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Austin  Helton's Image
Lebanon, Kentucky
Austin Helton
1958 2004
Austin was born July 1, 1958 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and died June 6, 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Austin is buried in Lebanon National Cemetery in Lebanon, Kentucky, USA.
Bjorn  Dahl's Image
De Kalb, Illinois
Bjorn Dahl
1947 1959
Bjorn was born May 6, 1947 in Norway, and died April 10, 1959 in Illinois, USA. Bjorn is buried in Fairview Cemetery in De Kalb, Illinois, USA.
Ernest  Nelson's Image
Kansas City, Kansas
Ernest Nelson
1943 1999
Ernest was born May 5, 1943, and died February 4, 1999. Ernest is buried in Highland Park Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas, USA.
George Carlton Bridgers's Image
Cheltenham, Maryland
George Carlton Bridgers
1936 2018
George Carlton "Carl" Bridgers, 82, of Bowie, MD, passed away on March 8, 2018 after a brief battle with cancer. Born (February 13, 1936) in Norfolk, VA to George A. and Doris (Newbill) Bridgers, Carl attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He served a three-year stint in the Army. After graduating college, he moved to Washington, D.C. to work for Southern Railway Co. He married his wife, Janice (McConkey), in 1963 and moved to Bowie, MD, in 1965. With his love for books and collectables, he opened the Barbarian Book Shop in Wheaton, MD. He ran this iconic book shop until he retired in 2004. Carl is survived by his wife, Janice, his brother, Robert, his four children...
Sarah  Featherston's Image
Vancouver, Washington
Sarah Featherston
1925 2008
Sarah was born April 12, 1925 in South Dakota, USA, and died June 9, 2008 in Washington, USA. Sarah is buried in Evergreen Memorial Gardens in Vancouver, Washington, USA.
Clarence  Marquis's Image
Honolulu, Hawaii
Clarence Marquis
1925 1945
Clarence was born in 1925 in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA, and died March 10, 1945 in Iwo Jima, Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. Clarence is buried in Honolulu Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
John  Reppard's Image
New Martinsville, West Virginia
John Reppard
1932 1996
John was born July 11, 1932 in West Virginia, USA, and died April 29, 1996 in USA. John is buried in Greenlawn Memorial Park in New Martinsville, West Virginia, USA.
Richard  Wilson's Image
Sharon, Pennsylvania
Richard Wilson
1951 2012
Richard was born December 6, 1951 in Sharon, Pennsylvania, USA, and died February 19, 2012 in Sharon, Pennsylvania, USA.
Ivan  Shandor's Image
Lake Forest, Illinois
Ivan Shandor
1946 1997
Ivan was born September 26, 1946, and died April 30, 1997. Ivan is buried in Lake Forest Cemetery in Lake Forest, Illinois, USA.
Londa  Masterson's Image
Grovertown, Indiana
Londa Masterson
1955 2013
Londa was born October 15, 1955 in Plymouth, Indiana, USA, and died March 25, 2013 in Grovertown, Indiana, USA. Londa is buried in Grovertown Cemetery in Grovertown, Indiana, USA.
Jesse  Brookins's Image
Stapleton, Alabama
Jesse Brookins
1921 2002
Jesse was born August 4, 1921, and died November 11, 2002 in Alabama, USA. Jesse is buried in Galilee Memorial Cemetery in Stapleton, Alabama, USA.
Willie  Poole's Image
Raleigh, North Carolina
Willie Poole
1911 1977
Willie was born July 9, 1911 in North Carolina, USA, and died March 21, 1977 in North Carolina, USA. Willie is buried in Montlawn Memorial Park in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
Sebaston  Bevins's Image
Naytahwaush, Minnesota
Sebaston Bevins
2009 2009
Sebaston was born July 24, 2009 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, USA, and died October 18, 2009 in Mahnomen, Minnesota, USA. Sebaston is buried in Indian Cemetery in Naytahwaush, Minnesota, USA.
Richard  Lopez's Image
Elgin, Oklahoma
Richard Lopez
1989 2013
Richard was born April 12, 1989, and died October 19, 2013. Richard is buried in Fort Sill National Cemetery in Elgin, Oklahoma, USA.
James  Floyd's Image
Raleigh, North Carolina
James Floyd
1927 1996
James was born September 22, 1927, and died March 16, 1996. James is buried in Raleigh National Cemetery in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
Frank  Allgood's Image
Fort Scott, Kansas
Frank Allgood
1930 1968
Frank was born May 1, 1930 in Fort Scott, Kansas, USA, and died March 26, 1968 in Vietnam. Frank is buried in Fort Scott National Cemetery in Fort Scott, Kansas, USA.
Joseph  Haughn's Image
Woodland, California
Joseph Haughn
1886 1959
Joseph was born November 9, 1886, and died October 2, 1959. Joseph is buried in Woodland Cemetery in Woodland, California, USA.
HM3 Wayne  Kaufman's Image
Bunker Hill, Indiana
HM3 Wayne Kaufman
1948 1970
HM3 Wayne was born January 2, 1948, and died February 14, 1970. HM3 Wayne is buried in Springdale Cemetery in Bunker Hill, Indiana, USA.
