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William  Curry's Image
Monett, Missouri
William Curry
1843 1928
William was born August 31, 1843 in Missouri, USA, and died July 30, 1928 in Monett, Missouri, USA.
Samuel  Calzada's Image
Gretna, Louisiana
Samuel Calzada
1905 1959
Samuel was born January 1905, and died September 30, 1959. Samuel is buried in Westlawn Memorial Park and Mausoleum in Gretna, Louisiana, USA.
LeRoy  Haberkorn's Image
Waupaca, Wisconsin
LeRoy Haberkorn
1912 1998
LeRoy was born April 27, 1912, and died August 16, 1998. LeRoy is buried in Lakeside Memorial Park in Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA.
Judith  Kamberg's Image
Hartford, Connecticut
Judith Kamberg
1945 2010
Judith was born June 19, 1945, and died February 25, 2010. Judith is buried in Wolkowysker Society Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
Rita  Chidsey's Image
Woodside, New York
Rita Chidsey
1917 1941
Rita was born June 15, 1917 in New York, USA, and died February 28, 1941 in New York, USA. Rita is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Woodside, New York, USA.
Virginia  White's Image
Bandytown, West Virginia
Virginia White
1963 1978
Virginia was born December 21, 1963, and died October 15, 1978 in Gordon, West Virginia, USA. Virginia is buried in Green Cemetery in Bandytown, West Virginia, USA.
Calvin  Brooks's Image
Loganville, Georgia
Calvin Brooks
1878 1971
Calvin was born April 1, 1878 in Georgia, USA, and died November 26, 1971 in Georgia, USA. Calvin is buried in Loganville Memorial Gardens in Loganville, Georgia, USA.
Catherine  Balestreri's Image
Colma, California
Catherine Balestreri
1920 1993
Catherine was born September 10, 1920 in San Francisco, California, USA, and died December 22, 1993 in Ojai, California, USA. Catherine is buried in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Colma, California, USA.
Jean  Adams's Image
Bakersfield, California
Jean Adams
1922 1989
Jean was born April 4, 1922, and died August 5, 1989. Jean is buried in Greenlawn Southwest Mortuary and Cemetery in Bakersfield, California, USA.
Ollie  Waugaman's Image
York, Kentucky
Ollie Waugaman
1885 1974
Ollie was born January 1, 1885 in Kentucky, USA, and died August 14, 1974 in Portsmouth, Ohio, USA. Ollie is buried in Eggers Big White Oak Cemetery in York, Kentucky, USA.
Jefferson  Phillips's Image
Council Hill, Oklahoma
Jefferson Phillips
1893 1930
Jefferson was born March 27, 1893 in Texas, USA, and died January 2, 1930 in Albion, Oklahoma, USA. Jefferson is buried in Council Hill Cemetery in Council Hill, Oklahoma, USA.
Rachel  Hicks's Image
Eldon, Missouri
Rachel Hicks
1862 1920
Rachel was born March 10, 1862 in Missouri, USA, and died February 17, 1920 in Missouri, USA. Rachel is buried in Salem Cemetery in Eldon, Missouri, USA.
Elizabeth  Curry's Image
Protem, Missouri
Elizabeth Curry
1832 1900
Elizabeth was born January 1832 in Missouri, USA, and died June 1, 1900. Elizabeth is buried in Protem Cemetery in Protem, Missouri, USA.
Florence  Stenger's Image
Oakland, California
Florence Stenger
1914 1959
Florence was born October 16, 1914 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, and died May 9, 1959 in Livermore, California, USA. Florence is buried in Home of Peace Cemetery in Oakland, California, USA.
John  Hicks's Image
West Point, Georgia
John Hicks
1970 2003
John was born December 13, 1970, and died November 12, 2003. John is buried in Marseilles Cemetery in West Point, Georgia, USA.
Thomas  Luzbetak's Image
Joliet, Illinois
Thomas Luzbetak
1926 1988
Thomas was born July 28, 1926, and died April 4, 1988. Thomas is buried in Saint Cyril and Methodius Cemetery in Joliet, Illinois, USA.
Jessie  Wood's Image
Sacramento, California
Jessie Wood
1910 1972
Jessie was born January 14, 1910 in Oakland, California, USA, and died August 16, 1972 in Sacramento, California, USA. Jessie is buried in Sacramento Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Sacramento, California, USA.
Tom  Tucker's Image
Baker City, Oregon
Tom Tucker
1945 1972
Tom was born in 1945, and died in 1972. Tom is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Baker City, Oregon, USA.
Joy Delight (Hodges) Capp's Image
Joy Delight (Hodges) Capp
1933 2020
Joy Capp was born on January 12, 1933, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Frank and Merle Hodges. She received her wonderful name because her parents, having been married for eleven years without children, were so delighted to finally have a child that her father named her Joy Delight. After graduating from Tulsa Central High School, Joy married Randall Capp in July 1951. They were married for nearly 68 years, until Randy's death last year. They lived in many places during their marriage including Minneapolis; Denver; New Jersey; Worcestershire, England; Los Angeles; and since 1985, Grand Junction. In addition to living in the United States and England, they also had the opportunity to travel to many...
Michael  McCormick's Image
Arvin, California
Michael McCormick
1924 2013
Michael was born March 9, 1924, and died April 12, 2013. Michael is buried in Bakersfield National Cemetery in Arvin, California, USA.
Reginald  McAllister's Image
Eden, Vermont
Reginald McAllister
1914 1968
Reginald was born in 1914, and died in 1968. Reginald is buried in Eden Cemetery in Eden, Vermont, USA.
