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Barbara Jane K. Pawn's Image
Barbara Jane K. Pawn
Abigail  Stone's Image
Abigail Stone
Pearl  Carter's Image
Morrisville, Pennsylvania
Pearl Carter
1907 1997
Pearl was born June 1, 1907 in Artemas, Pennsylvania, USA, and died July 4, 1997 in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA. Pearl is buried in Morrisville Cemetery in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, USA.
Joni  Foster's Image
San Antonio, Texas
Joni Foster
1964 1979
Joni was born May 28, 1964, and died February 12, 1979. Joni is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Dana  Malone's Image
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Dana Malone
1972 2006
Dana was born November 19, 1972, and died July 9, 2006. Dana is buried in Saint Joseph Cemetery in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.
Aileen  Manty's Image
Paynesville, Michigan
Aileen Manty
1907 1997
Aileen was born November 22, 1907 in Trout Creek, Michigan, USA, and died January 22, 1997 in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. Aileen is buried in Paynesville Cemetery in Paynesville, Michigan, USA.
Julia  Yarbrough's Image
Irving, Texas
Julia Yarbrough
1991 1991
Julia was born July 13, 1991, and died July 13, 1991. Julia is buried in Oak Grove Memorial Gardens in Irving, Texas, USA.
Royce  Lillard's Image
Scottsdale, Arizona
Royce Lillard
1985 2021
Royce was born February 7, 1985, and died April 11, 2021 in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.
Laura  Pearson's Image
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Laura Pearson
1959 1977
Laura was born June 30, 1959 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, and died August 2, 1977 in Lima, Ohio, USA. Laura is buried in Highland Park Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.
Inez  Daugherty's Image
Binger, Oklahoma
Inez Daugherty
1912 1966
Inez was born January 21, 1912 in Arkansas, USA, and died January 29, 1966 in Binger, Oklahoma, USA. Inez is buried in Binger Cemetery in Binger, Oklahoma, USA.
Hazel  Harbour's Image
Barboursville, West Virginia
Hazel Harbour
1916 2006
Hazel was born April 18, 1916, and died August 13, 2006. Hazel is buried in White Chapel Memorial Gardens in Barboursville, West Virginia, USA.
Larry Steven Deese's Image
Simi Valley
Larry Steven Deese
1958 2021
Barbara  Chesnutt's Image
Barbara Chesnutt
1927 2021
Barbara Ann Chesnutt , 94, of Ladson, SC Thursday April 29. McAlister-Smith Funeral and Cremation - West Ashley.
Alexander  Lamb's Image
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Alexander Lamb
1883 1946
Alexander was born August 17, 1883 in Modena, Pennsylvania, USA, and died February 1, 1946 in Pennsylvania, USA. Alexander is buried in Saint Cecilia Cemetery in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA.
Billie  Yeomans's Image
Portland, Oregon
Billie Yeomans
1908 1996
Billie was born in 1908, and died in 1996. Billie is buried in Lincoln Memorial Park in Portland, Oregon, USA.
William  Easton's Image
Westlake Village, California
William Easton
1916 1996
William was born January 14, 1916 in Bedford, Indiana, USA, and died July 7, 1996 in Westlake Village, California, USA.
Nicole  Johnson's Image
Whitehall, Wisconsin
Nicole Johnson
1981 2018
Nicole was born April 27, 1981 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA, and died April 30, 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Nicole is buried in Old Whitehall Cemetery in Whitehall, Wisconsin, USA.
Mario  Breceda's Image
Riverside, California
Mario Breceda
1945 2021
Mario was born February 21, 1945, and died March 7, 2021. Mario is buried in Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, California, USA.
Elsie  Angle's Image
Dixon, Illinois
Elsie Angle
1883 1979
Elsie was born March 20, 1883 in Milledgeville, Illinois, USA, and died April 14, 1979 in Indiana, USA. Elsie is buried in Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens in Dixon, Illinois, USA.
David  Camden's Image
David Camden
1953 2009
David was born November 28, 1953, and died August 7, 2009 in Virginia, USA.
C.  Hippensteel's Image
Traverse City, Michigan
C. Hippensteel
1931 2001
C. was born June 6, 1931, and died June 14, 2001. C. is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
Pamela  Turner's Image
Pamela Turner
1975 2019
Pamela was born April 8, 1975 in Natchez, Mississippi, USA, and died May 13, 2019 in Baytown, Texas, USA. Pamela is buried in Rose Hill in Mississippi, USA.
David  Parker's Image
Weeks Settlement, Texas
David Parker
1959 1976
David was born June 13, 1959 in Texas, USA, and died June 17, 1976 in Texas, USA. David is buried in Weeks Chapel Cemetery in Weeks Settlement, Texas, USA.
Margaret S. O. Chang's Image
Margaret S. O. Chang
Nelson  Strong's Image
South Windsor, Connecticut
Nelson Strong
1926 1994
Nelson was born October 19, 1926 in South Windsor, Connecticut, USA, and died May 6, 1994 in South Windsor, Connecticut, USA. Nelson is buried in New Wapping Cemetery in South Windsor, Connecticut, USA.
