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Kent Wiley Buonadonna's Image
Los Angeles, California
Kent Wiley Buonadonna
1965 2023
No obituary found for this tribute.
Naomi  Crafton's Image
Ceres, Virginia
Naomi Crafton
1914 1975
Naomi was born February 1, 1914 in Virginia, USA, and died February 10, 1975 in Riverdale, Maryland, USA. Naomi is buried in Sharon Lutheran Church Cemetery in Ceres, Virginia, USA.
Charles  Gordon's Image
Chicopee, Massachusetts
Charles Gordon
1884 1955
Charles was born May 18, 1884 in Weybridge, Vermont, USA, and died May 8, 1955 in Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA. Charles is buried in Saint Rose de Lima Cemetery in Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA.
Willie  Harrison's Image
Willie Harrison
Willie died in 2022.
Glenn  Sawyer's Image
Mason City, Nebraska
Glenn Sawyer
1944 2023
Glenn was born September 23, 1944 in Bassett, Nebraska, USA, and died January 24, 2023 in Kearney, Nebraska, USA. Glenn is buried in Mason City Cemetery in Mason City, Nebraska, USA.
Salih  Minh Ngoc Vo's Image
Denver, Colorado
Salih Minh Ngoc Vo
1960 2007
Salih was born April 30, 1960, and died February 2, 2007. Salih is buried in Hampden Memorial Estates in Denver, Colorado, USA.
Dominic  Green's Image
Gotha, Florida
Dominic Green
1993 2022
Dominic was born May 18, 1993 in Summerville, South Carolina, USA, and died January 17, 2022 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Dominic is buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park in Gotha, Florida, USA.
Paul  Harbaugh's Image
Rouzerville, Pennsylvania
Paul Harbaugh
1927 1996
Paul was born March 26, 1927, and died December 30, 1996. Paul is buried in Harbaugh Church Cemetery in Rouzerville, Pennsylvania, USA.
Robert  Hubbs's Image
Chico, California
Robert Hubbs
1919 2003
Robert was born April 17, 1919 in Los Angeles, California, USA, and died December 8, 2003 in Chico, California, USA. Robert is buried in Chico Cemetery in Chico, California, USA.
Jack W. Piatt's Image
Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania
Jack W. Piatt
1947 2023
Jack Wilson Piatt, 75, of Hartstown, passed away peacefully at his home the morning of Friday, August 18, 2023. Jack was born to Jack and Marie Piatt on October 5, 1947, and he was proudly raised in Geneva, PA. He was a 1966 graduate of Conneaut Lake High School. Jack married the love of his life, Joyce Peters, on February 11, 1967, and they cultivated a beautiful family together. Jack worked at T. Bruce Sales from 1982-2015 as a steel fitter and later as a group leader. He took great satisfaction in his work and in providing for his family. Jack was a true outdoorsman. He was a deer and pheasant hunter as well as an avid fisherman. He spent much of his retirement on Conneaut Lake fishing...
Marlene  Hannis's Image
Annville, Pennsylvania
Marlene Hannis
1933 1988
Marlene was born June 18, 1933, and died January 1, 1988. Marlene is buried in Indiantown Gap National Cemetery in Annville, Pennsylvania, USA.
Sue  Pretzer's Image
Eloy, Arizona
Sue Pretzer
1943 1971
Sue was born June 30, 1943 in Arizona, USA, and died September 26, 1971 in Eloy, Arizona, USA. Sue is buried in Eloy Memorial Park in Eloy, Arizona, USA.
Mario  DeMatteis's Image
Saint Michael, Minnesota
Mario DeMatteis
1936 2022
Mario was born March 4, 1936 in Waynesburg, Ohio, USA, and died April 1, 2022. Mario is buried in Saint Michael Cemetery New in Saint Michael, Minnesota, USA.
Florence  Sherberg's Image
University City, Missouri
Florence Sherberg
1916 2002
Florence was born September 6, 1916, and died February 24, 2002. Florence is buried in United Hebrew Cemetery in University City, Missouri, USA.
Henry  Perritt's Image
Jacksonville, Florida
Henry Perritt
1969 1988
Henry was born June 3, 1969, and died July 19, 1988 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Henry is buried in Oaklawn Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
Wayne  Ward's Image
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Wayne Ward
1926 1990
Wayne was born July 18, 1926, and died September 6, 1990. Wayne is buried in Lake Havasu Memorial Gardens in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA.
Vern  Rogers's Image
Tempe, Arizona
Vern Rogers
1944 1958
Vern was born July 6, 1944 in Washington, USA, and died April 5, 1958 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Vern is buried in Tempe Double Butte Cemetery in Tempe, Arizona, USA.
