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Frances  Davis's Image
Buena Vista, Virginia
Frances Davis
1910 1973
Frances was born June 17, 1910 in Virginia, USA, and died May 4, 1973 in Virginia, USA. Frances is buried in Green Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum in Buena Vista, Virginia, USA.
Alva  Yarchuska's Image
Martindale, Texas
Alva Yarchuska
1924 1996
Alva was born July 4, 1924, and died September 22, 1996. Alva is buried in Memory Lawn Memorial Park in Martindale, Texas, USA.
Nettie  Alford's Image
Foxworth, Mississippi
Nettie Alford
1909 1999
Nettie was born December 11, 1909, and died March 1, 1999. Nettie is buried in Foxworth Cemetery in Foxworth, Mississippi, USA.
Alrannus  Rowles's Image
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Alrannus Rowles
1985 2014
Alrannus was born February 18, 1985, and died December 14, 2014. Alrannus is buried in Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.
Patricia  Choby's Image
South Charleston, West Virginia
Patricia Choby
1943 1989
Patricia was born October 30, 1943, and died September 26, 1989 in Charleston, West Virginia, USA. Patricia is buried in Sunset Memorial Park in South Charleston, West Virginia, USA.
Laurie  Raynal's Image
Portland, Oregon
Laurie Raynal
1920 1990
Laurie was born January 26, 1920, and died March 18, 1990. Laurie is buried in Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Franklin  Farr's Image
Houston, Texas
Franklin Farr
1942 2018
Franklin was born June 5, 1942 in Abilene, Texas, USA, and died March 7, 2018 in Shenandoah, Texas, USA. Franklin is buried in Houston National Cemetery in Houston, Texas, USA.
Fanny  Taylor's Image
Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania
Fanny Taylor
1878 1969
Fanny was born in 1878, and died in 1969. Fanny is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania, USA.
Elizabeth  Graham's Image
Torresdale, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Graham
1882 1962
Elizabeth was born March 17, 1882 in Bedfordshire, England, and died March 17, 1962 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Elizabeth is buried in Saint Dominic Church Cemetery in Torresdale, Pennsylvania, USA.
Barbara  Van Diest's Image
Lake Elsinore, California
Barbara Van Diest
1943 1986
Barbara was born October 31, 1943 in California, USA, and died September 25, 1986 in California, USA. Barbara is buried in Elsinore Valley Cemetery in Lake Elsinore, California, USA.
Allie  Jacks's Image
Clanton, Alabama
Allie Jacks
1892 1956
Allie was born August 2, 1892 in Alabama, USA, and died June 29, 1956 in Clanton, Alabama, USA. Allie is buried in Mount Pisgah-Zion Ridge Cemetery in Clanton, Alabama, USA.
James  Montgomery's Image
Smyrna, Tennessee
James Montgomery
1936 2012
James was born October 26, 1936 in Decaturville, Tennessee, USA, and died December 12, 2012 in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, USA. James is buried in Mapleview Cemetery in Smyrna, Tennessee, USA.
Sara  Tidwell's Image
Nephi, Utah
Sara Tidwell
1989 2008
Sara was born May 9, 1989, and died March 29, 2008. Sara is buried in Nephi City Cemetery in Nephi, Utah, USA.
Brian  Brian's Image
Camden, Arkansas
Brian Brian
1948 2006
Brian was born March 15, 1948 in USA, and died October 21, 2006 in Baghdad, Iraq. Brian is buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery in Camden, Arkansas, USA.
David  Ovitt's Image
North River, New York
David Ovitt
NaN 1905
David was born September 1825 in Warrensburg, New York, USA, and died March 10, 1905 in North River, New York, USA. David is buried in North River Cemetery in North River, New York, USA.
John  Castner's Image
Mountain Grove, Missouri
John Castner
1915 1990
John was born July 26, 1915, and died February 16, 1990. John is buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Mountain Grove, Missouri, USA.
Louis  McGehee's Image
Summit, Mississippi
Louis McGehee
1875 1941
Louis was born January 28, 1875, and died June 2, 1941. Louis is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Summit, Mississippi, USA.
James  Honeywell's Image
Valliant, Oklahoma
James Honeywell
1954 1989
James was born August 5, 1954 in Tyler, Texas, USA, and died January 4, 1989 in Valliant, Oklahoma, USA. James is buried in Moran Cemetery in Valliant, Oklahoma, USA.
Kimberly  Jantzen's Image
Alamosa, Colorado
Kimberly Jantzen
1966 2016
Kimberly was born May 10, 1966 in Merced, California, USA, and died February 8, 2016 in Alamosa, Colorado, USA. Kimberly is buried in Alamosa Municipal Cemetery in Alamosa, Colorado, USA.
Dwane  Headrick's Image
Red Oak, Missouri
Dwane Headrick
1949 1998
Dwane was born March 7, 1949, and died January 26, 1998. Dwane is buried in Red Oak Cemetery in Red Oak, Missouri, USA.
