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Charles  Aycock's Image
Wilmington, North Carolina
Charles Aycock
1937 2016
Charles was born September 1, 1937 in Black Creek, North Carolina, USA, and died October 24, 2016 in Holden Beach, North Carolina, USA. Charles is buried in Wilmington National Cemetery in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.
Nathan  Becker's Image
Nathan Becker
Nathan died in 2021.
Felix  Demski's Image
Monrovia, California
Felix Demski
1912 1975
Felix was born May 10, 1912 in Illinois, USA, and died April 12, 1975 in California, USA. Felix is buried in Live Oak Memorial Park in Monrovia, California, USA.
Charlotte  Smith's Image
Atlanta, Georgia
Charlotte Smith
1931 2012
Charlotte was born April 26, 1931, and died December 29, 2012. Charlotte is buried in Westview Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Michael  Lamkins's Image
Memphis, Tennessee
Michael Lamkins
1972 2014
Michael was born March 13, 1972 in USA, and died August 7, 2014 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
Walter  Wysong's Image
McKinney, Texas
Walter Wysong
1880 1965
Walter was born March 9, 1880 in Melissa, Texas, USA, and died February 13, 1965 in McKinney, Texas, USA. Walter is buried in Pecan Grove Cemetery in McKinney, Texas, USA.
Daniel  Pe?a's Image
Rio Grande City
Daniel Pe?a
1991 2021
Betty  Bross's Image
Betty Bross
Betty died in 2021.
Gifty Exonam Seneadza's Image
Accra, Greater Accra Region
Gifty Exonam Seneadza
1981 2021
This page was created in memory of Miss Gifty Exonam Seneadza
Evelyn  Urbatch's Image
Evelyn Urbatch
Evelyn died in 2021.
Gaetano  Balsamo's Image
Gaetano Balsamo
Gaetano died in 2021.
Mckenzie  Horn's Image
Mckenzie Horn
Mckenzie died in 2021.
Melvin  Hornback's Image
Dixon, California
Melvin Hornback
1952 2013
Melvin was born November 17, 1952 in California, USA, and died March 3, 2013. Melvin is buried in Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, California, USA.
James  Cohen's Image
James Cohen
James died in 2021.
Barry  Mumpower's Image
Kingsport, Tennessee
Barry Mumpower
1947 2021
Barry was born January 20, 1947 in Virginia, USA, and died July 28, 2021 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Barry is buried in Oak Hill Memorial Park in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA.
Julius  Vig's Image
Julius Vig
Julius died in 2021.
Elvis  Walker's Image
Elvis Walker
Elvis died in 2021.
Michael  Leshuk's Image
Holly, Michigan
Michael Leshuk
1956 2020
Michael was born December 5, 1956, and died January 31, 2020. Michael is buried in Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Michigan, USA.
Beth  Dunphy's Image
Beth Dunphy
Beth died in 2021.
Philip  Largesse's Image
Philip Largesse
Philip died in 2021.
James  Downen's Image
James Downen
James died in 2021.
Randy  Carlson's Image
Randy Carlson
Randy died in 2021.
Patricia  Knobbe's Image
Patricia Knobbe
Patricia died in 2021.
Linda  Minard's Image
Linda Minard
Linda died in 2021.
Peter  Campanaro's Image
Peter Campanaro
Peter died in 2021.
Mary  Wright's Image
Bay City, Michigan
Mary Wright
1954 1954
Mary was born March 19, 1954 in Bay City, Michigan, USA, and died March 19, 1954 in Bay City, Michigan, USA. Mary is buried in Floral Gardens Cemetery in Bay City, Michigan, USA.
Ed  Freije's Image
Ed Freije
Ed died in 2021.
Buddy  Currie's Image
Buddy Currie
Buddy died in 2021.
Edward  Goodin's Image
Denver, Colorado
Edward Goodin
1908 1987
Edward was born March 7, 1908, and died September 17, 1987. Edward is buried in Wellshire Memorial Gardens in Denver, Colorado, USA.
Margaret  Chastain's Image
Margaret Chastain
Margaret died in 2021.
Anna  Adelsperger's Image
Anna Adelsperger
1939 1992
Anna was born December 18, 1939 in Kentucky, USA, and died February 23, 1992 in Middletown, Ohio, USA. Anna is buried in Boggs-Wilson Cemetery in Kentucky, USA.
William  Kennedy's Image
William Kennedy
William died in 2021.
Lenny  Newsom's Image
Lenny Newsom
Lenny died in 2021.
Jennifer  Welch's Image
Jennifer Welch
Jennifer died in 2021.
Robert  Beauchamp's Image
Lemay, Missouri
Robert Beauchamp
1916 1976
Robert was born February 28, 1916, and died November 13, 1976. Robert is buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in Lemay, Missouri, USA.
Crystal  Woodley's Image
Crystal Woodley
Crystal died in 2021.
Martin  Skegrud's Image
Everett, Washington
Martin Skegrud
1912 1984
Martin was born June 6, 1912 in Minnesota, USA, and died January 19, 1984 in Everett, Washington, USA. Martin is buried in Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Everett, Washington, USA.
Sherrie  Kulaszewski's Image
Sherrie Kulaszewski
Sherrie died in 2021.
Helen  Wagner's Image
Covington, Ohio
Helen Wagner
1981 2003
Helen was born October 26, 1981 in Levelland, Texas, USA, and died June 4, 2003 in Piqua, Ohio, USA. Helen is buried in Highland Cemetery in Covington, Ohio, USA.
Bess  Summers's Image
Dyersburg, Tennessee
Bess Summers
1886 1968
Bess was born August 5, 1886 in Tennessee, USA, and died December 10, 1968 in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Bess is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Dyersburg, Tennessee, USA.