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Leeomia  Kelly's Image
Lake Worth Beach, Florida
Leeomia Kelly
1940 2023
Leeomia was born May 30, 1940, and died May 14, 2023. Leeomia is buried in South Florida National Cemetery in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, USA.
Dale  Johnson's Image
Jackson, Tennessee
Dale Johnson
1925 2017
Dale was born February 27, 1925 in Jackson, Tennessee, USA, and died April 5, 2017 in Jackson, Tennessee, USA. Dale is buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Jackson, Tennessee, USA.
Alton S. Endow's Image
Alton S. Endow
69, of Aiea, passed away on November 26, 2023. Born June 21, 1954, in Haleiwa, Hawaii.Graduated from Waialua High School and University of Hawaii. He is survived by wife Pamela, son Jared, daughter in law Rachel and granddaughter Emerson. By mother Chieko, sister Ruth Sonoda (Oren), brother Harvey and sister Christine Yoshida (Stephen). Nephews David Yoshida, Scott and Ross Endow, James Niimoto and Micah Hirashima. Niece Ashley Hirashima. Sister in law Iris Hirashima and brother in law Bart Hirashima. Private services were held.
Annice  Hill's Image
Carlsbad, New Mexico
Annice Hill
1927 2020
Annice was born March 12, 1927 in Oklahoma, USA, and died February 5, 2020 in New Mexico, USA. Annice is buried in Carlsbad Cemetery in Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA.
Anton  Homolka's Image
Cleveland, Ohio
Anton Homolka
1869 1942
Anton was born June 13, 1869 in Czech Republic, and died August 12, 1942 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Anton is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Michele  Federici's Image
Castelgrande, Basilicata
Michele Federici
1911 1980
Michele was born June 20, 1911, and died November 23, 1980. Michele is buried in Cimitero di Castelgrande in Castelgrande, Basilicata, Italy.
Avis  Watkinson's Image
Yeppoon, Queensland
Avis Watkinson
1979 1999
Avis was born July 4, 1979, and died November 29, 1999. Avis is buried in Yeppoon Cemetery in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia.
Karl  Schoonhoven's Image
Freeport, Illinois
Karl Schoonhoven
1922 2013
Karl was born November 16, 1922, and died November 28, 2013. Karl is buried in Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens in Freeport, Illinois, USA.
Alsace-Lorraine  Hogan Rogers's Image
New Orleans, Louisiana
Alsace-Lorraine Hogan Rogers
1919 2011
Alsace-Lorraine was born March 13, 1919, and died January 6, 2011. Alsace-Lorraine is buried in Lake Lawn Park Cemetery and Mausoleum in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Darel  Camp's Image
Denver, Colorado
Darel Camp
1946 2021
Darel was born April 10, 1946, and died January 1, 2021. Darel is buried in Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver, Colorado, USA.
Patricia  Wlock's Image
Patricia Wlock
Patricia died in 2022.
Michael  Holliday's Image
Michael Holliday
Michael died in 2022.
Lila Alves Da  Silveira's Image
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul
Lila Alves Da Silveira
Lila Alves Da died April 15, 1980. Lila Alves Da is buried in Cemitério da Irmandade Arcanjo São Miguel e Almas in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Barbara  Ralph's Image
Arlington, Virginia
Barbara Ralph
1941 2010
Barbara was born November 30, 1941 in New Jersey, USA, and died January 1, 2010 in Inverness, Florida, USA. Barbara is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA.
Raymond  Patrick's Image
Raymond Patrick
Raymond died in 2022.
LaDonna  Gaff's Image
LaDonna Gaff
LaDonna died in 2022.
Billy  Martin-Rich's Image
Forest City, North Carolina
Billy Martin-Rich
1976 2023
Billy was born August 6, 1976 in Hutchinson, Kansas, USA, and died July 4, 2023 in Forest City, North Carolina, USA.
James  Lynch's Image
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
James Lynch
1943 2001
James was born in 1943, and died April 26, 2001 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
Roger  Payne's Image
Roger Payne
Roger died in 2022.
Huston  Sage's Image
El Dorado, Arkansas
Huston Sage
1919 1998
Huston was born December 2, 1919 in Springfield, Missouri, USA, and died November 22, 1998 in El Dorado, Arkansas, USA. Huston is buried in Arlington Memorial Park in El Dorado, Arkansas, USA.
Virginia  Dame's Image
Virginia Dame
Virginia died in 2022.
