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Ralph  Dowis's Image
Springfield, Illinois
Ralph Dowis
1939 2021
Ralph was born March 11, 1939 in Springfield, Illinois, USA, and died February 6, 2021 in Springfield, Illinois, USA. Ralph is buried in Camp Butler National Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, USA.
Larry  Luckritz's Image
Clinton, Iowa
Larry Luckritz
1957 2005
Larry was born January 23, 1957 in Clinton, Iowa, USA, and died June 21, 2005 in Clinton, Iowa, USA. Larry is buried in Clinton Lawn Cemetery in Clinton, Iowa, USA.
Andrew  Hunt's Image
Richmond, California
Andrew Hunt
1958 1997
Andrew was born in 1958, and died in 1997. Andrew is buried in Rolling Hills Memorial Park in Richmond, California, USA.
Violet Atsuko Okubo's Image
Violet Atsuko Okubo
Age 87, of Honolulu, passed away June 5, 2021. She was born in Honolulu on April 15, 1934 and was a receptionist for the law firm Cades Schutte for 32 years before retiring in 1994. Mrs. Okubo was preceded in death by her husband Philip T. Okubo. She is survived by her son, Alan M. Okubo; daughter, Sharon A. Okubo; sisters-in-law, Maxine Matsumori and Pearl Y. Ohashi, cousin Barbara S. Lee, nieces and nephews. Funeral services on Saturday, August 7, 2021, at Diamond Head Mortuary, 535 18th Ave. Public visitation 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Buddhist service 10:30 a.m. Additional public visitation 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Casual attire.
Lindy  LeBolo's Image
Richmond, Virginia
Lindy LeBolo
1956 1992
Lindy was born September 29, 1956, and died September 24, 1992. Lindy is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, USA.
Chester  Monk's Image
McNeil, Arkansas
Chester Monk
1872 NaN
Chester was born September 15, 1872, and died November 1960. Chester is buried in Saint Matthews Gardens in McNeil, Arkansas, USA.
David  McGlinchey's Image
Indianapolis, Indiana
David McGlinchey
1938 2016
David was born July 26, 1938 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and died December 18, 2016. David is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
Douglas  Urbaniak's Image
Bay City, Michigan
Douglas Urbaniak
1941 2007
Douglas was born November 20, 1941 in Michigan, USA, and died April 11, 2007 in Michigan, USA. Douglas is buried in Saint Stanislaus Kostka Cemetery in Bay City, Michigan, USA.
Nelda  Leonard's Image
Uvalde, Texas
Nelda Leonard
1954 1985
Nelda was born August 3, 1954 in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, and died December 14, 1985 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Nelda is buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Uvalde, Texas, USA.
Pauline  Dickson's Image
Holly, Michigan
Pauline Dickson
1938 2014
Pauline was born January 31, 1938 in Highland Park, Michigan, USA, and died July 1, 2014 in Southfield, Michigan, USA. Pauline is buried in Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Michigan, USA.
Otto  Doerschlag's Image
Topeka, Kansas
Otto Doerschlag
1878 1966
Otto was born in 1878, and died in 1966. Otto is buried in Foster Cemetery in Topeka, Kansas, USA.
Ellen T. Yabusaki's Image
Honolulu, HI
Ellen T. Yabusaki
Carl  Postlewaite's Image
Camden on Gauley, West Virginia
Carl Postlewaite
1894 1963
Carl was born May 8, 1894, and died December 3, 1963. Carl is buried in Blacks Chapel Cemetery in Camden on Gauley, West Virginia, USA.
Todd  Bayley's Image
Scarborough, Maine
Todd Bayley
1961 1978
Todd was born in 1961, and died in 1978. Todd is buried in Dunstan Cemetery in Scarborough, Maine, USA.
Sonja  Abushinow's Image
Jackson, New Jersey
Sonja Abushinow
1927 2011
Sonja was born November 11, 1927, and died January 11, 2011. Sonja is buried in Saint Vladimirs Russian Orthodox Cemetery in Jackson, New Jersey, USA.
John  Heist's Image
Elk Grove, California
John Heist
John died January 14, 2021. John is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Elk Grove, California, USA.
Richard  Kretzmer's Image
East Farmingdale, New York
Richard Kretzmer
1926 1975
Richard was born September 22, 1926, and died April 29, 1975. Richard is buried in Long Island National Cemetery in East Farmingdale, New York, USA.
Kenneth Lee Reyher's Image
Kenneth Lee Reyher
1942 2021
Olathe, Colorado resident, Kenneth L. Reyher passed away at his residence on Saturday, June 19, 2021 at the age of 78. A military service for Mr. Reyher will take place at the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery of W. Colorado in Grand Junction on Friday, July 16, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. That same afternoon at 2:00 p.m. a celebration of Ken's life will take place at the First Baptist Church in Delta, with Pastor James Conley as officiant. Kenneth Lee Reyher was born in Lamar, Colo. on July 17, 1942 to parents Wilbur T. and Rachel (Weimer) Reyher. He received his education in the area and graduated from Wiley H.S. in Wiley in 1960. He entered the U.S. Navy in 1960, and the U.S. Army in 1963. On...
John  Abushinow's Image
Jackson, New Jersey
John Abushinow
1953 1987
John was born July 8, 1953, and died August 9, 1987. John is buried in Saint Vladimirs Russian Orthodox Cemetery in Jackson, New Jersey, USA.
