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Melanie  De vere's Image
Manhattan, New York
Melanie De vere
1971 2001
Melanie was born March 15, 1971, in Plymouth, Devon, England, and died September 11, 2001, in Manhattan, New York, USA. Melanie is buried in the National September 11 Memorial in Manhattan, New York, USA.
Manuel  Cisneros's Image
Manuel Cisneros
Roy  Streckfus's Image
Burlington, Iowa
Roy Streckfus
1888 1967
Roy was born October 8, 1888 in Rock Island, Illinois, USA, and died October 11, 1967. Roy is buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery in Burlington, Iowa, USA.
David  Snow's Image
Jamestown, Kentucky
David Snow
1964 1986
David was born October 19, 1964, and died March 11, 1986. David is buried in Jamestown Cemetery in Jamestown, Kentucky, USA.
Susan  Nolan's Image
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Susan Nolan
1831 1913
Susan was born in 1831, and died in 1913. Susan is buried in Saint Johns Cemetery in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA.
Betty  Butler's Image
Dallas, Texas
Betty Butler
1948 2020
Betty was born February 29, 1948 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, and died August 12, 2020 in Mesquite, Texas, USA. Betty is buried in Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery in Dallas, Texas, USA.
Isabelle  Wells's Image
Huntington, West Virginia
Isabelle Wells
1874 1958
Isabelle was born June 17, 1874 in Virginia, USA, and died March 29, 1958 in Barboursville, West Virginia, USA. Isabelle is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery in Huntington, West Virginia, USA.
Fay  Townes's Image
Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
Fay Townes
1894 1981
Fay was born October 30, 1894, and died April 23, 1981. Fay is buried in Highland Cemetery in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, USA.
Effie  Hess's Image
Effie Hess
1931 2020
Clara  Fitzenreiter's Image
Clara Fitzenreiter
1888 1967
Clara was born November 17, 1888 in Bonaire, Georgia, USA, and died May 4, 1967 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. Clara is buried in Goos Cemetery in Louisiana, USA.
James  Motschall's Image
Detroit, Michigan
James Motschall
1917 2003
James was born October 26, 1917 in Michigan, USA, and died March 2, 2003 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA. James is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Sarah J.  Staton's Image
Sarah J. Staton
1941 2020
Staton, Sarah J., 78, of South Bend, died Wednesday; Palmer Funeral Home - Guisinger Chapel , South Bend
Martha  White's Image
Potosi, Missouri
Martha White
1865 NaN
Martha was born in 1865, and died November 1930. Martha is buried in Lost Creek Cemetery in Potosi, Missouri, USA.
Diane  Randle's Image
Peoria, Illinois
Diane Randle
1946 2008
Diane was born June 4, 1946, and died March 26, 2008. Diane is buried in Swan Lake Memory Gardens in Peoria, Illinois, USA.
Bertha  Brower's Image
Robbins, North Carolina
Bertha Brower
1903 1985
Bertha was born June 3, 1903 in North Carolina, USA, and died June 22, 1985 in Robbins, North Carolina, USA. Bertha is buried in New Zion AME Church Cemetery in Robbins, North Carolina, USA.
Kitty  Shonce's Image
Canton, Ohio
Kitty Shonce
1957 1993
Kitty was born September 30, 1957 in Salem, Ohio, USA, and died March 25, 1993 in Canton, Ohio, USA.
Renee  Bricksin's Image
Fremont, California
Renee Bricksin
1953 1965
Renee was born September 4, 1953, and died July 21, 1965. Renee is buried in Irvington Memorial Cemetery in Fremont, California, USA.
Marjorie  Widmer's Image
Richville, Minnesota
Marjorie Widmer
1938 2007
Marjorie was born September 30, 1938, and died September 24, 2007. Marjorie is buried in Richville Cemetery in Richville, Minnesota, USA.
Benjamin  Rocca's Image
Benjamin Rocca
Benjamin Richard Rocca, age 89, of Kennesaw, Georgia passed away Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Private Funeral Services will be held on Friday, October 2, 2020, 9:00 AM at Winkenhofer Pine Ridge Funeral Home in Kennesaw, Mass will follow at St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church, in Kennesaw, Georgia at 10:30 AM. He was affectionately known to all who knew him as "Ben'" or "Benny" passed at the age of 89. Originally from Buffalo, New York, he enlisted in the USMC and served during the Korean War and earned the National Defense Service Medal for honorable service along with his other service decorations. As of late, he was an avid 'Turner Classic Movie' buff, a passionate Atlanta...
Jane  Eves's Image
Conemaugh Township, Pennsylvania
Jane Eves
1920 2003
Jane was born May 22, 1920, and died November 20, 2003. Jane is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Conemaugh Township, Pennsylvania, USA.
Johnny  Long's Image
Tyson, Mississippi
Johnny Long
1883 1936
Johnny was born October 9, 1883, and died June 9, 1936. Johnny is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Tyson, Mississippi, USA.
