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Rhett  Lovejoy's Image
Rhett Lovejoy
Rhett died in 2022.
Farah  Jifri's Image
Kettering, Northamptonshire
Farah Jifri
1972 2023
Farah was born in 1972, and died May 10, 2023 in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England. Farah is buried in Kettering Crematorium in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England.
Edna  King's Image
Proctorville, Ohio
Edna King
1921 1974
Edna was born September 29, 1921, and died November 24, 1974. Edna is buried in Rome Proctorville Cemetery in Proctorville, Ohio, USA.
John  Tuttle's Image
Red Bluff, California
John Tuttle
1961 1997
John was born October 5, 1961 in Hawaii, USA, and died August 28, 1997 in California, USA. John is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Red Bluff, California, USA.
Eugenio  Antoniazzi's Image
Clearview, South Australia
Eugenio Antoniazzi
1925 1996
Eugenio was born in 1925, and died November 25, 1996. Eugenio is buried in Enfield Memorial Park in Clearview, South Australia, Australia.
Veva  Ramskill's Image
Burlingame, Kansas
Veva Ramskill
1911 1978
Veva was born July 13, 1911, and died August 22, 1978. Veva is buried in Burlingame City Cemetery in Burlingame, Kansas, USA.
Andrea A. Alcantara's Image
Honolulu, Hawaii
Andrea A. Alcantara
95, of Honolulu, died in Honolulu on Friday, June 7, 2024. She was born in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Visitation: 11am on Friday, July 12, 2024 at Valley of the Temples Mortuary- Trousdale Chapel. Services: 12pm on Friday, July 12 at Valley of the Temples Mortuary- Trousdale Chapel. Burial : 2pm on Friday, July 12 at Valley of the Temples Memorial Park Cemetery.
Theresa  Maher's Image
Pueblo, Colorado
Theresa Maher
1941 2010
Theresa was born in 1941, and died December 27, 2010 in Pueblo, Colorado, USA. Theresa is buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Pueblo, Colorado, USA.
Rozita  Carmichael's Image
Rozita Carmichael
1968 2022
Rozita was born January 29, 1968, and died July 2, 2022. Rozita is buried in Coleman Cemetery in Alabama, USA.
Angela  Wade's Image
Biloxi, Mississippi
Angela Wade
1961 2000
Angela was born October 5, 1961, and died December 12, 2000. Angela is buried in Biloxi City Cemetery in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA.
Delores "Mooda"  Thompson's Image
Ijamsville, Maryland
Delores "Mooda" Thompson
1964 1988
Delores "Mooda" was born October 12, 1964, and died February 1, 1988. Delores "Mooda" is buried in Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery in Ijamsville, Maryland, USA.
Grover  Flint's Image
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Grover Flint
1867 1909
Grover was born June 27, 1867, and died January 31, 1909. Grover is buried in Forest Hills Cemetery and Crematory in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA.
David  Hamilton's Image
David Hamilton
1954 2014
David was born August 6, 1954, and died July 13, 2014 in Alabama, USA.
Julius  Keller's Image
Julius Keller
Julius died in 2022.
John  Verran's Image
Evergreen Park, Illinois
John Verran
1950 1969
John was born in 1950, and died in 1969. John is buried in Evergreen Cemetery and Mausoleum in Evergreen Park, Illinois, USA.
Rita  Schneckenburger's Image
Westbury, New York
Rita Schneckenburger
1926 1999
Rita was born in 1926, and died October 5, 1999. Rita is buried in Cemetery of the Holy Rood in Westbury, New York, USA.
Walter  Ronson's Image
Linwood, Pennsylvania
Walter Ronson
1961 2004
Walter was born October 5, 1961, and died June 28, 2004. Walter is buried in Lawn Croft Cemetery and Mausoleum in Linwood, Pennsylvania, USA.
Jayce  Garcia's Image
Manhattan, New York
Jayce Garcia
2019 2022
Jayce was born in 2019 in New York, USA, and died July 2, 2022 in Manhattan, New York, USA.
Donovan  Jelicich's Image
Donovan Jelicich
Donovan died in 2022.
Robert  Bramble's Image
Denver, Colorado
Robert Bramble
1943 2014
Robert was born November 8, 1943 in Denver, Colorado, USA, and died December 12, 2014.
William  Hicks's Image
Dunlap, Iowa
William Hicks
1830 1913
William was born January 21, 1830 in Pennsylvania, USA, and died October 4, 1913 in Dunlap, Iowa, USA. William is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Dunlap, Iowa, USA.
