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Luba  Reed's Image
Lansing, Michigan
Luba Reed
1922 1984
Luba was born in 1922, and died in 1984. Luba is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Lansing, Michigan, USA.
Robert Allen Toombs's Image
Mount Vernon
Robert Allen Toombs
1936 2021
Alfred  Gurson's Image
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Alfred Gurson
1918 2005
Alfred was born July 26, 1918 in Claridge, Pennsylvania, USA, and died August 26, 2005 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
August  Lindblom's Image
Geneva, Nebraska
August Lindblom
1841 1908
August was born December 27, 1841 in Kalmar, Kalmar län, Sweden, and died April 23, 1908 in Geneva, Nebraska, USA. August is buried in Geneva Cemetery in Geneva, Nebraska, USA.
Clifton  Norris Medlin's Image
Clifton Norris Medlin
Clifton died in 2021.
Nicholas  Hunter Griffin's Image
Nicholas Hunter Griffin
Nicholas died in 2021.
Stephanie  Adams's Image
Lancaster, Ohio
Stephanie Adams
1972 2012
Stephanie was born December 29, 1972 in Lancaster, Ohio, USA, and died October 23, 2012 in Lancaster, Ohio, USA. Stephanie is buried in Floral Hills Memory Gardens in Lancaster, Ohio, USA.
Lurene  Barnes's Image
Lurene Barnes
Lurene died in 2021.
Maria "aurora" Galindo's Image
San Angelo
Maria "aurora" Galindo
1936 2021
Arlene  Goodman's Image
Arlene Goodman
Arlene died in 2021.
Texana  Platt's Image
Sarasota, Florida
Texana Platt
1893 1974
Texana was born in 1893, and died in 1974. Texana is buried in Palms Memorial Park in Sarasota, Florida, USA.
Bessie  Love's Image
Manteo, North Carolina
Bessie Love
1917 2002
Bessie was born May 9, 1917 in Manteo, North Carolina, USA, and died December 4, 2002 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA. Bessie is buried in Manteo Cemetery in Manteo, North Carolina, USA.
Ralph  Spector's Image
Davie, Florida
Ralph Spector
1925 1988
Ralph was born in 1925, and died in 1988. Ralph is buried in Temple Beth El Memorial Gardens in Davie, Florida, USA.
Edwin  Lawhon's Image
Mathis, Texas
Edwin Lawhon
1958 1999
Edwin was born February 26, 1958 in Texas, USA, and died February 4, 1999 in Texas, USA. Edwin is buried in Cenizo Hill Cemetery in Mathis, Texas, USA.
Maria "aurora" Galindo's Image
San Angelo
Maria "aurora" Galindo
1936 2021
Linda  Greer's Image
Linda Greer
Linda died in 2021.
Kenneth  Drake's Image
Greenbrier, Tennessee
Kenneth Drake
1936 2006
Kenneth was born November 4, 1936, and died April 24, 2006. Kenneth is buried in Bethlehem Cemetery in Greenbrier, Tennessee, USA.
Maria "Aurora" Galindo's Image
San Angelo
Maria "Aurora" Galindo
1936 2021
Susan  Lucia's Image
Syracuse, New York
Susan Lucia
1953 2019
Susan was born November 21, 1953 in Cortland, New York, USA, and died November 27, 2019 in Syracuse, New York, USA.
Emma  Fisher's Image
Cross Lanes, West Virginia
Emma Fisher
1932 2008
Emma was born February 12, 1932 in West Virginia, USA, and died March 10, 2008 in West Virginia, USA. Emma is buried in Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, USA.
Venita  Picinich's Image
North Hollywood, California
Venita Picinich
1907 2016
Venita was born June 6, 1907, and died May 8, 2016. Venita is buried in Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood, California, USA.
Alan  Maassen's Image
Alan Maassen
Alan died in 2021.
Steve  Windle's Image
Steve Windle
Steve died in 2021.
Alfred W.K. Lum's Image
Mililani, HI
Alfred W.K. Lum
Betty  Nalley's Image
Betty Nalley
Betty died in 2021.
Marilyn  Pell's Image
Northfield, Ohio
Marilyn Pell
1949 2000
Marilyn was born March 14, 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and died January 26, 2000 in Parma, Ohio, USA. Marilyn is buried in All Saints Cemetery in Northfield, Ohio, USA.
Darrell  Sloan's Image
Darrell Sloan
Darrell died in 2021.
Gail  Tittle's Image
Gail Tittle
Gail died in 2021.
George  Sanguigni's Image
George Sanguigni
George died in 2021.
Nancy  Knier's Image
Nancy Knier
Nancy died in 2021.
John  Wott's Image
John Wott
John died in 2021.
Susan  Eveland's Image
Susan Eveland
Susan died in 2021.
David  DeMauro's Image
David DeMauro
David died in 2021.
Lester  Smith's Image
Houston, Texas
Lester Smith
1942 2019
Lester was born August 16, 1942 in Wharton, Texas, USA, and died March 14, 2019. Lester is buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Houston, Texas, USA.
Micheal  Magoon's Image
Litchfield, Minnesota
Micheal Magoon
1991 1996
Micheal was born June 4, 1991, and died August 31, 1996. Micheal is buried in Litchfield Cemetery in Litchfield, Minnesota, USA.
Carlene  Micheli's Image
Carlene Micheli
Carlene died in 2021.
Laurell  Tate's Image
Laurell Tate
Laurell died in 2021.
George  Shondel's Image
Canal Fulton, Ohio
George Shondel
1913 1987
George was born July 19, 1913, and died August 15, 1987. George is buried in Saints Philip and James Church Cemetery in Canal Fulton, Ohio, USA.
Frances  Browning's Image
Middlesboro, Kentucky
Frances Browning
1925 2015
Frances was born February 25, 1925 in Middlesboro, Kentucky, USA, and died August 21, 2015 in Middlesboro, Kentucky, USA. Frances is buried in Turner Cemetery in Middlesboro, Kentucky, USA.
Judy  Shapiro's Image
Cincinnati, Ohio
Judy Shapiro
1943 2017
Judy was born May 14, 1943, and died June 30, 2017. Judy is buried in Kneseth Israel Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.