Zahava  Feldman's Image
Fairview, New Jersey
Zahava Feldman
Zahava died October 21, 2005. Zahava is buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery in Fairview, New Jersey, USA.
Joyce  Beaman's Image
Lincoln, Nebraska
Joyce Beaman
1963 1975
Joyce was born February 10, 1963, and died March 2, 1975. Joyce is buried in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
Barbara  Jarvis's Image
Milan, Michigan
Barbara Jarvis
1937 2014
Barbara was born January 15, 1937 in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA, and died August 16, 2014 in Whittaker, Michigan, USA. Barbara is buried in Marble Park Cemetery in Milan, Michigan, USA.
Hank  Mudge's Image
Modesto, California
Hank Mudge
Hank died March 2, 2018 in Modesto, California, USA.
James  Morelock's Image
San Francisco, California
James Morelock
1921 1997
James was born October 11, 1921 in Tennessee, USA, and died January 15, 1997 in California, USA. James is buried in San Francisco National Cemetery in San Francisco, California, USA.
Penny  Burrous's Image
Pleasant View Township, Kansas
Penny Burrous
1961 1998
Penny was born February 5, 1961, and died January 13, 1998. Penny is buried in Crocker Cemetery in Pleasant View Township, Kansas, USA.
James  Mertlik's Image
Lincoln, Nebraska
James Mertlik
1938 2016
James was born October 12, 1938 in Fresno, California, USA, and died November 26, 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. James is buried in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
Jacquelyn  Weinstein's Image
Worcester, Pennsylvania
Jacquelyn Weinstein
1970 2006
Jacquelyn was born October 19, 1970 in Blossburg, Pennsylvania, USA, and died June 29, 2006 in Pennsylvania, USA. Jacquelyn is buried in Central Schwenkfelder Garden Of Memories in Worcester, Pennsylvania, USA.
Darrell  Zeeb's Image
Papillion, Nebraska
Darrell Zeeb
NaN 1957
Darrell was born January 1950 in Nebraska, USA, and died January 10, 1957 in Papillion, Nebraska, USA. Darrell is buried in Papillion Cemetery in Papillion, Nebraska, USA.
John  Francisco's Image
John Francisco
1930 2020
John Marklyn "Jack" Francisco, age 89, passed away at home in Anchorage, Alaska, surrounded by his beloved family on July 29, 2020. Jack was born at home on December 12, 1930 in Snohomish, Washington to John Clifford and Blanche Rose (Davidson) Francisco.<br>After graduating from Marysville High School, Jack joined the Navy and served in the Korean War aboard the USS Reclaimer ARS-42 as an engineman and gunner on a twin fifty receiving several Battle Stars and Citations.<br>In 1957 Jack's training in diesel mechanics, welding and electricity led to jobs on the gold dredges in Nyac, Alaska, and for various logging and fabrication companies in Washington. In 1964 with the help of a friend,...
Rose  Crosswhite's Image
Richmond, Virginia
Rose Crosswhite
1898 1969
Rose was born April 17, 1898 in Bluefield, Virginia, USA, and died November 15, 1969 in Virginia, USA. Rose is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery and Mausoleum in Richmond, Virginia, USA.
Mathias  Stich's Image
Elm Grove, Wisconsin
Mathias Stich
1907 1987
Mathias was born August 22, 1907, and died February 1, 1987. Mathias is buried in Saint Marys Visitation Cemetery in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, USA.
Wilmer Marcus McKay's Image
Wilmer Marcus McKay
1951 2020
Douglas  Winchester's Image
Minneapolis, Kansas
Douglas Winchester
1913 1936
Douglas was born August 8, 1913, and died August 24, 1936. Douglas is buried in Highland Cemetery in Minneapolis, Kansas, USA.
Otto  Schneider's Image
Tinton Falls, New Jersey
Otto Schneider
1911 1980
Otto was born in 1911, and died in 1980. Otto is buried in Monmouth Memorial Park in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA.
Charles  Biles's Image
Prairie Hill, Texas
Charles Biles
1950 2019
Charles was born March 27, 1950 in Waco, Texas, USA, and died October 27, 2019 in Waco, Texas, USA. Charles is buried in Prairie Hill Cemetery in Prairie Hill, Texas, USA.
Richard  Herrman's Image
San Diego, California
Richard Herrman
1929 2017
Richard was born December 14, 1929, and died June 30, 2017. Richard is buried in Miramar National Cemetery in San Diego, California, USA.
Carmen  Serrano's Image
North Arlington, New Jersey
Carmen Serrano
Carmen died November 1967. Carmen is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, New Jersey, USA.
Arnold  Hiermeier's Image
Pringle, South Dakota
Arnold Hiermeier
1912 1997
Arnold was born December 27, 1912, and died March 13, 1997. Arnold is buried in Pringle Cemetery in Pringle, South Dakota, USA.