Michael  Zarbo's Image
North Kingstown, Rhode Island
Michael Zarbo
1947 1967
Michael was born April 13, 1947, and died October 27, 1967 in Vietnam. Michael is buried in Elm Grove Cemetery in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA.
Ramona  Mares's Image
Raton, New Mexico
Ramona Mares
1916 2008
Ramona was born January 5, 1916, and died February 28, 2008. Ramona is buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Raton, New Mexico, USA.
Jeannie  Habecker's Image
Doss, Texas
Jeannie Habecker
1934 2007
Jeannie was born January 4, 1934, and died January 11, 2007 in Texas, USA. Jeannie is buried in Saint Peter Lutheran Church Cemetery in Doss, Texas, USA.
Dominick  Paul's Image
Paterson, New Jersey
Dominick Paul
1888 1977
Dominick was born in 1888, and died in 1977. Dominick is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Paterson, New Jersey, USA.
Agnes  Pelot's Image
Marshall, Missouri
Agnes Pelot
1887 1958
Agnes was born February 6, 1887, and died September 2, 1958. Agnes is buried in Ridge Park Cemetery in Marshall, Missouri, USA.
Alvin  Young's Image
Arlington, Texas
Alvin Young
1926 1993
Alvin was born August 1, 1926, and died January 15, 1993. Alvin is buried in Cedar Hill Memorial Park in Arlington, Texas, USA.
Robert  Stanard's Image
Nanuet, New York
Robert Stanard
1937 1984
Robert was born September 6, 1937, and died May 27, 1984 in Congers, New York, USA. Robert is buried in Saint Anthonys Church Cemetery in Nanuet, New York, USA.
Charles  Huff's Image
Gadsden, Alabama
Charles Huff
1916 1960
Charles was born June 13, 1916 in Alabama, USA, and died October 23, 1960 in Gadsden, Alabama, USA. Charles is buried in Forrest Cemetery in Gadsden, Alabama, USA.
Neva  King's Image
Bellevue, Michigan
Neva King
1909 2001
Neva was born June 11, 1909 in Bellevue, Michigan, USA, and died August 24, 2001 in Marshall, Michigan, USA. Neva is buried in Bellevue Cemetery in Bellevue, Michigan, USA.
John  Linn's Image
Boise, Idaho
John Linn
1926 2005
John was born April 21, 1926, and died June 10, 2005. John is buried in Idaho State Veterans Cemetery in Boise, Idaho, USA.
Bernardino  Martinez's Image
Abilene, Texas
Bernardino Martinez
1930 2006
Bernardino was born May 20, 1930, and died December 12, 2006. Bernardino is buried in Abilene Municipal Cemetery in Abilene, Texas, USA.
Jack  Ramsdell's Image
Ponca City, Oklahoma
Jack Ramsdell
1922 2005
Jack was born May 14, 1922, and died October 16, 2005. Jack is buried in Resthaven Memorial Park in Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA.
Theodore r  Brooks's Image
Syracuse, New York
Theodore r Brooks
1912 1980
Theodore R was born in 1912, and died March 4, 1980. Theodore R is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Syracuse, New York, USA.
Monte  Kruse's Image
Okanogan, Washington
Monte Kruse
1939 1971
Monte was born in 1939, and died in 1971. Monte is buried in Okanogan City Cemetery in Okanogan, Washington, USA.
William  Sheldon's Image
Culpeper, Virginia
William Sheldon
1967 2015
William was born November 17, 1967 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, and died March 2, 2015 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. William is buried in Culpeper National Cemetery in Culpeper, Virginia, USA.
William Chris Brokman 's Image
Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County
William Chris Brokman
1951 1998
Herman  Harp's Image
Dallas, Texas
Herman Harp
1954 2017
Herman was born June 11, 1954, and died November 8, 2017 in Dallas, Texas, USA.
Lupe  Lopes's Image
Dixon, California
Lupe Lopes
1920 2003
Lupe was born April 10, 1920, and died November 20, 2003. Lupe is buried in Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, California, USA.
Sherill  Funderburk's Image
Larkin, Arkansas
Sherill Funderburk
1953 2009
Sherill was born December 1, 1953 in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, and died August 17, 2009 in Wiseman, Arkansas, USA. Sherill is buried in Old Philadelphia Cemetery in Larkin, Arkansas, USA.
Joseph  Cobb's Image
Hays, Kentucky
Joseph Cobb
1914 1984
Joseph was born October 11, 1914, and died December 26, 1984. Joseph is buried in Hays Cemetery in Hays, Kentucky, USA.
Marion  Harter's Image
Georgetown, South Carolina
Marion Harter
1924 1984
Marion was born March 2, 1924, and died December 2, 1984. Marion is buried in Pennyroyal Memorial Gardens in Georgetown, South Carolina, USA.
David  Hess's Image
Arlington, Virginia
David Hess
1960 2005
David was born July 15, 1960, and died November 24, 2005. David is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA.