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Jean  Ivy's Image
Jean Ivy
Jean died in 2022.
Michael S. Chagami's Image
Hilo, Hawaii
Michael S. Chagami
Shirley  KINSELLA's Image
Shirley died in 2022.
Lesley  Levine's Image
Lesley Levine
Lesley died in 2022.
Billy  Coggins's Image
Greenville, North Carolina
Billy Coggins
1940 2015
Billy was born August 9, 1940 in North Carolina, USA, and died December 12, 2015 in North Carolina, USA. Billy is buried in Pinewood Memorial Park in Greenville, North Carolina, USA.
Dwight  Foster's Image
Opelika, Alabama
Dwight Foster
1944 2005
Dwight was born June 24, 1944 in Opelika, Alabama, USA, and died December 26, 2005 in Albany, Georgia, USA. Dwight is buried in Garden Hills Cemetery in Opelika, Alabama, USA.
Bob  Myatt's Image
Valencia, California
Bob Myatt
Dr. Bob Myatt died at home after a courageous battle with cancer. He is survived by his beloved wife Alissa, his mother Mary, his sisters Margie and Kathy, brothers Jim and Keith and multiple extended family members. He is preceded in death by his father "Big Ed." He was a lifelong Minnesota Viking fan, and true lover of all things PURPLE. Dr. Bob touched the lives of anyone who had contact with him. "Our Bob" will be forever loved, cherished and missed and was a bright shining light who truly "walked the walk" throughout his life. Rest in Peace Beloved and Compassionate Warrior. ValhallaAll are invited to join in a celebration of life at Christ Lutheran Church (CLC) 25816 N Tournament...
Jeanette  ATTWELL's Image
Jeanette ATTWELL
Jeanette died in 2022.
Erin Lynnea Batie's Image
Erin Lynnea Batie
1974 2022
Erin Batie of Caldwell, Idaho, passed peacefully at her home surrounded by the love of her family on September 21, 2022. Erin was born December 20th, 1974, in Caldwell, ID to Dennis and Linda Batie. She was the oldest of three daughters and grew up in a household filled with lots of love, laughter, outdoor activities, and pets. She graduated from Notus High School and Black Hills State University with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a minor in social work. Erin quickly discovered that working indoors was not her passion and spent over a decade of wonderful years working outside at Far West Nursery in Boise ID. She loved the hard physical labor of the work and valued her...
Michael  Naughton's Image
Michael Naughton
Michael died in 2022.
Quencella  McKnight's Image
Quencella McKnight
Quencella died in 2022.
Ruby  Marlow's Image
Ruby Marlow
Ruby died in 2022.
George  McCall's Image
Haverhill, Ohio
George McCall
1927 2000
George was born February 26, 1927 in Ohio, USA, and died November 23, 2000 in Ohio, USA. George is buried in Haverhill Cemetery in Haverhill, Ohio, USA.
Steven  Fuller's Image
Steven Fuller
Steven died in 2022.
Ian  MCCAW's Image
Ian died in 2022.
James Francis Mertel's Image
Mount Vernon, Washington
James Francis Mertel
1944 2022
James F Mertel, 78, of Mount Vernon, WA passed away peacefully at home with his family on September 16, 2022. James was born in LaSalle, IL on September 10, 1944 to James J and Ida (Daley) Mertel. He graduated from Lostant Community School with the class of 1962 and subsequently joined the Navy where he worked as a submariner for 12 years. He served in the Vietnam War and was last stationed in Hawaii. After his service he moved back to the mainland, met and married Linda Slater in January 1976 and they moved to Illinois. While back in his home state, James worked with his family farming and then was employed as a truckdriver. James and his family moved to Washington State in 1996,...
Kenneth  Ledoux's Image
Kenneth Ledoux
Kenneth died in 2022.
David  Tucci's Image
Windham Center, Maine
David Tucci
1947 2022
David was born November 10, 1947, and died March 6, 2022. David is buried in Mayberry Cemetery in Windham Center, Maine, USA.
W.  Cumming's Image
Griffin, Georgia
W. Cumming
1941 2010
W. was born January 11, 1941, and died March 1, 2010. W. is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin, Georgia, USA.
Brent  Bolen's Image
Brent Bolen
Brent died in 2022.
Warren  Barone's Image
Bushnell, Florida
Warren Barone
1941 2022
Warren was born September 23, 1941, and died February 24, 2022. Warren is buried in Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida, USA.
Kevin  Maxwell's Image
Exeter, Rhode Island
Kevin Maxwell
Kevin died November 3, 2021. Kevin is buried in Rhode Island Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Exeter, Rhode Island, USA.
Bettye Lou Southwood's Image
Evansville, Indiana
Bettye Lou Southwood
1924 2022
Bettye Lou (Grammer) Southwood, 97, departed this life to be with Jesus on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 from the home of her daughter Delaine where she had been lovingly cared for in recent months and surrounded by her loved ones. Born September 29, 1924 to Maurice R. and Ailean (Cunningham) Grammer in Evansville, Indiana, Bettye spent her childhood in Lafayette, Indiana before the family returned to Evansville. She graduated from FJ Reitz High School, where she met her future husband, Delbert Southwood. When WWII broke out, Del joined the Navy and Bettye attended Deaconess School of Nursing. They were married in New York City at the Little Church Around the Corner on June 1, 1944 when Del’s...
Rebecca  Rigden Fannin's Image
Rebecca Rigden Fannin
Rebecca died in 2022.
Stanley Haruo Matsuda's Image
Aiea, Hawaii
Stanley Haruo Matsuda
Janice  Seely's Image
Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Janice Seely
1932 2006
Janice was born in 1932 in Rockford, Illinois, USA, and died May 27, 2006 in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. Janice is buried in Longmeadow Cemetery in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA.
Hideko  Kanada's Image
Honolulu, Hawaii
Hideko Kanada
Searcy  Bracewell's Image
Houston, Texas
Searcy Bracewell
1918 2003
Searcy was born January 19, 1918, and died May 13, 2003. Searcy is buried in Forest Park Cemetery in Houston, Texas, USA.
Wilma  Hunt's Image
Wilma Hunt
Wilma died in 2022.
Alice  Aaron's Image
Fort Payne, Alabama
Alice Aaron
Alice died in 1927. Alice is buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Fort Payne, Alabama, USA.
Salvatore  Campisi's Image
Salvatore Campisi
Salvatore died in 2022.
Floyd  Newcomer's Image
Floyd Newcomer
Floyd died in 2022.
Andrew  BROWN's Image
Andrew BROWN
Andrew died in 2022.
Elaine  McCown's Image
Elaine McCown
Elaine died in 2022.
Lester  POPE's Image
Lester POPE
Lester died in 2022.
Christopher  Hebert's Image
Christopher Hebert
Christopher died in 2022.
Trina  Evans's Image
Trina Evans
Trina died in 2022.
Lorann  Cox's Image
Bedford, Virginia
Lorann Cox
1970 1995
Lorann was born May 11, 1970, and died July 3, 1995. Lorann is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Bedford, Virginia, USA.
Odie  Fail's Image
Barnwell, South Carolina
Odie Fail
1927 2002
Odie was born August 5, 1927, and died July 28, 2002. Odie is buried in Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery in Barnwell, South Carolina, USA.
Joan died in 2022.