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Anna  Luchok's Image
Morgantown, West Virginia
Anna Luchok
1924 2013
Anna was born October 23, 1924, and died May 1, 2013. Anna is buried in East Oak Grove Cemetery in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA.
Raymond Broadus Moseley's Image
Mount Vernon
Raymond Broadus Moseley
Jonathan  Lowe's Image
Cross Lanes, West Virginia
Jonathan Lowe
1983 2008
Jonathan was born November 9, 1983, and died August 16, 2008 in West Virginia, USA. Jonathan is buried in Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, USA.
James-Scot  Gregg's Image
Brooklyn, New York
James-Scot Gregg
1983 2016
James-Scot was born January 19, 1983, and died April 20, 2016. James-Scot is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Russell  Siegfried's Image
Russell Siegfried
Russell died in 2021.
Laura  Gent's Image
Laura Gent
Laura died in 2021.
James  Minhinnick's Image
James Minhinnick
James died in 2022.
Terry  Nelson's Image
Terry Nelson
Terry died in 2021.
Peyton  Weaver's Image
Willard, Ohio
Peyton Weaver
2006 2007
Peyton was born June 4, 2006, and died May 6, 2007. Peyton is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Willard, Ohio, USA.
David  Sullenberger's Image
David Sullenberger
David died in 2021.
Peter  ODLUM's Image
Peter died in 2021.
Gary "Gabby" Haui Makalena's Image
Gary "Gabby" Haui Makalena
Joyce  Benton's Image
Joyce Benton
Joyce died in 2021.
William G. Freeman's Image
William G. Freeman
William ("Bill") G. Freeman passed away on January 29, 2022 at his home in Scottsdale, AZ following a battle with cancer. He was 78 years old. Bill was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the son of William E. Freeman and Beverly Jane Freeman (nee Mundt). Bill was raised in Beloit, Wisconsin and graduated from Beloit Catholic High School. He attended both Aquinas College and Michigan State University. Bill was heavily involved in auto racing, first as a young driver at local Go Kart tracks and then regional sports car tracks in a Porsche 911 sponsored by Beverly Hills Porsche/Audi, where he was champion in his class one year. In the late 1970's he teamed up with actor Paul Newman to form the...
De'Jah  L. Robinson's Image
De'Jah L. Robinson
De'Jah died in 2021.
John  Dunkle's Image
Hublersburg, Pennsylvania
John Dunkle
1878 1962
John was born March 19, 1878, and died July 7, 1962. John is buried in Hublersburg Cemetery in Hublersburg, Pennsylvania, USA.
Martha  Banda's Image
Martha Banda
Martha died in 2021.
Glen  Missling's Image
Glen Missling
1929 1929
Glen was born September 17, 1929 in Minnesota, USA, and died September 24, 1929 in Minnesota, USA. Glen is buried in Red Rock Cemetery in Minnesota, USA.
Catherine  Limehouse's Image
Catherine Limehouse
Catherine died in 2021.
Leslie  MORGAN's Image
Leslie died in 2021.
Michael  Floyd's Image
Calhoun, Georgia
Michael Floyd
1953 1983
Michael was born December 11, 1953, and died September 25, 1983. Michael is buried in Fain Cemetery in Calhoun, Georgia, USA.
Laura  Lytle's Image
Winter Park, Florida
Laura Lytle
1980 2015
Laura was born February 8, 1980 in Florida, USA, and died January 12, 2015. Laura is buried in Glen Haven Memorial Park and Mausoleum in Winter Park, Florida, USA.
Joseph  Cohen's Image
Colma, California
Joseph Cohen
1920 1988
Joseph was born October 12, 1920 in San Francisco, California, USA, and died October 20, 1988 in San Francisco, California, USA. Joseph is buried in Home of Peace Cemetery and Emanu-El Mausoleum in Colma, California, USA.
Thomas  Adams's Image
Zachary, Louisiana
Thomas Adams
1970 1990
Thomas was born July 31, 1970, and died October 8, 1990 in At Sea. Thomas is buried in Port Hudson National Cemetery in Zachary, Louisiana, USA.
Raymond  Wiggins's Image
Raymond Wiggins
Raymond died in 2021.
Sheron  Wyatt's Image
Silo, Oklahoma
Sheron Wyatt
1944 2019
Sheron was born March 13, 1944 in Durant, Oklahoma, USA, and died December 16, 2019 in Durant, Oklahoma, USA. Sheron is buried in Silo Restland Cemetery in Silo, Oklahoma, USA.
Emilio  Sanelli's Image
Emilio Sanelli
Emilio died in 2021.
Harry  Schmerling's Image
Trevose, Pennsylvania
Harry Schmerling
1913 1994
Harry was born November 21, 1913, and died May 19, 1994. Harry is buried in Roosevelt Memorial Park in Trevose, Pennsylvania, USA.
Ronald Ray Young's Image
Robinson, Ill
Ronald Ray Young
1942 2022
Ronald Ray Young, 79, of Robinson, IL, passed away on January 29, 2022, at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney, IL. He was born December 19, 1942, in Holden, WV, the son of Charles W. Young & Dorothy M. (Coldiron) Young, both of whom preceded him in death. He is survived by his daughters, Shelley Lynn & Matthew Yankauskas (Hebron, IN), Shawna Sue & Mark Smith (Dyer, IN), and Tina Young; by his granddaughter, Jessica Smith; by his brother & sister-in-law, Chuck & Karen Young (West Union, IL); by his nephew & niece-in-law, Kyle Richard & Allisen Young (West Union, IL); by his niece & nephew-in-law, Cara & Alex Stout (Vienna, IL); by his great-nephews,...
Donald  Buczynsky's Image
Donald Buczynsky
Donald died in 2021.
Mark  Zetting's Image
Mark Zetting
Mark died in 2022.
Linda  Whiteford's Image
Linda Whiteford
Linda died in 2021.
Jan  Cure's Image
Jan Cure
1945 2016
Jan was born June 1, 1945 in Nebraska, USA, and died November 24, 2016 in Colorado, USA.
Jean  Gomes's Image
Salinas, California
Jean Gomes
1945 2014
Jean was born February 26, 1945 in Madera, California, USA, and died October 19, 2014 in Salinas, California, USA.
Mary  Robbins Cegelis's Image
Mary Robbins Cegelis
Mary died in 2021.
John  Gregory's Image
Fort Wayne, Indiana
John Gregory
2008 2008
John was born November 17, 2008 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, and died November 17, 2008 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. John is buried in Highland Park Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.
Catherine  Royal's Image
Catherine Royal
Catherine died in 2021.
Virginia  Humphrey's Image
Virginia Humphrey
Virginia died in 2021.
Dorothy  Ashley's Image
Dorothy Ashley
Dorothy died in 2021.
Ray  Gannon's Image
Ray Gannon
Ray died in 2022.