Arthur  Cooper's Image
Milton, Tennessee
Arthur Cooper
1883 1967
Arthur was born April 23, 1883 in Tennessee, USA, and died August 17, 1967 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. Arthur is buried in Milton Cemetery in Milton, Tennessee, USA.
Richard  Hele's Image
Riverside, California
Richard Hele
1926 2004
Richard was born May 31, 1926, and died June 4, 2004. Richard is buried in Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, California, USA.
Warren  Wilfert's Image
Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
Warren Wilfert
1926 2000
Warren was born July 26, 1926, and died March 22, 2000. Warren is buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, USA.
Justin  Loterbaugh's Image
Justin Loterbaugh
1983 2021
Justin was born December 22, 1983 in Grafton, North Dakota, USA, and died May 19, 2021 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA. Justin is buried in Landstad Cemetery in North Dakota, USA.
Byron  Shaffer's Image
Augusta, Michigan
Byron Shaffer
1955 1990
Byron was born April 23, 1955, and died June 5, 1990. Byron is buried in Fort Custer National Cemetery in Augusta, Michigan, USA.
Theresa  Pitonzo's Image
Syracuse, New York
Theresa Pitonzo
1933 2011
Theresa was born June 4, 1933, and died February 22, 2011. Theresa is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Syracuse, New York, USA.
Brian  Putman's Image
West Monroe, Louisiana
Brian Putman
1974 2006
Brian was born March 27, 1974 in Oak Grove, Louisiana, USA, and died April 15, 2006 in Monroe, Louisiana, USA. Brian is buried in Hasley Cemetery in West Monroe, Louisiana, USA.
Aloysius  Scheier's Image
Silver City, New Mexico
Aloysius Scheier
1914 1991
Aloysius was born November 17, 1914 in Kansas, USA, and died November 19, 1991 in Silver City, New Mexico, USA. Aloysius is buried in Memory Lane Cemetery in Silver City, New Mexico, USA.
Kathy  Rasmussen's Image
Mason City, Iowa
Kathy Rasmussen
1956 2021
Kathy was born December 11, 1956 in Mason City, Iowa, USA, and died June 17, 2021 in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. Kathy is buried in Elmwood Saint Joseph Cemetery in Mason City, Iowa, USA.
Lucille G. (Carey) Wheeler's Image
Pittsburg, New Hampshire
Lucille G. (Carey) Wheeler
Lucille G. (Carey) Wheeler, 91, of Lost Horizon Road, died in the early morning of Thursday, June 24, 2021 at her home. She was born in Manchester Center, VT on August 30, 1929 the daughter of Bernard and Gladys (Abbott) Carey. After moving to Sunapee, NH at a very young age, Lucille graduated from Sunapee High School. She met her late husband of 71 years, Kneiland A. Wheeler (who died in 2019), at Sunapee Harbor. They married and lived in Springfield, where they raised their family. They moved to Pittsburg, NH about 37 years ago. While in Springfield, she worked at; Colby-Sawyer College in the Housekeeping Department, was librarian for 20 years at the Libbie Cass Memorial Library...
Nella  Ash's Image
Nella Ash
1935 2003
Nella was born April 22, 1935, and died October 21, 2003. Nella is buried in Pine Forest Cemetery in Mississippi, USA.
Buford  Stallard's Image
Defiance, Ohio
Buford Stallard
1917 1989
Buford was born June 19, 1917, and died November 12, 1989. Buford is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Defiance, Ohio, USA.
Gilbert  Naert's Image
Denver, Colorado
Gilbert Naert
1949 2013
Gilbert was born in 1949, and died in 2013. Gilbert is buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, Colorado, USA.
Margaret  Jones's Image
Rural Retreat, Virginia
Margaret Jones
1944 2011
Margaret was born July 20, 1944 in Virginia, USA, and died January 4, 2011 in Rural Retreat, Virginia, USA. Margaret is buried in Rosewood Memorial Gardens in Rural Retreat, Virginia, USA.
Shannon  Clark's Image
Low Moor, Virginia
Shannon Clark
1973 2021
Shannon was born March 3, 1973 in Lexington, Virginia, USA, and died February 10, 2021 in Low Moor, Virginia, USA.
Melissa  Burns's Image
Bloomington, Minnesota
Melissa Burns
1980 2005
Melissa was born January 22, 1980, and died May 29, 2005 in Minnesota, USA. Melissa is buried in Bloomington Cemetery in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA.
Matthew  Hoffer's Image
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Matthew Hoffer
1860 1936
Matthew was born December 24, 1860 in Schaufelberg, Salzburg, Austria, and died December 9, 1936 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Matthew is buried in Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Clara  Fraley's Image
Clara Fraley
1920 2013
Clara was born July 23, 1920 in Maryland, USA, and died March 6, 2013 in Georgia, USA.
Steven  Kolsrud's Image
Palo Alto, California
Steven Kolsrud
1950 1965
Steven was born November 28, 1950, and died August 11, 1965. Steven is buried in Alta Mesa Memorial Park in Palo Alto, California, USA.
William  Shook's Image
Dallas, Pennsylvania
William Shook
1874 1952
William was born August 16, 1874, and died March 11, 1952. William is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Dallas, Pennsylvania, USA.
Mary  Frizzell's Image
Danville, Virginia
Mary Frizzell
1913 1983
Mary was born January 8, 1913, and died December 25, 1983. Mary is buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Danville, Virginia, USA.