Loren  Boersma's Image
Ruston, Louisiana
Loren Boersma
1932 2009
Loren was born July 22, 1932, and died March 27, 2009. Loren is buried in Kilpatrick’s Memorial Gardens in Ruston, Louisiana, USA.
Hurley  Trotter's Image
Asheboro, North Carolina
Hurley Trotter
1923 1988
Hurley was born June 17, 1923 in North Carolina, USA, and died October 1, 1988 in Asheboro, North Carolina, USA. Hurley is buried in Smyrna Grove Community Church Cemetery in Asheboro, North Carolina, USA.
Charles  Moxley's Image
Lawton, Oklahoma
Charles Moxley
1933 2016
Charles was born February 9, 1933 in Lawton, Oklahoma, USA, and died April 20, 2016 in Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. Charles is buried in Sunset Memorial Gardens in Lawton, Oklahoma, USA.
John  Barela's Image
Barstow, California
John Barela
1954 1983
John was born November 29, 1954 in California, USA, and died January 13, 1983 in California, USA. John is buried in Mountain View Memorial Park in Barstow, California, USA.
Jennifer  Tillard's Image
Douglas, Wyoming
Jennifer Tillard
1975 2003
Jennifer was born March 31, 1975 in Langdon, North Dakota, USA, and died August 10, 2003 in Wyoming, USA. Jennifer is buried in Douglas Park Cemetery in Douglas, Wyoming, USA.
Pauline  Bell's Image
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Pauline Bell
1939 2020
Pauline (Polly) Kay Bell, 81, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee entered into eternal rest on March 28, 2020 with her loving husband of 62 years David (Dave) Franklin Bell by her side. Polly was born on February 22, 1939 in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania to C. Harold and Estella Mae Glessner. Polly and Dave raised their six children in Des Plaines, Illinois where they resided for 32 years before moving to Phoenix, Arizona and most recently to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to be closer to family. Polly spent her working years with various busing companies, she started by transporting children to school and then moved onto aiding the elderly with their transportation needs up until she retired. Polly was...
Curtis  Hill's Image
Kittanning, Pennsylvania
Curtis Hill
1905 1974
Curtis was born July 14, 1905 in Pennsylvania, USA, and died June 5, 1974 in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, USA. Curtis is buried in Salem United Church of Christ Cemetery in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, USA.
Anthony  Amato's Image
Rock Island, Illinois
Anthony Amato
1929 2010
Anthony was born March 26, 1929 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, and died February 6, 2010 in Bettendorf, Iowa, USA. Anthony is buried in Rock Island National Cemetery in Rock Island, Illinois, USA.
Gary  Grabau's Image
Lemay, Missouri
Gary Grabau
1948 2009
Gary was born April 16, 1948, and died January 20, 2009. Gary is buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in Lemay, Missouri, USA.
Ruth  Travis's Image
Salem, Illinois
Ruth Travis
1921 2001
Ruth was born September 18, 1921 in Illinois, USA, and died July 10, 2001 in USA. Ruth is buried in Paradise Cemetery in Salem, Illinois, USA.
John  Watts's Image
Globe, Kansas
John Watts
1895 1990
John was born January 2, 1895, and died February 11, 1990. John is buried in Union Cemetery in Globe, Kansas, USA.
Bruce  Pankuch's Image
Middleburg Heights, Ohio
Bruce Pankuch
1946 1969
Bruce was born March 31, 1946, and died June 7, 1969. Bruce is buried in Woodvale Cemetery in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, USA.
Jeffrey  Harrod's Image
West Palm Beach, Florida
Jeffrey Harrod
1968 2010
Jeffrey was born June 6, 1968 in Miami, Florida, USA, and died October 13, 2010 in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.
Cordelia  Moyers's Image
Lakeview, Texas
Cordelia Moyers
1884 1976
Cordelia was born March 7, 1884, and died October 2, 1976. Cordelia is buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Lakeview, Texas, USA.
James  Solesbee's Image
Swannanoa, North Carolina
James Solesbee
1863 1929
James was born March 26, 1863 in North Carolina, USA, and died February 10, 1929 in Asheville, North Carolina, USA. James is buried in Piney Grove Cemetery in Swannanoa, North Carolina, USA.
Aileen  Yukie Teshima's Image
Kailua, Hawaii
Aileen Yukie Teshima
Susan  Grand's Image
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Susan Grand
1945 1983
Susan was born April 13, 1945, and died September 6, 1983. Susan is buried in Ahavath Sholom Cemetery in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA.
Agnes  McSwain's Image
Charlotte, North Carolina
Agnes McSwain
1897 1983
Agnes was born August 27, 1897 in North Carolina, USA, and died February 5, 1983 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Agnes is buried in Trinity United Methodist Church Cemetery in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
Mary Jane Bryson's Image
Mary Jane Bryson
Mary Jane Bryson, age 86, passed away peacefully at her home in Bartlett, Tennessee on March 30, 2020. She was born on August 16, 1933 in Burdette, Arkansas to Waddell and Laverne Bramlett. Mary Jane was a homemaker and member of Ellendale Church of Christ. She was an active supporter of numerous ministries, including those in Haiti and Ukraine. Mary was preceded in death by her brothers, Terry Bramlett and Boswell Bramlett and her husband of 55 years, Thomas Earl Bryson and daughter-in- law Margaret Bryson. She is survived by sons Charles (Kathy) and Dale, grandsons Luke, Sam, and Ben, many cousins and countless beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Plans for a Celebration of Life...