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Michael  POTZMANN's Image
Michael died in 2022.
Larry  Summer's Image
Larry Summer
Larry died in 2022.
George P. Cagney's Image
Whitehall, Michigan
George P. Cagney
1952 2022
Cagney, George P. 4/13/1952 - 10/17/2022 Whitehall George Powell Cagney III, age 70, of Whitehall, passed away Monday, October 17, 2022. He was born on April 13, 1952, in Chicago, Illinois. George is survived by his best friend and forever partner, Lisa (Burel). They married in 1987 and since then have loved hosting gatherings, raising their family, camping, Lake Michigan therapy sessions, and dances in the kitchen. George graduated from Western Michigan University in 1976, and later was proud to obtain his CPA license. At the time of his retirement from Alcoa, he was a financial controller. George loved and lived for numbers so it was appropriate he passed on National Spreadsheet Day. His...
Reymundo "Rey" Garza's Image
Reymundo "Rey" Garza
1961 2022
George  Ouellette's Image
George Ouellette
George died in 2022.
William  Noyes's Image
William Noyes
William died in 2022.
Esther  Bennet's Image
Hugo, Colorado
Esther Bennet
1900 1966
Esther was born in 1900, and died in 1966. Esther is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Hugo, Colorado, USA.
Sandra Sue Daniels's Image
Springfield, Greene County
Sandra Sue Daniels
1958 2021
Carolyn  Cameron's Image
Carolyn Cameron
Carolyn died in 2022.
Trista  Russo's Image
Trista Russo
Trista died in 2022.
Pearl  Beebe's Image
Williamstown, New Jersey
Pearl Beebe
1937 1985
Pearl was born June 23, 1937, and died April 12, 1985. Pearl is buried in Cross Keys Methodist Cemetery in Williamstown, New Jersey, USA.
Mike  Markus's Image
Mike Markus
Mike died in 2022.
Roderick  Williams's Image
Gnowangerup, Western Australia
Roderick Williams
1983 2017
Roderick was born in 1983 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia, and died July 11, 2017 in Western Australia, Australia. Roderick is buried in Gnowangerup Cemetery in Gnowangerup, Western Australia, Australia.
Inez  Fallon's Image
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Inez Fallon
1916 2001
Inez was born November 12, 1916, and died July 6, 2001. Inez is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA.
Jeffrey  Coward's Image
Jeffrey Coward
Jeffrey died in 2022.
Shirley  VERO's Image
Shirley VERO
Shirley died in 2022.
Joanne  WHITESIDE's Image
Joanne died in 2022.
Emanuel  Williams's Image
Emanuel Williams
Emanuel died in 2022.
Phillip  Baker's Image
Montgomery, Pennsylvania
Phillip Baker
1888 1957
Phillip was born in 1888, and died in 1957. Phillip is buried in Green Lawn Memorial Park in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA.
Christopher  HAIRA's Image
Christopher HAIRA
Christopher died in 2022.
Alice  Simpson's Image
Alice Simpson
Alice died in 2022.
Gene  Rinehart's Image
Gene Rinehart
Gene died in 2022.
Rodney Wayne Stephens's Image
Nampa, Idaho
Rodney Wayne Stephens
1959 2022
Rodney Wayne Stephens was born to Leon and Brenda Stephens on July 17, 1959 in a Military hospital in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Rod lived in several different states and moved many times while he was growing up. Rod and his two brothers, Marshall and Dean were rowdy boys, and had many adventures on motorcycles, driving fast cars and roaming around the countryside with friends. He had fond memories of living in Pennsylvania and Arizona. In high school, he tested and got top scores for a potential career in the military as a Nuclear Engineer, but his Financial Aid for college came in and he decided to attend Arizona State University (go Sun Devils). He excelled in school and graduated with a...
Ulysses  Syphertt's Image
Ulysses Syphertt
Ulysses died in 2022.
Mildred  Stottlemyer's Image
Beallsville, Maryland
Mildred Stottlemyer
1912 2006
Mildred was born May 4, 1912 in Beallsville, Maryland, USA, and died January 25, 2006 in Dickerson, Maryland, USA. Mildred is buried in Monocacy Cemetery in Beallsville, Maryland, USA.
Linda  Peterson's Image
Linda Peterson
Linda died in 2022.
Robert  Fabry's Image
Robert Fabry
Robert died in 2022.
Joel  Hamilton's Image
Joel Hamilton
1954 2005
Joel was born June 28, 1954 in California, USA, and died December 28, 2005 in North Carolina, USA.
Jenny  HALL's Image
Jenny HALL
Jenny died in 2022.
Margaret  Raff's Image
Crittenden, New York
Margaret Raff
1905 1999
Margaret was born in 1905, and died in 1999. Margaret is buried in Saint Patricks Cemetery in Crittenden, New York, USA.
Mary Emma Sumlin's Image
Columbus, Ohio
Mary Emma Sumlin
Mary Emma Milner-Sumlin was blessed with 98 years of life. Sunrise May 14, 1924 and sunset October 15, 2022. She was one of 4 children to the late Sophie and Isaac Diggs, Sr. She was known by many as Mom, Grandma, Mrs. Milner-Sumlin and Aunt Emma. Mary spent her younger years in Warren, Ohio before moving to Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from Wilberforce University with a BS in Education specializing in Home Economics. She completed certified course work in Vocational Education from The Ohio State University. Mary served 27 years as a Vocational and Home Economics Teacher with the Columbus City School System. Within those 27 years of experience, she spent 10 of those years teaching adult...
Tasha  George's Image
Ocilla, Georgia
Tasha George
1980 2006
Tasha was born September 12, 1980 in Ocilla, Georgia, USA, and died June 16, 2006 in Georgia, USA. Tasha is buried in Ocilla City Cemetery in Ocilla, Georgia, USA.
Tormod  Eliassen's Image
White Plains, New York
Tormod Eliassen
1928 1976
Tormod was born in 1928, and died in 1976. Tormod is buried in White Plains Rural Cemetery in White Plains, New York, USA.
Deborah  Foreman's Image
Dewey, Oklahoma
Deborah Foreman
1951 2000
Deborah was born July 8, 1951, and died January 29, 2000. Deborah is buried in Dewey Cemetery in Dewey, Oklahoma, USA.
Mary  BECKETT's Image
Mary died in 2022.
LeRoy  Magnuson's Image
LeRoy Magnuson
LeRoy died in 2022.
Loren  Chase's Image
Mesa, Arizona
Loren Chase
1903 1991
Loren was born December 16, 1903 in South Dakota, USA, and died September 23, 1991. Loren is buried in Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery in Mesa, Arizona, USA.
Barbara  Haugland's Image
Barbara Haugland
Barbara died in 2022.
Albert K. Machida Jr.'s Image
Albert K. Machida Jr.
Fannie  Hyde's Image
Fannie Hyde
Fannie died in 2022.