Herman  Bailer's Image
Allegany, New York
Herman Bailer
1860 1938
Herman was born April 10, 1860 in New York, USA, and died April 9, 1938 in Olean, New York, USA. Herman is buried in Saint Bonaventure Cemetery in Allegany, New York, USA.
Veronica  Valente's Image
Berlin, New Jersey
Veronica Valente
1968 2019
Veronica was born in 1968, and died April 24, 2019. Veronica is buried in Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Berlin, New Jersey, USA.
Martha  Shell's Image
Ithaca, Ohio
Martha Shell
1924 2009
Martha was born June 10, 1924, and died September 4, 2009. Martha is buried in Ithaca Cemetery in Ithaca, Ohio, USA.
Crombie  Allen's Image
Ontario, California
Crombie Allen
1874 1946
Crombie was born in 1874, and died in 1946. Crombie is buried in Bellevue Memorial Park in Ontario, California, USA.
Mary  White's Image
Dallas, Texas
Mary White
1935 2021
WHITE, Mary Mack Crabb, beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and friend, went home peacefully to her LORD on April 21, 2021. Mary Mack grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, where she graduated from R. L. Paschal High School. She then attended Southern Methodist University, where she was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. Upon graduation, she spent time in elementary education, as a teacher in Denver, Colorado, and in Dallas, Texas. It was not long after college that she met the love of her life, Jon. Together, through nearly sixty years, Jon and Mary Mack enjoyed the company of each other, their family, their friends, and were avid travelers. She was an active member of Park Cities...
Barry Edward Brandt's Image
Las Vegas, Nevada
Barry Edward Brandt
1944 2021
Barry Edward Brandt was known and loved as 'The Bear.' To his granddaughters, he was 'Papooh.' Barry was born July 18, 1944, in St. Louis, MO. He passed away on April 24, 2021, in Las Vegas, NV, where he had resided since 1974, after relocating from Rialto, CA. He was preceded in death by his father, Berle E.Brandt, mother, Lucille G. Brandt, and brother Lee Brandt. He is survived by his wife, Sue Brandt; daughters Denette Suddeth, TeriLynn Brandt, and Tami Garcia; granddaughters Shelby Brandt, Karli Kochman, Haley Kallas, and Jordan Garcia; sister Donna Brandt; and son-in-laws Jeff Suddeth and Edmund Garcia. Barry was self-employed, before retirement, as the owner of AAA Lifttrucks and...
Michael  Hettinghouse's Image
Michael Hettinghouse
1961 2021
Michael G. Hettinghouse, 59, of Granger, passed away Thursday, April 29, 2021, in his home. Michael was born December 16, 1961 in South Bend. He grew up in South Bend and was a graduate of Lasalle High School. He attended Indiana University. Michael was the district manager for Belmont Beverage and was a loyal and hard-working employee for 35 years. He was an avid sports fan and enthusiast and could recite any sports stats. He enjoyed bowling on leagues. He also liked golfing. Michael married Mary Beth (Nix) Lang on June 25, 2000 and she survives. Also surviving are his mother, Janice E. (Van Nortwick) Hettinghouse; his father, Robert G. Hettinghouse; two step children, Michael...
Diana  Callahan's Image
Agawam, Massachusetts
Diana Callahan
1938 2002
Diana was born March 31, 1938, and died June 2, 2002. Diana is buried in Massachusetts Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Agawam, Massachusetts, USA.
Gail  Torok's Image
Lufkin, Texas
Gail Torok
1932 1985
Gail was born December 20, 1932 in Texas, USA, and died August 3, 1985 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Gail is buried in Garden of Memories Cemetery in Lufkin, Texas, USA.
Baby Boy  Boker's Image
Anacostia, District of Columbia
Baby Boy Boker
1934 1934
Baby Boy was born May 24, 1934 in District of Columbia, USA, and died May 24, 1934 in District of Columbia, USA. Baby Boy is buried in Elesavetgrad Cemetery in Anacostia, District of Columbia, USA.
John  Andrews's Image
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
John Andrews
1948 1996
John was born August 27, 1948, and died March 21, 1996. John is buried in Cumberland Valley Memorial Gardens in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA.
Florence  Eutsler Hunter's Image
Lamar, Colorado
Florence Eutsler Hunter
1876 1915
Florence was born October 1, 1876, and died December 12, 1915. Florence is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Lamar, Colorado, USA.
Clarice  Pollard's Image
Phoenix, Arizona
Clarice Pollard
1918 2007
Clarice was born August 1, 1918, and died December 24, 2007. Clarice is buried in National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Richard  Harman's Image
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Richard Harman
1968 1983
Richard was born in 1968, and died in 1983. Richard is buried in Greenlawn Memorial Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.
Linda  Harris's Image
Fort Myers, Florida
Linda Harris
1960 1988
Linda was born in 1960, and died in 1988. Linda is buried in Fort Myers Cemetery in Fort Myers, Florida, USA.