Margaret  Upp's Image
Chicago, Illinois
Margaret Upp
1904 1997
Margaret was born May 20, 1904 in Kelleys Island, Ohio, USA, and died October 27, 1997 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Frank  Ainsworth's Image
Carthage, Missouri
Frank Ainsworth
1863 1941
Frank was born May 22, 1863 in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA, and died February 9, 1941 in Carthage, Missouri, USA. Frank is buried in Park Cemetery in Carthage, Missouri, USA.
Elizabeth Ann Conner's Image
Elizabeth Ann Conner
Marcelino C Hernandez's Image
College Station, Texas
Marcelino C Hernandez
1923 2023
On November 27, 2023, Marcelino C. Hernandez passed away at the age of 100. He was born on January 16, 1923 in Hondo, Texas to Apolonio Hernandez and Maria de los Angeles Chavarria. Growing up in Hondo and San Antonio he was known as "MC". He lacked formal education attending school only to the 3rd grade. He had to work in the fields picking cotton and pulling broom corn to help his family financially during the Great Depression. What he lacked in formal education he made up by being an avid reader. He taught himself math, history, science and followed world events by reading the newspapers. At age 16 being 6ft 3in and skinny, he passed for an 18 year old and was accepted into the Civilian...
Frank  McKin's Image
Casper, Wyoming
Frank McKin
1875 1963
Frank was born January 4, 1875 in New York, New York, USA, and died May 24, 1963 in Casper, Wyoming, USA. Frank is buried in Highland Cemetery in Casper, Wyoming, USA.
Lillie  Murrah's Image
Lillie Murrah
1894 1970
Lillie was born July 31, 1894, and died December 1, 1970. Lillie is buried in Fairfax Memorial Park in Virginia, USA.
Christopher  Jollymour's Image
Claremont, California
Christopher Jollymour
1962 1979
Christopher was born April 4, 1962, and died June 27, 1979. Christopher is buried in Oak Park Cemetery in Claremont, California, USA.
Paul  Sacher's Image
Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Greater Manchester
Paul Sacher
Paul died December 22, 1992. Paul is buried in Southern Cemetery in Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Greater Manchester, England.
Brady  Miller's Image
Boswell, Oklahoma
Brady Miller
1924 2009
Brady was born May 12, 1924, and died February 4, 2009. Brady is buried in Restland Cemetery in Boswell, Oklahoma, USA.
Rosalina  Paz's Image
San Diego, California
Rosalina Paz
1917 1966
Rosalina was born in 1917, and died in 1966. Rosalina is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in San Diego, California, USA.
Darlene  BARRON's Image
Darlene BARRON
Darlene died in 2022.
Joseph Henry Thorman's Image
San Juan
Joseph Henry Thorman
Mary  Bowman's Image
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Mary Bowman
1942 2023
Mary was born July 19, 1942 in Sheldon, Iowa, USA, and died June 14, 2023 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA. Mary is buried in North Lawn Cemetery in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA.
Loran Ray Mitchell Sr.'s Image
Loran Ray Mitchell Sr.
1954 2023
Nemescio  Sauceda's Image
Nemescio Sauceda
1938 2023
Danny  Bloechl's Image
Danny Bloechl
Danny died in 2022.
Adrian "Twirp" Selgren Anderson's Image
Grand Junction, Colorado
Adrian "Twirp" Selgren Anderson
1937 2023
Adrian Selgren (Twirp) Anderson passed peacefully at his home in Grand Junction, Colorado with his granddaughter, Annika by his side, on November 27, 2023. Adrian was born in Colfax, Washington on September 24, 1937 to Iris Ireta Anderson and Knute Oscar Anderson. He was the fourth of six children and was raised on the family farm just outside Culdesac, Idaho. Adrian received his nickname Twirp as an infant by one of the hired hands, and went by Twirp his entire life. Twirp grew up in Lapwai, Idaho, where his family was a pioneer family of Lapwai County, and graduated from Lapwai High School in 1955. He attended the University of Idaho where he met his future wife, Barbara Timmons, of...
Carol  Ketzel's Image
Beavercreek, Ohio
Carol Ketzel
1942 2004
Carol was born October 22, 1942, and died August 31, 2004. Carol is buried in Beavercreek Township Cemetery in Beavercreek, Ohio, USA.
Joshua  Sirmons's Image
Elk Grove, California
Joshua Sirmons
1988 2006
Joshua was born September 3, 1988, and died October 26, 2006. Joshua is buried in East Lawn Elk Grove Memorial Park in Elk Grove, California, USA.