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Richman  Campbell's Image
Richman Campbell
Richman Campbell of 2520 High Circle, Columbia, SC died on Thursday, March 31, 2022 at Prisma Hospital in Columbia, SC. The family is at the home, 213 Virginia Avenue in Greenwood, SC. Arrangements are incomplete and will be announced by Parks Funeral Home, Greenwood, SC.
Herman  Mandel's Image
Maspeth, New York
Herman Mandel
Herman died February 1917. Herman is buried in Mount Zion Cemetery in Maspeth, New York, USA.
Allan  Burns's Image
Sutherland, New South Wales
Allan Burns
1909 1985
Allan was born in 1909, and died August 6, 1985. Allan is buried in Woronora Memorial Park in Sutherland, New South Wales, Australia.
John  Swengrosh's Image
John Swengrosh
John died in 2022.
Jack  Altenburg's Image
Barrington, Illinois
Jack Altenburg
1950 1989
Jack was born July 13, 1950 in Elgin, Illinois, USA, and died March 23, 1989 in Barrington, Illinois, USA. Jack is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Barrington, Illinois, USA.
Norma  Guise's Image
Naenae, Wellington
Norma Guise
1924 2004
Norma was born January 7, 1924, and died July 28, 2004. Norma is buried in Taita Lawn Cemetery in Naenae, Wellington, New Zealand.
George  Kangalos's Image
Hibbing, Minnesota
George Kangalos
1897 1994
George was born in 1897 in Greece, and died in 1994. George is buried in Maple Hill Cemetery in Hibbing, Minnesota, USA.
Earl  Riggins's Image
Tacoma, Washington
Earl Riggins
1934 2009
Earl was born September 21, 1934 in Pacoima, California, USA, and died August 18, 2009 in Tacoma, Washington, USA.
Cosimo  Tomba's Image
Cosimo Tomba
Cosimo died in 2022.
Joan  Higgins's Image
Joan Higgins
Joan died in 2021.
Neil  Love's Image
Neil Love
Neil died in 2021.
Merry  VanBramer's Image
Merry VanBramer
Merry died in 2022.
Katherine  Couch's Image
New Haven, Connecticut
Katherine Couch
1839 1905
Katherine was born August 17, 1839 in Bethel, Connecticut, USA, and died May 26, 1905 in Denver, Colorado, USA. Katherine is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
Matilda  Harrelson's Image
Richmond, Virginia
Matilda Harrelson
1926 1998
Matilda was born December 4, 1926, and died April 30, 1998. Matilda is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery and Mausoleum in Richmond, Virginia, USA.
Haylie  Evans's Image
Haylie Evans
2008 2020
Haylie was born February 29, 2008, and died September 24, 2020. She was 12 year old girl, she was in cheerleading, out side of school she would hang out with her family and friends, she knew how to make everyone laugh, she always checked up on everyone, made she no one felt left out, but sadly she took her life September 24, 2020. She loved and missed by many. Sadly she had to go so soon.
Michelle  Walker's Image
Lafayette, Indiana
Michelle Walker
1961 2013
Michelle was born October 27, 1961 in Logansport, Indiana, USA, and died January 28, 2013 in Lafayette, Indiana, USA.
Margaret  Groody's Image
Saint Bernard, Ohio
Margaret Groody
1913 1999
Margaret was born June 25, 1913, and died August 6, 1999. Margaret is buried in Saint Mary Cemetery in Saint Bernard, Ohio, USA.
Olando  Carroll's Image
Olando Carroll
Olando died in 2022.
Barney  Cox's Image
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Barney Cox
1961 1978
Barney was born November 11, 1961, and died July 7, 1978. Barney is buried in Consolata Cemetery in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.
Ennis  Hester's Image
Douglas, Georgia
Ennis Hester
1942 2021
Ennis was born January 25, 1942 in Georgia, USA, and died August 16, 2021 in Douglas, Georgia, USA. Ennis is buried in Douglas City Cemetery in Douglas, Georgia, USA.
Lillard  Berna's Image
Mulberry, Arkansas
Lillard Berna
1919 2002
Lillard was born February 10, 1919, and died December 22, 2002. Lillard is buried in New Mulberry Cemetery in Mulberry, Arkansas, USA.
Noah  Shears's Image
Coldwater, Alabama
Noah Shears
1925 1989
Noah was born April 4, 1925, and died October 24, 1989. Noah is buried in Coldwater Baptist Church Cemetery in Coldwater, Alabama, USA.
Clayton  Spencer's Image
Springfield, Missouri
Clayton Spencer
1925 2014
Clayton was born August 19, 1925 in Lawrence, Kansas, USA, and died January 14, 2014. Clayton is buried in Missouri Veterans Cemetery at Springfield in Springfield, Missouri, USA.
Thomas  Gray's Image
Arizona City, Arizona
Thomas Gray
1949 2018
Thomas was born June 24, 1949 in Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA, and died October 7, 2018 in Arizona City, Arizona, USA.
Gloria  Redfield's Image
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gloria Redfield
1933 2006
Gloria was born April 7, 1933 in Madison, Minnesota, USA, and died March 24, 2006 in Minnesota, USA. Gloria is buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Danielle  Barkley's Image
Danielle Barkley
Patrick  Geddes's Image
Calgary, Alberta
Patrick Geddes
1882 1965
Patrick was born April 10, 1882 in Scotland, and died March 25, 1965 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Patrick is buried in Queen's Park Cemetery and Mausoleum in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Hailey  Lowrance's Image
Hailey Lowrance
Hailey died in 2021.
John  Pringle's Image
Columbia, Connecticut
John Pringle
1916 1990
John was born in 1916, and died in 1990. John is buried in Utley Hill Cemetery in Columbia, Connecticut, USA.
Anthony  Shipley's Image
Anthony Shipley
1967 2006
Anthony was born July 23, 1967, and died December 13, 2006.
Hans  van Halderen's Image
Hans van Halderen
Hans died in 2022.
Mark  Harker's Image
Benton, Wisconsin
Mark Harker
1953 2006
Mark was born July 29, 1953, and died December 31, 2006. Mark is buried in United Methodist Church Cemetery in Benton, Wisconsin, USA.
William  Ligon's Image
Buffalo Junction, Virginia
William Ligon
1888 1966
William was born December 9, 1888 in Virginia, USA, and died September 2, 1966 in Buffalo Junction, Virginia, USA. William is buried in Buffalo Baptist Church Cemetery in Buffalo Junction, Virginia, USA.
Patricia  EDER's Image
Patricia EDER
Patricia died in 2022.
Deanna  Willis's Image
Calimesa, California
Deanna Willis
1962 1987
Deanna was born December 13, 1962, and died October 21, 1987 in San Bernardino, California, USA. Deanna is buried in Desert Lawn Memorial Park in Calimesa, California, USA.
Robert  Washington's Image
Robert Washington
Robert died in 2022.
Roger  May's Image
Piscataway, New Jersey
Roger May
1936 2013
Roger was born May 5, 1936 in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, USA, and died May 31, 2013 in Piscataway, New Jersey, USA.
Daniel  Fecteau's Image
Daniel Fecteau
Daniel died in 2022.
Barbara  Vuic's Image
Barbara Vuic
Barbara died in 2022.
Sherry  Eddy's Image
Sherry Eddy
Sherry died in 2022.