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Patrick  McCullough's Image
Arlington, Virginia
Patrick McCullough
1949 2018
Patrick was born August 16, 1949, and died September 3, 2018. Patrick is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA.
Colonel  Sailors's Image
Palisade, Nebraska
Colonel Sailors
1886 1952
Colonel was born September 14, 1886, and died June 14, 1952. Colonel is buried in Palisade Cemetery in Palisade, Nebraska, USA.
Catherine  George's Image
Strongstown, Pennsylvania
Catherine George
1916 2003
Catherine was born October 7, 1916, and died December 25, 2003 in Pennsylvania, USA. Catherine is buried in Pine Land Cemetery in Strongstown, Pennsylvania, USA.
Evelyn  Cody's Image
Pleasant Hill, Tennessee
Evelyn Cody
1925 2008
Evelyn was born June 23, 1925, and died December 26, 2008. Evelyn is buried in Smith Chapel Cemetery in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, USA.
Elbert  Cox's Image
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Elbert Cox
1942 1968
Elbert was born July 24, 1942 in Florence, South Carolina, USA, and died May 1, 1968 in Quảng Trị, Vietnam. Elbert is buried in Rosewood Memorial Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.
Ruby  Shilliday's Image
Palm Harbor, Florida
Ruby Shilliday
1913 1986
Ruby was born February 19, 1913, and died March 23, 1986. Ruby is buried in Curlew Hills Memory Gardens in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA.
George  Vasilakos's Image
Fishkill, New York
George Vasilakos
1927 2020
George was born August 15, 1927 in Sparta, Peloponnese, Greece, and died April 29, 2020 in Stony Brook, New York, USA. George is buried in Fishkill Rural Cemetery in Fishkill, New York, USA.
Gwendolyn  Reed's Image
Waco, Texas
Gwendolyn Reed
1923 2004
Gwendolyn was born February 7, 1923, and died July 7, 2004. Gwendolyn is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Waco, Texas, USA.
Polly  Howard's Image
Keith, Kentucky
Polly Howard
1956 2013
Polly was born October 2, 1956, and died August 25, 2013. Polly is buried in Resthaven Cemetery in Keith, Kentucky, USA.
Peter  Orzynski's Image
Niles, Illinois
Peter Orzynski
1896 1972
Peter was born January 9, 1896, and died August 2, 1972. Peter is buried in Saint Adalbert Catholic Cemetery in Niles, Illinois, USA.
Robert  Rawls's Image
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Robert Rawls
1944 2015
Robert was born August 17, 1944, and died December 16, 2015. Robert is buried in Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery in North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.
Lilly  Akridge's Image
Jeffersonville, Indiana
Lilly Akridge
1932 2004
Lilly was born September 21, 1932 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, and died September 4, 2004 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA. Lilly is buried in Walnut Ridge Cemetery in Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA.
Shirley  Woody's Image
Warden, Washington
Shirley Woody
1948 1989
Shirley was born in 1948 in Washington, USA, and died December 8, 1989 in Spanaway, Washington, USA. Shirley is buried in Sunset Memorial Gardens in Warden, Washington, USA.
Barbara  Spado's Image
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Barbara Spado
1953 2014
Barbara was born March 28, 1953, and died June 8, 2014. Barbara is buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Joyce  Tuck's Image
Joyce Tuck
1927 2016
Joyce was born April 12, 1927 in Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA, and died November 28, 2016 in California, USA.
Bruno  Mininni's Image
Arlington, Virginia
Bruno Mininni
1924 1965
Bruno was born July 4, 1924, and died October 31, 1965. Bruno is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA.
Benny  Hack's Image
Waco, Texas
Benny Hack
1945 1965
Benny was born July 8, 1945 in San Benito, Texas, USA, and died November 25, 1965 in Philippines. Benny is buried in Rosemound Cemetery in Waco, Texas, USA.
Linnea  Wisely's Image
Turlock, California
Linnea Wisely
1907 2007
Linnea was born August 13, 1907 in Anita, Pennsylvania, USA, and died March 19, 2007 in Manteca, California, USA. Linnea is buried in Turlock Memorial Park in Turlock, California, USA.
Franco  DiCaprio's Image
Madera, California
Franco DiCaprio
1944 2013
Franco was born March 2, 1944, and died August 15, 2013. Franco is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Madera, California, USA.
Jason  Murphy's Image
Littleton, Colorado
Jason Murphy
1984 2003
Jason was born August 30, 1984 in Hempstead, New York, USA, and died March 4, 2003 in Littleton, Colorado, USA. Jason is buried in Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens in Littleton, Colorado, USA.