Barry E. Bieber's Image
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Barry E. Bieber
1949 2023
Barry E. Bieber, 73, passed away at home surrounded by family on August 12, 2023 after a long illness. Born in Allentown, PA, Barry was the son of the late Ernest and Annabelle (Nester) Bieber. Barry was a graduate of Collegeville Trappe High School and upon graduating he enlisted into the U.S. Navy as a mechanic for the Seabees spending one year in the Vietnam War. Barry was a self taught mechanic and worked at many auto shops spanning over 45 years. His real passion was flying. He first started building model airplanes and then moved up to building his own 2 person airplane. His greatest accomplishment was the honor of taking home the grand prize at the Oshkosh Air Show in 1997 for his...
Annie  Parish's Image
Lufkin, Texas
Annie Parish
1935 1959
Annie was born January 28, 1935 in Kentucky, USA, and died June 5, 1959 in Lufkin, Texas, USA. Annie is buried in Garden of Memories Cemetery in Lufkin, Texas, USA.
William  Willoughby's Image
William Willoughby
William died in 2022.
Ruth  Weatherall's Image
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Ruth Weatherall
1932 2020
Ruth was born June 12, 1932 in Frederick, Oklahoma, USA, and died June 27, 2020 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Ruth is buried in Resthaven Gardens Cemetery in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
Alice  Jacksha's Image
Chisholm, Minnesota
Alice Jacksha
1929 2010
Alice was born April 1, 1929 in Hibbing, Minnesota, USA, and died July 24, 2010 in Hibbing, Minnesota, USA. Alice is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Chisholm, Minnesota, USA.
Alta  Buckley's Image
Granville, Illinois
Alta Buckley
1931 2012
Alta was born October 10, 1931 in Moweaqua, Illinois, USA, and died October 11, 2012 in Peru, Illinois, USA. Alta is buried in Granville Cemetery in Granville, Illinois, USA.
Wallace Francis Au's Image
Mililani, HI
Wallace Francis Au
Neville  Hemmings's Image
Kaiapoi, Canterbury
Neville Hemmings
1944 2020
Neville was born October 20, 1944, and died May 27, 2020 in Canterbury, New Zealand. Neville is buried in Kaiapoi Public Cemetery in Kaiapoi, Canterbury, New Zealand.
Julie Eiko Sakai's Image
Waipahu, HI
Julie Eiko Sakai
Benjamin  Didonna's Image
Schenectady, New York
Benjamin Didonna
Benjamin was born in Schenectady, New York, USA, and died April 12, 2009. Benjamin is buried in Park View Cemetery in Schenectady, New York, USA.
Homer  Dunlap, Jr.'s Image
Homer Dunlap, Jr.
Homer died in 2022.
Helen Carrancho Bancod's Image
Waianae, HI
Helen Carrancho Bancod
Donald  Wilson's Image
Seymour, Indiana
Donald Wilson
1922 1958
Donald was born November 12, 1922, and died September 14, 1958. Donald is buried in Riverview Cemetery in Seymour, Indiana, USA.
Thomas  Waldrep's Image
Greenville, South Carolina
Thomas Waldrep
1931 1957
Thomas was born August 14, 1931 in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, and died October 13, 1957 in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. Thomas is buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.
James Chien-Hua Tan's Image
Ewa Beach, HI
James Chien-Hua Tan
Mildred Nobuko Tarasawa's Image
Ewa Beach, HI
Mildred Nobuko Tarasawa
Janet Marie Gabrick's Image
Ewa Beach, HI
Janet Marie Gabrick
Zelma  Moore's Image
Menifee, Arkansas
Zelma Moore
1923 1977
Zelma was born May 12, 1923, and died January 3, 1977. Zelma is buried in Menifee Community Cemetery in Menifee, Arkansas, USA.
Della  Cockrill's Image
Dripping Springs, Texas
Della Cockrill
1872 1960
Della was born December 28, 1872 in Texas, USA, and died October 11, 1960 in Dripping Springs, Texas, USA. Della is buried in Wallace Mountain Cemetery in Dripping Springs, Texas, USA.
Ivan  Church's Image
La Verkin, Utah
Ivan Church
1982 2022
Ivan was born December 14, 1982, and died May 10, 2022. Ivan is buried in La Verkin Cemetery in La Verkin, Utah, USA.
Kenneth Kenichi Shimabukuro's Image
Pearl City, HI
Kenneth Kenichi Shimabukuro
John  Watson's Image
Alhambra, Illinois
John Watson
1943 2009
John was born December 9, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and died November 3, 2009 in Highland, Illinois, USA. John is buried in Harris Cemetery in Alhambra, Illinois, USA.
Scott  Garbacz's Image
Scott Garbacz
1972 1997
Scott was born January 6, 1972 in USA, and died May 9, 1997. Scott is buried in Garfield Cemetery in Illinois, USA.