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Fredrick  Disque's Image
Westfield, New Jersey
Fredrick Disque
1915 2007
Fredrick was born December 26, 1915 in State College, Pennsylvania, USA, and died April 18, 2007 in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA. Fredrick is buried in Presbyterian Church Burial Grounds in Westfield, New Jersey, USA.
Drury  Raiford's Image
Little Rock, Arkansas
Drury Raiford
1916 NaN
Drury was born April 30, 1916, and died October 1976. Drury is buried in Roselawn Memorial Park in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.
Graceree  Brunelle's Image
Colton, California
Graceree Brunelle
1976 2016
Graceree was born July 28, 1976 in Walla Walla, Washington, USA, and died August 6, 2016 in California, USA. Graceree is buried in Montecito Memorial Park in Colton, California, USA.
Ola  Bolen's Image
Ola Bolen
1911 2003
Ola was born August 7, 1911, and died October 7, 2003. Ola is buried in McAlister Cemetery in Oklahoma, USA.
Laura  Harrelson's Image
Galivants Ferry, South Carolina
Laura Harrelson
1909 1978
Laura was born August 8, 1909, and died October 24, 1978. Laura is buried in Pisgah United Methodist Church Cemetery in Galivants Ferry, South Carolina, USA.
Arnold  Moreno's Image
Arnold Moreno
1970 1993
Arnold was born August 21, 1970, and died March 30, 1993. Arnold is buried in Pace-Stancil Memorial Rest Gardens in Texas, USA.
Edward  Emerick's Image
Gratis, Georgia
Edward Emerick
1942 2006
Edward was born April 12, 1942, and died November 30, 2006 in Monroe, Georgia, USA. Edward is buried in Center Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Gratis, Georgia, USA.
Robert Terry Bryant's Image
Robert Terry Bryant
1950 2021
Mr. Bryant was born May 26, 1950 and died March 28th in Longview. Viewing will be on Friday April 2nd at Turner Brothers Mortuary from 6-86pm. Services will be at 1 pm on Saturday at Pine Grove Baptist Church. Services entrusted to Turner Brothers Mortuary.
Fanny  Probst's Image
Fanny Probst
1923 2021
Fanny Probst, 97, of Niles, passed away at Lakeland Hospital in Niles on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. In Niles, Michigan the late Rosario and Nancy (Merlo) Molica welcomed their baby girl, Fanny on April 24, 1923. On April 4, 1942 at a ceremony in Niles, Michigan Harold and Fanny exchanged vows and became husband and wife and were able to celebrate a milestone of 69 years of marriage before his passing in 2011. After graduating from Niles High School in 1941, Fanny went on to work at Simplicity as a pattern folder. Fanny enjoyed time spent outdoors camping and fishing. She was a talented crafter who could make or create just about anything she set her eyes on. Fanny's faith carried her...
Haskell  Watson's Image
Boswell, Oklahoma
Haskell Watson
1931 1991
Haskell was born June 3, 1931, and died May 9, 1991. Haskell is buried in Restland Cemetery in Boswell, Oklahoma, USA.
David  Snook's Image
Grand River, Iowa
David Snook
1846 1920
David was born April 15, 1846 in Iowa, USA, and died April 16, 1920. David is buried in Grand River Cemetery in Grand River, Iowa, USA.
Errol  Storrs's Image
Quantico, Virginia
Errol Storrs
1943 2002
Errol was born January 24, 1943, and died April 1, 2002. Errol is buried in Quantico National Cemetery in Quantico, Virginia, USA.
Thomas  Reynolds's Image
San Antonio, Texas
Thomas Reynolds
1921 2000
Thomas was born January 2, 1921 in Mobile, Alabama, USA, and died July 30, 2000 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Thomas is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Janice Elaine Fryman's Image
Janice Elaine Fryman
1942 2021
Jan was born in Mitchell, South Dakota October 17, 1942 to Albert and Lois Campbell. The family moved to Tacoma, Washington while she was very young. She grew up in Tacoma and attended Lincoln High School. While in High School she was a member of the Pep Squad and Job's Daughters. She then relocated to Ojai, CA where she held several jobs including working as a seamstress at a garment factory and as an admitting clerk at Community Memorial Hospital. She soon obtained a Diploma from Sawyers Business School which enabled her to obtain employment at the NSMSES, Port Hueneme. She was assigned to The Secretarial Typing Pool as a GS-3 Clerk-Typist. As a result of her skills, hard work...
Thomas  Herring's Image
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Thomas Herring
1933 1977
Thomas was born May 8, 1933 in North Carolina, USA, and died February 18, 1977 in North Carolina, USA. Thomas is buried in Cross Creek Cemetery in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA.
Alicia  Preston's Image
Battle Mountain, Nevada
Alicia Preston
1981 2004
Alicia was born March 1, 1981 in Pomona, California, USA, and died August 22, 2004 in Nevada, USA. Alicia is buried in Battle Mountain City Cemetery in Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA.
Silvio  Lanzoni's Image
Arlington, Virginia
Silvio Lanzoni
1918 1960
Silvio was born December 19, 1918, and died January 15, 1960. Silvio is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA.
Naomi Owens Carr's Image
Naomi Owens Carr
1932 2021
Mrs. Carr was born May 23, 1932 and died March 28th in Longview. Viewing will be on Friday April 2nd at Turner Brothers Mortuary from 3-6pm. Services will be at 11 am on Saturday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Internment will follow at Crossroads Cemetery. Services entrusted to Turner Brothers Mortuary.
