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Sondra  Iacobacci's Image
Sondra Iacobacci
Sondra died in 2022.
Robert  Jones's Image
Rutherfordton, North Carolina
Robert Jones
1952 2015
Robert was born January 26, 1952 in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, USA, and died February 23, 2015 in Charleston, West Virginia, USA. Robert is buried in Rutherfordton City Cemetery in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, USA.
DORIS died in 2022.
Thyra  CURTIS's Image
Thyra died in 2022.
Woodrow  Jackson's Image
La Marque, Texas
Woodrow Jackson
1951 2015
Woodrow was born January 9, 1951 in Galveston, Texas, USA, and died January 3, 2015 in La Marque, Texas, USA.
Leo  Mildenberger's Image
Edmonton, Alberta
Leo Mildenberger
1939 2002
Leo was born February 22, 1939 in Macklin, Saskatchewan, Canada, and died May 15, 2002 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Leo is buried in Evergreen Memorial Gardens in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Charles  Southard's Image
Groton, Massachusetts
Charles Southard
1861 1951
Charles was born February 28, 1861 in Brighton, Massachusetts, USA, and died April 10, 1951 in Groton, Massachusetts, USA. Charles is buried in Groton Cemetery in Groton, Massachusetts, USA.
Vera  Griffin's Image
Columbus, Indiana
Vera Griffin
1914 1994
Vera was born January 14, 1914 in Deatsville, Kentucky, USA, and died February 3, 1994 in Columbus, Indiana, USA. Vera is buried in Garland Brook Cemetery in Columbus, Indiana, USA.
Barbara  Friesen's Image
Trail, British Columbia
Barbara Friesen
Barbara died in 1982. Barbara is buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Trail, British Columbia, Canada.
Ernest  Toplyn's Image
Arneytown, New Jersey
Ernest Toplyn
1939 2013
Ernest was born January 12, 1939, and died May 19, 2013. Ernest is buried in Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery in Arneytown, New Jersey, USA.
Jeffery  Odum's Image
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Jeffery Odum
1962 1998
Jeffery was born January 5, 1962, and died October 3, 1998. Jeffery is buried in Longwood Cemetery in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA.
Alice  Ackles's Image
North Star, Michigan
Alice Ackles
1900 1943
Alice was born in 1900, and died in 1943. Alice is buried in North Star Cemetery in North Star, Michigan, USA.
Jacob  Bockel's Image
Forest Park, Illinois
Jacob Bockel
Jacob died December 2, 1949. Jacob is buried in Waldheim Cemetery Co. in Forest Park, Illinois, USA.
Brian  Weinzerl's Image
Brian Weinzerl
Brian died in 2022.
Hazel  Howard's Image
Cubage, Kentucky
Hazel Howard
1927 1985
Hazel was born May 7, 1927, and died March 25, 1985. Hazel is buried in Wilder Cemetery in Cubage, Kentucky, USA.
Mike  Clemens's Image
Duncan Falls, Ohio
Mike Clemens
1974 2023
Mike “Felt Madhatter” Clemens, 49, of Everywhere (his words), passed away unexpectedly while sleeping at his home on Monday, June 12, 2023. We can take solace in that his last breath was outside in the fresh air, peaceful and completely happy and content with his life. Michael was born on April 27, 1974 in Beverly, Ohio. He is the son of Mike and Sandy (Ingram) Tamburello. Michael worked passionately changing the lives of children as a behavioral technician for Ohio Valley Educational Service Center. He was “The Greatest Artist To Ever Live”. He achieved his goal of becoming famous thanks to Sara Beck for publishing his artwork on the cover of her book, Slippin. Michael is survived by his...
Helen  Holloway's Image
Avoca, Texas
Helen Holloway
1921 2010
Helen was born June 12, 1921 in Denton, Texas, USA, and died January 30, 2010 in Stamford, Texas, USA. Helen is buried in Spring Creek Cemetery in Avoca, Texas, USA.
Lewis  Pate's Image
Newnan, Georgia
Lewis Pate
1937 2013
Lewis was born March 4, 1937 in North Carolina, USA, and died February 19, 2013 in Newnan, Georgia, USA. Lewis is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Newnan, Georgia, USA.