Alfreeda  Reichard's Image
Anderson, Indiana
Alfreeda Reichard
1926 2010
Alfreeda was born March 10, 1926 in Marienville, Pennsylvania, USA, and died July 4, 2010. Alfreeda is buried in Anderson Memorial Park in Anderson, Indiana, USA.
Todd  Springer's Image
Augusta, Michigan
Todd Springer
1961 2004
Todd was born October 5, 1961, and died August 1, 2004. Todd is buried in Fort Custer National Cemetery in Augusta, Michigan, USA.
Richard  Bowers's Image
Marseilles, Illinois
Richard Bowers
1925 1988
Richard was born March 27, 1925, and died February 17, 1988. Richard is buried in Nichol Cemetery in Marseilles, Illinois, USA.
Robert  Davis's Image
Riverside, California
Robert Davis
1924 2009
Robert was born July 12, 1924 in Coalport, Pennsylvania, USA, and died November 19, 2009 in San Jacinto, California, USA. Robert is buried in Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, California, USA.
Jeffery  Shaw's Image
Bono, Indiana
Jeffery Shaw
1961 2004
Jeffery was born October 5, 1961 in Clinton, Indiana, USA, and died August 16, 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Jeffery is buried in Bono Cemetery in Bono, Indiana, USA.
Tony  Waldmire's Image
Rochester, Illinois
Tony Waldmire
1985 2016
Tony was born February 17, 1985 in Springfield, Illinois, USA, and died October 9, 2016 in Springfield, Illinois, USA. Tony is buried in Rochester Cemetery in Rochester, Illinois, USA.
Troy  Clark's Image
Avera, Georgia
Troy Clark
1929 2013
Troy was born October 18, 1929 in Georgia, USA, and died July 5, 2013 in Avera, Georgia, USA. Troy is buried in Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Avera, Georgia, USA.
Charles  Kluver's Image
Smithland, Iowa
Charles Kluver
1949 2013
Charles was born July 11, 1949 in Denison, Iowa, USA, and died March 8, 2013 in Red Oak, Iowa, USA. Charles is buried in Little Sioux Township Cemetery in Smithland, Iowa, USA.
Harry H.  Rieke's Image
Harry H. Rieke
1898 1972
Harry H. was born in 1898, and died in 1972. Harry H. is buried in Bethesda Cemetery in Texas, USA.
Catherine  Steward's Image
Bakersfield, California
Catherine Steward
1940 2022
Catherine was born September 26, 1940, and died November 27, 2022. Catherine is buried in Greenlawn Southwest Mortuary and Cemetery in Bakersfield, California, USA.
Bertha  Levchenko's Image
Sonningdale, Saskatchewan
Bertha Levchenko
1909 2005
Bertha was born August 16, 1909, and died October 12, 2005. Bertha is buried in Sonningdale Cemetery in Sonningdale, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Trudy  Young's Image
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Trudy Young
1937 2011
Trudy was born September 21, 1937 in Seoul, Seoul Special City, South Korea, and died January 2, 2011 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Trudy is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Mausoleum in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.
Peter  Ladis's Image
Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
Peter Ladis
1866 1918
Peter was born in 1866, and died April 14, 1918. Peter is buried in Mayview State Hospital Cemetery in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, USA.
George  Murton's Image
Kirtland, Ohio
George Murton
1880 1965
George was born September 27, 1880 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and died August 8, 1965 in Willoughby, Ohio, USA. George is buried in Kirtland South Cemetery in Kirtland, Ohio, USA.
James  White's Image
Hartsville, Tennessee
James White
1838 1921
James was born in 1838, and died October 12, 1921. James is buried in Hartsville Cemetery in Hartsville, Tennessee, USA.
Billy  Merritt's Image
Robinson, Texas
Billy Merritt
1944 2018
Billy was born July 19, 1944 in Waco, Texas, USA, and died April 12, 2018 in Robinson, Texas, USA. Billy is buried in Waco Memorial Park in Robinson, Texas, USA.
Avie  Williams's Image
Avie Williams
1928 2017
Avie was born January 19, 1928 in USA, and died February 20, 2017 in USA. Avie is buried in Poplar Head United Methodist Church Cemetery in Florida, USA.
Marlyn  Baller's Image
Lincoln, Nebraska
Marlyn Baller
1946 1989
Marlyn was born December 16, 1946, and died December 28, 1989. Marlyn is buried in Lincoln Memorial Park in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
Ray  Strength's Image
Verona, Mississippi
Ray Strength
1938 2013
Ray was born July 2, 1938 in Brackettville, Texas, USA, and died May 30, 2013 in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA. Ray is buried in Lee Memorial Park in Verona, Mississippi, USA.