Clarissa  Wallace's Image
Johnstown, New York
Clarissa Wallace
1974 2000
Clarissa was born October 8, 1974 in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, and died March 11, 2000 in Johnstown, New York, USA. Clarissa is buried in Ferndale Cemetery in Johnstown, New York, USA.
John  Orr's Image
Attoway, Virginia
John Orr
1937 2016
John was born November 17, 1937, and died March 16, 2016. John is buried in Attoway Cemetery in Attoway, Virginia, USA.
Matthew  Ranieri's Image
Brushton, New York
Matthew Ranieri
1964 2011
Matthew was born July 18, 1964 in Malone, New York, USA, and died September 2, 2011 in Brushton, New York, USA. Matthew is buried in Saint Marys Cemetery in Brushton, New York, USA.
Alma  Rodgers's Image
Dialville, Texas
Alma Rodgers
1914 2007
Alma was born January 23, 1914 in Texas, USA, and died February 25, 2007 in Texas, USA. Alma is buried in Providence Cemetery in Dialville, Texas, USA.
Margaret  Burden's Image
San Antonio, Texas
Margaret Burden
1922 1995
Margaret was born April 12, 1922, and died June 5, 1995. Margaret is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Louis  Schultz's Image
Fredonia, New York
Louis Schultz
1878 1969
Louis was born March 12, 1878, and died January 9, 1969. Louis is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Fredonia, New York, USA.
Mollie  Wood's Image
Waco, Texas
Mollie Wood
1921 2005
Mollie was born August 1, 1921, and died April 30, 2005. Mollie is buried in Rosemound Cemetery in Waco, Texas, USA.
Herman  George's Image
Strongstown, Pennsylvania
Herman George
1915 NaN
Herman was born March 23, 1915, and died August 1978 in Homer City, Pennsylvania, USA. Herman is buried in Pine Land Cemetery in Strongstown, Pennsylvania, USA.
James  McPherson's Image
Maquoketa, Iowa
James McPherson
1920 1942
James was born November 20, 1920 in Maquoketa, Iowa, USA, and died November 28, 1942 in Amarillo, Texas, USA. James is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Maquoketa, Iowa, USA.
Dean  George's Image
Strongstown, Pennsylvania
Dean George
1920 1996
Dean was born June 17, 1920, and died February 3, 1996. Dean is buried in Pine Land Cemetery in Strongstown, Pennsylvania, USA.
Raul  Rodriguez's Image
Ventura, California
Raul Rodriguez
1961 2017
Raul was born February 17, 1961, and died October 21, 2017. Raul is buried in Ivy Lawn Memorial Park in Ventura, California, USA.
Vernell  Jenkins's Image
Vernell Jenkins
1944 1966
Vernell was born June 5, 1944, and died September 21, 1966 in Pleiku, Gia Lai, Vietnam. Vernell is buried in Reeds Chapel Cemetery in Texas, USA.
Edwin  Johnson's Image
Denver, Colorado
Edwin Johnson
1918 2008
Edwin was born July 4, 1918, and died June 13, 2008. Edwin is buried in Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver, Colorado, USA.
Nancy  Pence's Image
Jasper, Indiana
Nancy Pence
1943 2016
Nancy was born September 18, 1943 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, and died December 31, 2016 in Jasper, Indiana, USA.
James  Thomas's Image
Raywick, Kentucky
James Thomas
1942 2012
James was born November 13, 1942 in Kentucky, USA, and died July 8, 2012 in Kentucky, USA. James is buried in Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Cemetery in Raywick, Kentucky, USA.
Caritha  Blake's Image
Fort Pierce, Florida
Caritha Blake
1913 1976
Caritha was born in 1913, and died in 1976. Caritha is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Fort Pierce, Florida, USA.
Glenn  Bailey's Image
Gretna, Louisiana
Glenn Bailey
Glenn died July 1, 1987. Glenn is buried in Westlawn Memorial Park and Mausoleum in Gretna, Louisiana, USA.
Danny  Rust's Image
Elkton, Kentucky
Danny Rust
1958 1982
Danny was born September 15, 1958, and died June 24, 1982. Danny is buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Elkton, Kentucky, USA.
Christopher  Heinich's Image
Patton Hill, Indiana
Christopher Heinich
1990 2003
Christopher was born February 17, 1990, and died June 4, 2003. Christopher is buried in Pattonville Cemetery in Patton Hill, Indiana, USA.
James  George's Image
Strongstown, Pennsylvania
James George
1917 1948
James was born February 11, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and died November 28, 1948 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA. James is buried in Pine Land Cemetery in Strongstown, Pennsylvania, USA.