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Alfonso  Vasquez's Image
Oceanside, California
Alfonso Vasquez
1963 2015
Alfonso was born November 26, 1963, and died May 29, 2015. Alfonso is buried in Mission San Luis Rey Cemetery in Oceanside, California, USA.
Michael  Von Weller's Image
Wendell, Idaho
Michael Von Weller
1948 1982
Michael was born December 26, 1948 in Gooding, Idaho, USA, and died August 14, 1982 in Wendell, Idaho, USA. Michael is buried in Wendell Cemetery in Wendell, Idaho, USA.
Barney  Pasquantonio's Image
Franklin, Massachusetts
Barney Pasquantonio
1917 2004
Barney was born October 15, 1917 in Franklin, Massachusetts, USA, and died June 10, 2004. Barney is buried in Saint Marys Cemetery in Franklin, Massachusetts, USA.
Alan  McConagha's Image
Bethesda, MD, Florida
Alan McConagha
Alan McConagha, a prize-winning Washington, DC journalist and kind-hearted husband, dad, brother, uncle, and friend, died on October 31, 2023 at the age of 91. He enjoyed traveling, reading, canoeing, bird watching, and a 41-year newspaper career that included covering Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Alabama and interviewing Mother Teresa in Calcutta. Known for his gentle disposition, wry sense of humor, and insatiable curiosity, Al reported from more than 40 countries before retiring in 1997. He received several accolades including a Population Action Council award, an Overseas Press Club award, two Edward Meemum Conservation Writing awards, two Scripps Howard awards, and numerous Page...
Susan  Bunce's Image
Hamilton, Montana
Susan Bunce
1880 1969
Susan was born in 1880, and died in 1969. Susan is buried in Riverview Cemetery in Hamilton, Montana, USA.
Elizabeth  Cirillo's Image
Utica, New York
Elizabeth Cirillo
1924 1984
Elizabeth was born July 7, 1924, and died May 28, 1984. Elizabeth is buried in Saint Agnes Cemetery in Utica, New York, USA.
Filip  Pecaver's Image
Edmonton, Alberta
Filip Pecaver
1926 1996
Filip was born in 1926, and died in 1996. Filip is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
John  Mager's Image
Lorain, Ohio
John Mager
1912 1996
John was born in 1912 in Smock, Pennsylvania, USA, and died November 20, 1996 in Lorain, Ohio, USA. John is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio, USA.
Francisco  Valles's Image
El Paso, Texas
Francisco Valles
1899 1980
Francisco was born in 1899, and died in 1980. Francisco is buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in El Paso, Texas, USA.
Tamara  Mahan's Image
Tamara Mahan
Tamara died in 2022.
Wellington  Phillips's Image
Long Beach, California
Wellington Phillips
1902 1995
Wellington was born December 24, 1902, and died July 27, 1995. Wellington is buried in All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California, USA.
Kirby  Williams's Image
Patten, Maine
Kirby Williams
1976 2008
Kirby was born September 28, 1976, and died October 11, 2008. Kirby is buried in Patten Cemetery in Patten, Maine, USA.
Jeffrey  Blair's Image
Cerro Gordo, Illinois
Jeffrey Blair
1961 2022
Jeffrey was born August 13, 1961 in Decatur, Illinois, USA, and died August 31, 2022 in Decatur, Illinois, USA. Jeffrey is buried in Cerro Gordo Cemetery in Cerro Gordo, Illinois, USA.
Frederick  Parnell's Image
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Frederick Parnell
1924 2002
Frederick was born April 16, 1924, and died December 17, 2002. Frederick is buried in Roselawn Memorial Park and Mausoleum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.
Patsy  McDell's Image
Mobile, Alabama
Patsy McDell
1940 2005
Patsy was born December 12, 1940 in Mississippi, USA, and died March 17, 2005 in Alabama, USA. Patsy is buried in Pine Crest Cemetery in Mobile, Alabama, USA.
Dody  Driver's Image
Yadkinville, North Carolina
Dody Driver
1960 1991
Dody was born October 23, 1960, and died July 28, 1991. Dody is buried in Yadkin Memorial Gardens in Yadkinville, North Carolina, USA.
Nowland  Matney's Image
Fort Collins, Colorado
Nowland Matney
1909 1968
Nowland was born October 11, 1909, and died April 18, 1968 in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Nowland is buried in Grandview Cemetery in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
Frank  Hartwig's Image
Dickinson, North Dakota
Frank Hartwig
1946 2008
Frank was born September 9, 1946 in Dickinson, North Dakota, USA, and died June 29, 2008 in Colorado, USA. Frank is buried in Saint Joseph Cemetery in Dickinson, North Dakota, USA.
Cathy  Tameny's Image
Santa Ana, California
Cathy Tameny
1965 NaN
Cathy was born March 4, 1965, and died August 1985. Cathy is buried in Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, California, USA.
Nona  Clark's Image
Thomasville, Georgia
Nona Clark
1910 1970
Nona was born March 5, 1910 in Ty Ty, Georgia, USA, and died October 21, 1970 in Georgia, USA. Nona is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville, Georgia, USA.