Louis  Viega's Image
Elk Grove, California
Louis Viega
1923 2004
Louis was born July 25, 1923, and died July 4, 2004. Louis is buried in East Lawn Elk Grove Memorial Park in Elk Grove, California, USA.
Veronica  Holmes's Image
Atlanta, Georgia
Veronica Holmes
1952 2021
Veronica was born February 25, 1952 in USA, and died September 6, 2021 in USA. Veronica is buried in Westview Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Derrell  SMITH's Image
Derrell SMITH
Derrell died in 2022.
Bobby  Campbell's Image
Louisville, Kentucky
Bobby Campbell
1982 2008
Bobby was born June 30, 1982 in Kentucky, USA, and died May 25, 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Bobby is buried in Saint Michael Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
Lucia Uilani  Keane's Image
Lucia Uilani Keane
General  Wright's Image
Grenada, Mississippi
General Wright
1944 1994
General was born in 1944, and died in 1994. General is buried in Haven Rest Cemetery in Grenada, Mississippi, USA.
Alan  Bussel's Image
Memphis, Tennessee
Alan Bussel
1941 1975
Alan was born March 31, 1941, and died October 14, 1975. Alan is buried in Anshei Sphard Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
KYLAIN died in 2022.
Irene  NEWPORT's Image
Irene died in 2022.
George  Silva's Image
George Silva
George died in 2022.
Allan  Keeping's Image
Abbotsford, British Columbia
Allan Keeping
1922 2019
Allan was born April 16, 1922, and died June 6, 2019. Allan is buried in Musselwhite Cemetery in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.
Deborah  Rhinehart's Image
Gladewater, Texas
Deborah Rhinehart
1951 2019
Deborah was born May 22, 1951, and died October 13, 2019. Deborah is buried in Gladewater Memorial Park in Gladewater, Texas, USA.
Anna  Burkhart's Image
Chaska, Minnesota
Anna Burkhart
1899 1971
Anna was born in 1899, and died in 1971. Anna is buried in Guardian Angels Cemetery in Chaska, Minnesota, USA.
William  Boswell's Image
Burkeville, Virginia
William Boswell
1918 1970
William was born October 9, 1918, and died January 24, 1970. William is buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery in Burkeville, Virginia, USA.
Sharon Ann Taggart's Image
Sharon Ann Taggart
1942 2023
Sharon Ann Taggart of Wilder, Idaho was born January 15, 1942 in Montrose, Colorado and passed away in her home on June 27, 2023. A viewing will be held at Dakan Funeral Chapel in Caldwell, Idaho from 5-7 pm on Sunday, July 9, 2023. The funeral service will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Homedale, Idaho at 11:00 am on Monday, July 10, 2023 with viewing starting at 10:00 am. Sharon was the 2nd of three children (and only daughter) born to Vachel and Florence Hinton. At a young age, she moved from Colorado to Idaho with her family to buy and operate a family farm. The family moved a few times in Idaho and then settled on a farm outside the town of Homedale....
Theda  Wells's Image
Tecumseh, Michigan
Theda Wells
1917 2013
Theda was born March 22, 1917 in Toledo, Ohio, USA, and died March 1, 2013 in Adrian, Michigan, USA. Theda is buried in Brookside Cemetery in Tecumseh, Michigan, USA.
David  Dunaphant's Image
Atlanta, Georgia
David Dunaphant
1925 2005
David was born March 26, 1925 in Georgia, USA, and died January 29, 2005 in Georgia, USA. David is buried in Crest Lawn Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Leslie  MOTION's Image
Leslie died in 2022.
Tony  Hay's Image
Tony Hay
Tony died in 2022.
Anna  Patten's Image
Lamar, Nebraska
Anna Patten
1890 1927
Anna was born in 1890, and died in 1927. Anna is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Lamar, Nebraska, USA.
William  Bradley's Image
Asheville, North Carolina
William Bradley
1934 2014
William was born in 1934 in North Carolina, USA, and died April 9, 2014 in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.
Mavora  HAMILTON's Image
Mavora died in 2022.