John  Antczak's Image
Niles, Illinois
John Antczak
1936 2014
John was born January 10, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and died December 28, 2014 in Kankakee, Illinois, USA. John is buried in Saint Adalbert Catholic Cemetery in Niles, Illinois, USA.
Kevin  Duffy's Image
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Kevin Duffy
Kevin died February 19, 2019 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA.
Alice  Riggs's Image
Brazoria, Texas
Alice Riggs
1901 1987
Alice was born February 20, 1901, and died February 15, 1987. Alice is buried in Brazoria Cemetery in Brazoria, Texas, USA.
Silas  Parobek's Image
Cranesville, Pennsylvania
Silas Parobek
1949 1969
Silas was born March 21, 1949, and died April 20, 1969 in Pleiku, Gia Lai, Vietnam. Silas is buried in Hope Cemetery in Cranesville, Pennsylvania, USA.
Ronald  Delos Santos, Sr.'s Image
Hilo, HI
Ronald Delos Santos, Sr.
Florence  Beyers - Arnold's Image
Marine City, Michigan
Florence Beyers - Arnold
1917 2003
Florence was born February 28, 1917 in Alpena, Michigan, USA, and died September 3, 2003 in Alpena, Michigan, USA. Florence is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Marine City, Michigan, USA.
Bertha  Ramsey's Image
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Bertha Ramsey
1914 2001
Bertha was born March 12, 1914, and died November 17, 2001. Bertha is buried in Laurelwood Cemetery in Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA.
Donford  Lancaster's Image
Montpelier, Indiana
Donford Lancaster
1924 2021
Donford was born August 11, 1924 in Indiana, USA, and died January 15, 2021 in Poneto, Indiana, USA. Donford is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Montpelier, Indiana, USA.
Edith  Byrket's Image
Seymour, Texas
Edith Byrket
1935 2020
Edith was born February 11, 1935 in Strong, Arkansas, USA, and died June 10, 2020 in Seymour, Texas, USA. Edith is buried in Masonic Cemetery in Seymour, Texas, USA.
Ellen  Blunk's Image
Orange, New Jersey
Ellen Blunk
1871 1954
Ellen was born in 1871, and died in 1954. Ellen is buried in Saint Johns Catholic Cemetery in Orange, New Jersey, USA.
Bonnie Newsome Waters's Image
Bonnie Newsome Waters
1938 2021
Mrs. Waters was born June 20, 1938 and died March 27th in Gilmer. Viewing will be on Friday April 2nd at Turner Brothers Mortuary from 3-6pm. Services will be at 2 pm on Saturday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Internment will follow at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery. Services entrusted to Turner Brothers Mortuary.
Harrison  McVaney's Image
Houston, Texas
Harrison McVaney
1937 2017
Harrison was born August 5, 1937, and died May 1, 2017. Harrison is buried in Houston National Cemetery in Houston, Texas, USA.
Arthur  Lucier's Image
Issaquah, Washington
Arthur Lucier
1902 1977
Arthur was born March 31, 1902 in Fargo, North Dakota, USA, and died January 31, 1977 in Issaquah, Washington, USA. Arthur is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Issaquah, Washington, USA.
Mary  Rutledge's Image
Winchester, Kentucky
Mary Rutledge
1875 1946
Mary was born in 1875, and died in 1946. Mary is buried in Winchester Cemetery in Winchester, Kentucky, USA.
John  Burdette's Image
Pendleton, South Carolina
John Burdette
1881 1973
John was born in 1881 in South Carolina, USA, and died December 31, 1973 in Anderson, South Carolina, USA. John is buried in Fants Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Pendleton, South Carolina, USA.
Arnulfo  Cardona's Image
Fort Collins, Colorado
Arnulfo Cardona
1951 1973
Arnulfo was born July 23, 1951, and died November 2, 1973. Arnulfo is buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
Nina  Sanders's Image
Bradner, Ohio
Nina Sanders
1890 1960
Nina was born in 1890, and died in 1960. Nina is buried in Bradner Cemetery in Bradner, Ohio, USA.
Lavinia  Cunha's Image
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lavinia Cunha
1876 1969
Lavinia was born April 20, 1876 in Rockport, Massachusetts, USA, and died May 26, 1969 in Acton, Massachusetts, USA. Lavinia is buried in Westview Cemetery in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA.
James  Smirz's Image
Chicago, Illinois
James Smirz
1907 1983
James was born October 10, 1907, and died January 7, 1983. James is buried in Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Winifred  Dobbins's Image
Battle Ground, Washington
Winifred Dobbins
1916 2006
Winifred was born April 12, 1916 in Vancouver, Washington, USA, and died January 19, 2006. Winifred is buried in Lewisville Cemetery in Battle Ground, Washington, USA.
Tillie  Deater's Image
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Tillie Deater
1870 1948
Tillie was born January 23, 1870 in Palmer, Massachusetts, USA, and died February 10, 1948 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA. Tillie is buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA.
Edmond  Smith's Image
Milford, Ohio
Edmond Smith
1908 1988
Edmond was born April 4, 1908, and died January 19, 1988. Edmond is buried in Graceland Memorial Gardens in Milford, Ohio, USA.