Jeremy  Stacy's Image
Rescue, California
Jeremy Stacy
1977 2012
Jeremy was born July 19, 1977 in Walnut Creek, California, USA, and died August 23, 2012 in Camino, California, USA. Jeremy is buried in Green Valley Cemetery in Rescue, California, USA.
Steve  Pleich's Image
Dixon, California
Steve Pleich
1923 2001
Steve was born May 30, 1923 in Richmond, California, USA, and died December 23, 2001. Steve is buried in Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, California, USA.
Alicia  Wollaston's Image
Sheringa, South Australia
Alicia Wollaston
1881 1907
Alicia was born June 2, 1881 in Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia, and died December 9, 1907 in Sheringa, South Australia, Australia. Alicia is buried in Sheringa Cemetery in Sheringa, South Australia, Australia.
Fred  Yaskiw's Image
Edmonton, Alberta
Fred Yaskiw
1884 1961
Fred was born in 1884, and died in 1961. Fred is buried in Edmonton Municipal Cemetery in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Maria  Sconciafurno's Image
Lockbourne, Ohio
Maria Sconciafurno
1941 2001
Maria was born July 10, 1941 in Italy, and died November 6, 2001. Maria is buried in Saint Joseph Cemetery in Lockbourne, Ohio, USA.
Billy  Houston's Image
Billy Houston
Billy died in 2022.
Enos  Gaskill's Image
Dongola, Illinois
Enos Gaskill
1937 1981
Enos was born February 17, 1937 in Ullin, Illinois, USA, and died May 23, 1981 in Anna, Illinois, USA. Enos is buried in American Legion Cemetery in Dongola, Illinois, USA.
Agnes  Stallings's Image
Goldsboro, North Carolina
Agnes Stallings
1921 2003
Agnes was born October 23, 1921 in Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA, and died December 18, 2003 in Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA. Agnes is buried in Old Mill Cemetery in Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA.
Douglas  Padgett's Image
La Plata, Maryland
Douglas Padgett
1952 2023
Douglas was born in 1952, and died in 2023. Douglas is buried in Mount Rest Cemetery in La Plata, Maryland, USA.
Wallace  Waller's Image
Dallas, Texas
Wallace Waller
1932 2009
Wallace was born April 10, 1932 in Henderson, Texas, USA, and died June 2, 2009 in Texas, USA. Wallace is buried in Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery in Dallas, Texas, USA.
Christine  Beaman's Image
Christine Beaman
Christine died in 2022.
Addison  Mina's Image
Radford, Virginia
Addison Mina
2006 2009
Addison was born October 16, 2006, and died May 9, 2009. Addison is buried in West View Cemetery in Radford, Virginia, USA.
Malcolm  Helmly's Image
Savannah, Georgia
Malcolm Helmly
1937 1995
Malcolm was born December 16, 1937 in Grays, South Carolina, USA, and died March 8, 1995 in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Malcolm is buried in Greenwich Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, USA.
Jennifer  Marks's Image
Fall Creek, Wisconsin
Jennifer Marks
1975 2000
Jennifer was born June 9, 1975, and died August 23, 2000 in Orange, Wisconsin, USA. Jennifer is buried in Trinity Cemetery in Fall Creek, Wisconsin, USA.
Gary  Payne's Image
Fruitland, Tennessee
Gary Payne
1951 2003
Gary was born August 20, 1951 in Tennessee, USA, and died October 30, 2003 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Gary is buried in Old Gibson Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Fruitland, Tennessee, USA.
YVONNE died in 2022.
Virginia  Jeppesen Fry's Image
Sugar City, Idaho
Virginia Jeppesen Fry
1935 2010
Virginia was born September 7, 1935 in Geary, Oklahoma, USA, and died December 15, 2010 in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. Virginia is buried in Sugar City Cemetery in Sugar City, Idaho, USA.
Jo Ann M. Hudson's Image
Kershaw, South Carolina
Jo Ann M. Hudson
1944 2023
Jo Ann Mosley Hudson, of Kershaw, S.C., passed away on her 79th birthday, Monday, October 30, 2023, at Lancaster Health and Rehabilitation, Lancaster, S.C. Born in Lancaster, S.C., she was a daughter of the late William B. Mosley and Elizer Louise Blackwell Mosley. She was a licensed cosmetologist for many years and a member of Destiny Bible Church, Lancaster, S.C. Mrs. Hudson retired from Kershaw School District as a cafeteria dietitian. She enjoyed working crossword puzzles, shopping and working in her garden. She leaves behind to cherish her memory, her loving husband of 55 years, Billy Ray Hudson of the home; 4 children, Sherry Roberts and her husband, Chris of Lancaster, S.C.,...
Ronald  Curry's Image
Weyers Cave, Virginia
Ronald Curry
1949 1988
Ronald was born February 27, 1949, and died January 24, 1988. Ronald is buried in Saint Paul Cemetery in Weyers Cave, Virginia, USA.
Theodore  Gavin's Image
Bakersfield, California
Theodore Gavin
1893 1980
Theodore was born November 9, 1893 in Wisconsin, USA, and died December 30, 1980 in Bakersfield, California, USA. Theodore is buried in Hillcrest Memorial Park in Bakersfield, California, USA.