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Marvin Sojot Quemado's Image
Waipahu, Hawaii
Marvin Sojot Quemado
Milton  Dunham's Image
New Berlin, Wisconsin
Milton Dunham
1911 1995
Milton was born in 1911, and died in 1995. Milton is buried in Highland Memorial Park in New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA.
Stanley  Senderak's Image
Michigan City, Indiana
Stanley Senderak
1921 1982
Stanley was born September 5, 1921 in Michigan City, Indiana, USA, and died March 12, 1982 in Michigan City, Indiana, USA. Stanley is buried in Saint Stanislaus Cemetery in Michigan City, Indiana, USA.
Francis K.Y. Dung's Image
Francis K.Y. Dung
Odilon  Chavez's Image
Corpus Christi, Texas
Odilon Chavez
1925 2010
Odilon was born May 24, 1925 in Michigan, USA, and died January 18, 2010 in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. Odilon is buried in Rose Hill Memorial Park in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.
Kathryn  Pratt's Image
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina
Kathryn Pratt
1922 2000
Kathryn was born August 31, 1922 in New York, New York, USA, and died April 5, 2000 in Bradenton, Florida, USA. Kathryn is buried in Blue Ridge Gardens of Memory Cemetery in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina, USA.
Hugh  Plunkett's Image
Des Plaines, Illinois
Hugh Plunkett
1901 1977
Hugh was born September 5, 1901 in Carnew, County Wicklow, Ireland, and died March 4, 1977 in Illinois, USA. Hugh is buried in All Saints Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA.
Arvo  Seppa's Image
Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Arvo Seppa
1918 2003
Arvo was born July 3, 1918 in Wakefield, Michigan, USA, and died October 23, 2003 in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, USA.
Catherine  Flynn's Image
Arlington, Virginia
Catherine Flynn
Catherine died November 21, 1948. Catherine is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA.
Sylvia H Sparkes's Image
Roswell, Georgia
Sylvia H Sparkes
1946 2020
Sylvia H Sparks died in Roswell, GA Arbor Terraces Assisted Living 8/27/20. Memorial Park FuneralHome
Janice  Flowers's Image
Janice Flowers
1951 2012
Janice was born June 7, 1951 in Tennessee, USA, and died June 19, 2012 in Livingston, Tennessee, USA. Janice is buried in McDonald Family Cemetery in Tennessee, USA.
Hilda  Teets's Image
Terra Alta, West Virginia
Hilda Teets
1916 1947
Hilda was born December 16, 1916 in Pennsylvania, USA, and died July 13, 1947 in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA. Hilda is buried in Terra Alta Cemetery in Terra Alta, West Virginia, USA.
Czarina M.K.L Spotkaeff Alicea's Image
Kapolei, HI
Czarina M.K.L Spotkaeff Alicea
Carrie  Vanhook's Image
Nashville, North Carolina
Carrie Vanhook
1896 1993
Carrie was born August 31, 1896, and died July 7, 1993. Carrie is buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Nashville, North Carolina, USA.
Otto  Hinsen's Image
Palisades, New York
Otto Hinsen
1875 1940
Otto was born in 1875, and died in 1940. Otto is buried in Palisades Cemetery in Palisades, New York, USA.
Raymond  Chesterfield's Image
East End, Saint Thomas
Raymond Chesterfield
1945 2015
Raymond was born January 22, 1945, and died February 11, 2015 in Florida, USA. Raymond is buried in Smith Bay Eastern Cemetery in East End, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.
Eugene  Clemens's Image
Wagner, South Dakota
Eugene Clemens
1915 1942
Eugene was born September 15, 1915, and died August 2, 1942. Eugene is buried in ZCBJ Cemetery in Wagner, South Dakota, USA.
Arthur  Levinson's Image
Glendale, California
Arthur Levinson
1909 1985
Arthur was born November 7, 1909, and died March 25, 1985. Arthur is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale) in Glendale, California, USA.
Janice  Billingsley's Image
Greenville, South Carolina
Janice Billingsley
1954 2010
Janice was born July 14, 1954 in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, and died August 29, 2010 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Janice is buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.
Barbara  Kramer's Image
Bowling Green
Barbara Kramer
Barbara J. Kramer, 84, of Bowling Green passed away Sunday, August 30, 2020 at The Medical Center of Bowling Green. The Hayward, Wisconsin native was a daughter of the late Verna and Christ Sando. In addition to her parents, she is preceded in death by one daughter, Kathy Turner; one sister, Karen Cook; two brothers, Jack and Bill Sando. Barbara was a member of St. James United Methodist Church. She was a homemaker and enjoyed her family, golfing and bowling. Visitation will be from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Friday, September 4 at Johnson Vaughn Phelps Funeral Home with Graveside to follow at 11:00 a.m. at Chapel Hill Cemetery. Barbara is survived by a daughter, Penny J. Sea; two sons,...