Orville  Davis's Image
Elizabethton, Tennessee
Orville Davis
1932 1994
Orville was born April 22, 1932, and died October 27, 1994. Orville is buried in Ensor Cemetery in Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA.
Ann  Barnhill's Image
Wichita, Kansas
Ann Barnhill
1895 1988
Ann was born August 28, 1895 in Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, and died July 24, 1988 in Joplin, Missouri, USA. Ann is buried in Old Mission Cemetery in Wichita, Kansas, USA.
Iver  Sorbel's Image
Iver Sorbel
1873 1933
Iver was born May 18, 1873 in Gol, Buskerud fylke, Norway, and died December 13, 1933 in North Dakota, USA. Iver is buried in Fox Lake Cemetery in North Dakota, USA.
Nancy  Samuelson's Image
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Nancy Samuelson
1929 2018
Nancy was born November 13, 1929 in Salida, Colorado, USA, and died November 29, 2018 in Denver, Colorado, USA. Nancy is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA.
Thomas  Patton's Image
Ashland, Kentucky
Thomas Patton
1899 NaN
Thomas was born in 1899, and died November 1957. Thomas is buried in Ashland Cemetery in Ashland, Kentucky, USA.
Lynne  Emelio's Image
Winter Haven, Florida
Lynne Emelio
1932 1988
Lynne was born August 4, 1932 in Spencer, North Carolina, USA, and died November 5, 1988 in Winter Haven, Florida, USA. Lynne is buried in Lakeside Memorial Park in Winter Haven, Florida, USA.
Kayla  Cunningham's Image
Aberdeen, South Dakota
Kayla Cunningham
1992 2015
Kayla was born July 9, 1992 in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA, and died November 6, 2015 in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. Kayla is buried in Riverside Memorial Park in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA.
Robert  Bowers's Image
Cleveland, Ohio
Robert Bowers
Robert died April 8, 1967. Robert is buried in West Park Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Sabina  Pappas's Image
Chardon, Ohio
Sabina Pappas
Sabina died March 31, 1996. Sabina is buried in All Souls Cemetery in Chardon, Ohio, USA.
Larry  Bacon's Image
Kokomo, Indiana
Larry Bacon
1937 2012
Larry was born May 20, 1937 in Akron, Indiana, USA, and died February 8, 2012 in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Larry is buried in Twin Springs Cemetery in Kokomo, Indiana, USA.
Daryl  Brewer's Image
Millerton, Iowa
Daryl Brewer
1949 2000
Daryl was born November 6, 1949 in Iowa, USA, and died September 17, 2000 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. Daryl is buried in New York Cemetery in Millerton, Iowa, USA.
Larry  Rose's Image
Washburn, Missouri
Larry Rose
1946 1998
Larry was born February 5, 1946 in Missouri, USA, and died February 17, 1998. Larry is buried in Washburn Prairie Cemetery in Washburn, Missouri, USA.
Lana  Elledge's Image
Killeen, Texas
Lana Elledge
1959 2003
Lana was born August 9, 1959, and died August 28, 2003. Lana is buried in Killeen City Cemetery in Killeen, Texas, USA.
David L. Crocker, Jr.'s Image
Woodstock, VT
David L. Crocker, Jr.
David L. Crocker, Jr., 78, passed away May 26, 2020 at Lebanon Center Genesis in Lebanon, NH. A memorial service will be held at a later date. Ricker Funeral Home of Lebanon, NH is assisting his family.
John  Choate's Image
Hanna, Oklahoma
John Choate
1874 1937
John was born September 26, 1874 in Knoxville, Arkansas, USA, and died December 3, 1937 in Hanna, Oklahoma, USA. John is buried in Hanna Cemetery in Hanna, Oklahoma, USA.
Frances  Sarcoxie's Image
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Frances Sarcoxie
1873 1954
Frances was born November 21, 1873, and died March 22, 1954. Frances is buried in Silver Lake Cemetery in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA.
Dorothy  Conner's Image
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Dorothy Conner
1916 1997
Dorothy was born in 1916, and died in 1997. Dorothy is buried in Cedar Memorial Park in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.
Fe Dahilog Cenabre's Image
Honolulu, Hawaii
Fe Dahilog Cenabre
Neil  Hess's Image
Wrightsville, Pennsylvania
Neil Hess
1952 2016
Neil was born July 9, 1952 in Jamestown, New York, USA, and died November 4, 2016 in Pennsylvania, USA. Neil is buried in Wrightsville Cemetery in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, USA.
Zeus  Graham's Image
Shawnee, Kansas
Zeus Graham
1995 2003
Zeus was born July 3, 1995, and died September 6, 2003 in Columbus, Kansas, USA. Zeus is buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in Shawnee, Kansas, USA.