridge's Image
Rodman Woolridge
Rodman died in 2022.
Enoch  McLaren's Image
Providence, Rhode Island
Enoch McLaren
1877 NaN
Enoch was born January 17, 1877 in Rhode Island, USA, and died April 1946 in Rhode Island, USA. Enoch is buried in North Burial Ground in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
Harold  Price's Image
Troy, Michigan
Harold Price
1898 1980
Harold was born in 1898, and died in 1980. Harold is buried in White Chapel Memorial Park Cemetery in Troy, Michigan, USA.
Anthony  COTTAM's Image
Anthony COTTAM
Anthony died in 2022.
Odie  Tomblin's Image
Odie Tomblin
1947 2022
Odie was born December 27, 1947, and died January 19, 2022.
Anthony  Sisia's Image
Colonia, New Jersey
Anthony Sisia
Anthony died November 1989. Anthony is buried in Saint Gertrude Cemetery and Mausoleum in Colonia, New Jersey, USA.
Sylvia  Griffin's Image
Wilmington, North Carolina
Sylvia Griffin
1939 2016
Sylvia was born February 22, 1939 in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, and died September 27, 2016 in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. Sylvia is buried in Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.
Helen  Kristman's Image
Frazer, Pennsylvania
Helen Kristman
1924 2000
Helen was born October 9, 1924, and died August 7, 2000. Helen is buried in Philadelphia Memorial Park in Frazer, Pennsylvania, USA.
Jeannine  Gagnon's Image
Clayton, Jefferson County
Jeannine Gagnon
1935 2024
Lewis  Hall's Image
Lewis Hall
NaN 1923
Lewis was born April 1847 in Kentucky, USA, and died February 19, 1923 in Wales, Kentucky, USA. Lewis is buried in Amil Little Cemetery in Kentucky, USA.
Vincent  Nardi's Image
Arlington, Virginia
Vincent Nardi
1917 2010
Vincent was born March 10, 1917, and died June 15, 2010. Vincent is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA.
Mona  Glickman's Image
West Babylon, New York
Mona Glickman
Mona died December 16, 1981. Mona is buried in New Montefiore Cemetery in West Babylon, New York, USA.
Margaret  McGuigon's Image
Margaret McGuigon
Margaret died in 2022.
Aleah  Weitzman's Image
Aleah Weitzman
Aleah died in 2022.
Allyn  Post's Image
Four Lakes, Washington
Allyn Post
1886 1975
Allyn was born in 1886 in Illinois, USA, and died September 4, 1975 in Four Lakes, Washington, USA.
Mary  Matthews's Image
Twinsburg, Ohio
Mary Matthews
1943 1968
Mary was born in 1943, and died in 1968. Mary is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum in Twinsburg, Ohio, USA.
Dorothy  Darden's Image
Clarksville, Tennessee
Dorothy Darden
1923 1990
Dorothy was born March 1, 1923 in USA, and died December 17, 1990 in USA. Dorothy is buried in Foston Memorial Gardens in Clarksville, Tennessee, USA.
Javier  Guajardo's Image
Javier Guajardo
Javier died in 2022.
Delinda  Parker's Image
Victoria, Texas
Delinda Parker
1958 1976
Delinda was born April 30, 1958 in Indiana, USA, and died August 15, 1976 in Texas, USA. Delinda is buried in Crescent Valley Cemetery in Victoria, Texas, USA.
Kari  Dunning's Image
Chico, California
Kari Dunning
1959 1982
Kari was born August 4, 1959 in California, USA, and died October 23, 1982 in San Francisco, California, USA. Kari is buried in Glen Oaks Memorial Park in Chico, California, USA.