Luther  Brock's Image
Luther Brock
1945 2020
Betty Jo Rigdon Bullington's Image
Betty Jo Rigdon Bullington
1939 2020
Jimmy T. Kinslow's Image
Jimmy T. Kinslow
1959 2020
Leonard  Grabowski's Image
Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
Leonard Grabowski
1927 1994
Leonard was born March 16, 1927, and died November 27, 1994. Leonard is buried in Holy Trinity Catholic Church Cemetery in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, USA.
Randolph  Gantt's Image
Sherrills Ford, North Carolina
Randolph Gantt
1950 1969
Randolph was born February 26, 1950 in North Carolina, USA, and died August 25, 1969 in Hickory, North Carolina, USA. Randolph is buried in Hopewell United Methodist Church Cemetery in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina, USA.
Jeanette Sue Pearson Moser's Image
Jeanette Sue Pearson Moser
1956 2020
Jessie  Majors's Image
Blanchard, Louisiana
Jessie Majors
1889 1948
Jessie was born September 7, 1889 in Purdy, Missouri, USA, and died September 11, 1948 in Blanchard, Louisiana, USA. Jessie is buried in Blanchard Memorial Cemetery in Blanchard, Louisiana, USA.
Sheb  Bramlett's Image
Abilene, Texas
Sheb Bramlett
1924 2010
Sheb was born September 15, 1924, and died December 18, 2010. Sheb is buried in Texas State Veterans Cemetery at Abilene in Abilene, Texas, USA.
George  Harrison's Image
San Antonio, Texas
George Harrison
1947 2015
George was born August 3, 1947, and died November 11, 2015. George is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Maggie  Baulch's Image
Houston, Texas
Maggie Baulch
1928 2001
Maggie was born April 26, 1928 in Bertram, Texas, USA, and died August 3, 2001 in Houston, Texas, USA. Maggie is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Houston, Texas, USA.
John  Jenkins's Image
Paulding, Ohio
John Jenkins
1862 1947
John was born March 30, 1862 in USA, and died June 25, 1947 in Ohio, USA. John is buried in Live Oak Cemetery in Paulding, Ohio, USA.
Ruth  Klein's Image
Stockertown, Pennsylvania
Ruth Klein
1924 2009
Ruth was born September 10, 1924, and died March 10, 2009. Ruth is buried in Forks Cemetery in Stockertown, Pennsylvania, USA.
Brenda  Roquemore's Image
De Berry, Texas
Brenda Roquemore
1951 2018
Brenda was born August 31, 1951 in Texas, USA, and died in 2018. Brenda is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in De Berry, Texas, USA.
Virgelio "Bones" "L's" P.  Licoan's Image
Kikui Village Camp, Ookala
Virgelio "Bones" "L's" P. Licoan
David  Black's Image
Martins Mill, Texas
David Black
1863 1942
David was born July 5, 1863 in Georgia, USA, and died February 9, 1942 in Athens, Texas, USA. David is buried in Holly Springs Cemetery in Martins Mill, Texas, USA.
Arthur  Logan's Image
Altadena, California
Arthur Logan
1871 1944
Arthur was born November 5, 1871 in Oberlin, Ohio, USA, and died December 6, 1944 in California, USA. Arthur is buried in Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum in Altadena, California, USA.
Hazel  Bost's Image
Asheboro, North Carolina
Hazel Bost
1912 1979
Hazel was born February 17, 1912 in North Carolina, USA, and died January 21, 1979 in Asheboro, North Carolina, USA. Hazel is buried in Randolph Memorial Park in Asheboro, North Carolina, USA.
Clyde  Kerr's Image
Nixa, Missouri
Clyde Kerr
1890 1943
Clyde was born March 23, 1890, and died July 7, 1943. Clyde is buried in Delaware Cemetery in Nixa, Missouri, USA.
Rhoda  Darnell's Image
Winfield, Kansas
Rhoda Darnell
1918 1981
Rhoda was born April 15, 1918, and died March 29, 1981. Rhoda is buried in Highland Cemetery in Winfield, Kansas, USA.
Tess  Blackwelder's Image
Cincinnati, Ohio
Tess Blackwelder
2000 2007
Tess was born February 18, 2000, and died August 31, 2007. Tess is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.