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ELLEN died in 2021.
Sherry  Neher-Kennedy's Image
Sherry Neher-Kennedy
Sherry died in 2021.
Roberta  Zieske's Image
Sunnyside, Washington
Roberta Zieske
1940 2017
Roberta was born June 11, 1940 in Helena, Montana, USA, and died May 10, 2017 in Sunnyside, Washington, USA.
Mildred  Barone's Image
Mildred Barone
Mildred died in 2021.
Sagamore  Stewart's Image
Sagamore Stewart
Sagamore died in 2021.
Norman  Robertson's Image
Medford, Massachusetts
Norman Robertson
1891 NaN
Norman was born in 1891 in USA, and died January 1959 in USA. Norman is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Medford, Massachusetts, USA.
Frieda  Pertman's Image
Reisterstown, Maryland
Frieda Pertman
1917 2017
Frieda was born August 20, 1917, and died February 15, 2017 in Maryland, USA. Frieda is buried in Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery in Reisterstown, Maryland, USA.
Stephen  Horton's Image
Stephen Horton
Stephen died in 2021.
Gerdt  Johnson's Image
Huron, South Dakota
Gerdt Johnson
1840 1923
Gerdt was born September 15, 1840 in Hanover, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany, and died November 7, 1923 in Highmore, South Dakota, USA. Gerdt is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Huron, South Dakota, USA.
Edna  Howard's Image
Edna Howard
Edna died in 2021.
Euphemia  Pengilley's Image
Belgian Gardens, Queensland
Euphemia Pengilley
1912 1976
Euphemia was born January 5, 1912, and died December 6, 1976. Euphemia is buried in Belgian Gardens Cemetery in Belgian Gardens, Queensland, Australia.
Maria  Westmoreland's Image
Maria Westmoreland
Maria died in 2021.
Peter  Hinders's Image
Allison, Iowa
Peter Hinders
1856 1934
Peter was born November 5, 1856 in Germany, and died November 26, 1934 in Iowa City, Iowa, USA. Peter is buried in Butler Center Cemetery in Allison, Iowa, USA.
Robert  Girard's Image
Robert Girard
Robert died in 2021.
Ralph  Tussing's Image
Ralph Tussing
Ralph died in 2021.
Ella  McDonald's Image
Bagdad, Florida
Ella McDonald
1894 1978
Ella was born January 23, 1894, and died March 3, 1978. Ella is buried in Bagdad Cemetery in Bagdad, Florida, USA.
Jeanne  Couture's Image
Jeanne Couture
Jeanne died in 2021.
Jimmie  Heston's Image
Jimmie Heston
Jimmie died in 2021.
Wayne  Cosgray's Image
Mesick, Michigan
Wayne Cosgray
1926 2009
Wayne was born May 10, 1926 in Stockbridge, Michigan, USA, and died May 18, 2009 in Grayling, Michigan, USA. Wayne is buried in Soper Cemetery in Mesick, Michigan, USA.
Gerard  Kasprzyk's Image
Cestohowa, Texas
Gerard Kasprzyk
1935 1966
Gerard was born March 21, 1935 in Cestohowa, Texas, USA, and died April 23, 1966 in Vietnam. Gerard is buried in Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cemetery in Cestohowa, Texas, USA.
Carl  McWhirter's Image
Carl McWhirter
Carl died in 2021.
Robin  PROWSE's Image
Robin died in 2021.
Barbara  Royle's Image
Barbara Royle
Barbara died in 2021.
Bobbie  Bergman's Image
Bobbie Bergman
1935 2002
Bobbie was born December 17, 1935, and died March 16, 2002.
Andrew  HOSKIN's Image
Andrew died in 2021.
Laura  Cameron's Image
Laura Cameron
Laura died in 2021.
Janie  Gaddy's Image
Janie Gaddy
Janie died in 2021.
Elizabeth  Gesuale's Image
Verona, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Gesuale
1931 2014
Elizabeth was born December 21, 1931 in USA, and died May 4, 2014 in Pennsylvania, USA. Elizabeth is buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Verona, Pennsylvania, USA.
Gussie  Smith's Image
Hamilton Township, New Jersey
Gussie Smith
Gussie died January 18, 1990. Gussie is buried in Workmen's Circle Branch 90 Cemetery in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, USA.
Mable  Coombs's Image
Mable Coombs
Mable died in 2021.
Bettye  Holt's Image
Bettye Holt
Bettye died in 2021.
Kenneth  Ray Sneed's Image
Kenneth Ray Sneed
Kenneth died in 2021.
Jack Eugene Van  Paris's Image
Jack Eugene Van Paris
1927 2021
Jack Eugene Van Paris, born on December 5, 1927, passed away on Monday, December 27, 2021 after a brief illness. More information can be found at
John  Littrell's Image
Van Alstyne, Texas
John Littrell
1923 1997
John was born March 11, 1923 in Texas, USA, and died June 30, 1997 in Celina, Texas, USA. John is buried in Van Alstyne Cemetery in Van Alstyne, Texas, USA.
Frances  Smith's Image
Virgil, Kansas
Frances Smith
1935 2019
Frances was born March 11, 1935 in Hamilton, Kansas, USA, and died January 5, 2019 in Wichita, Kansas, USA. Frances is buried in Virgil Cemetery in Virgil, Kansas, USA.
Frank  Gesuale's Image
Verona, Pennsylvania
Frank Gesuale
1897 1977
Frank was born May 20, 1897, and died June 16, 1977. Frank is buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Verona, Pennsylvania, USA.
Ricky  Thomas's Image
Sanford, North Carolina
Ricky Thomas
1948 1967
Ricky was born April 10, 1948 in Sanford, North Carolina, USA, and died May 26, 1967 in Durham, North Carolina, USA. Ricky is buried in Shallow Well Cemetery in Sanford, North Carolina, USA.
Robert  Montgomery's Image
Rockledge, Pennsylvania
Robert Montgomery
1842 1902
Robert was born in 1842, and died November 5, 1902. Robert is buried in Lawnview Cemetery in Rockledge, Pennsylvania, USA.
Mary  Hornung's Image
Mary Hornung
Mary died in 2021.
Raygen  Lyn Lipp's Image
Raygen Lyn Lipp
Raygen died in 2021.