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Frank  Herrington's Image
Sweetwater, Texas
Frank Herrington
1938 2019
James  Caldwell's Image
Winter Park, Florida
James Caldwell
1908 1980
Harriet  Townsend's Image
Monterey, Massachusetts
Harriet Townsend
1827 1900
Glenn  Mick's Image
Glenn Mick
1905 1969
Elizabeth  Larkin's Image
Dallas, Texas
Elizabeth Larkin
1909 1997
Laura  Budd's Image
Parkton, North Carolina
Laura Budd
1936 1953
Allene  Hagan's Image
Cincinnati, Ohio
Allene Hagan
1931 2017
Reuben  Grady's Image
Decatur, Georgia
Reuben Grady
1952 2016
Alfred  Clayton's Image
Alfred Clayton
1892 1937
Willie  Walker's Image
Eldridge Hill, New Jersey
Willie Walker
1953 2009
Joseph  Walkowe's Image
Joseph Walkowe
1926 1970
Ned  Walsh's Image
Ned Walsh
1937 2019
Ned E. Walsh, Sr., formerly of Sweet Valley, PA passed into the hands of the Lord on Monday, July 29, 2019. Born March 21, 1937 in Flint Michigan, he was the son of the late William and Gladys (Finks) Walsh. He was preceded in death by brother Patrick Walsh, Brother-in-Law William Felsk and Nephew John Felsk; stepmother Barbara Walsh; stepsister and stepbrother Jane and Pete Ayotte. Ned went into the Air Force December 1956 serving at both Dover, DE and Red Rock, PA Air Force Bases. After his military service he settled in the Sweet Valley, PA area raising six children. He worked at various jobs before taking a security position on the Alaska Pipeline in Prudhoe Bay. Relocating to...
Emma  Wheeler's Image
Erie, Pennsylvania
Emma Wheeler
1888 1961
Gary  Brown's Image
Morgantown, West Virginia
Gary Brown
1945 2003
Lavern  Claude Van Vorst 's Image
Coshocton County, United States
Lavern Claude Van Vorst
1925 1982
Ronald Clark Malven's Image
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Ronald Clark Malven
1946 1989
He was the best activist ever known in the USA even when he was 16 years of age. Thank you honey and be sure that I keep the battle here in Canada ! You were my first and I don t want anybpdy else but you, you are irriplacebale ! Love you forever more and more ! Your sweetheart Benoit P.S. To Ron s family shame on you for everything you did and especially to have hidden what he had died of ! You always treated him like nothing until you discovered what he had been in life, the best engineer in avionics on earth ! Smoke it people and he didn t even treated you of member of his family because of what you made him to through when he was younger ! SHAME ON YOU ALL but for his nephew David...
Thomas  Kotecki's Image
Ballard, California
Thomas Kotecki
1938 2010
Amy  Glaze's Image
Amy Glaze
1969 2018
Wendell  Winfield's Image
Wendell Winfield
1926 2001
Richard  Nichols's Image
Bourne, Massachusetts
Richard Nichols
1944 2019
Louise  Taylor's Image
San Bernardino, California
Louise Taylor
1922 1997
Richard  Wilson's Image
Norfolk, Virginia
Richard Wilson
1963 2005
Roderick  Allen, jr.'s Image
Dallas, Texas
Roderick Allen, jr.
1997 2019
age 22, of Dallas, Tx, died 7/25/2019. Service: Fri 11 am @ New Covenant Christian Fellowship Church - 2025 West Wheatland Road Dallas, TX. 75232
Lillian  Wilson's Image
Price, Utah
Lillian Wilson
1914 1999
George  Anderson's Image
Weehawken, New Jersey
George Anderson
1862 1910
Harley  Cloys's Image
Harley Cloys
1903 1987
Darwin  Nelson's Image
McNeil, Texas
Darwin Nelson
1942 2017
Carl  Ard's Image
Jacksonville, Florida
Carl Ard
1931 1998
Phillip  Deforest's Image
Phillip Deforest
1968 1990
Stanley S. Namaye's Image
Hilo and formerly of Kaneohe
Stanley S. Namaye
Lillie  Lee's Image
Lillie Lee
1922 1986
Leanna  Keim's Image
Leanna Keim
1936 1998
Irvin  Benton's Image
Hartville, Missouri
Irvin Benton
1932 2005
Ricky  Hise's Image
Ricky Hise
1957 1976
Anne  Gemar's Image
Lincoln, Nebraska
Anne Gemar
1900 1967
Marcia  Vandenbosch's Image
Tuckerton, Pennsylvania
Marcia Vandenbosch
1958 2010
George  Davis's Image
Cleveland, Ohio
George Davis
1929 1962
Myrtle  Vernon's Image
Cambria, California
Myrtle Vernon
1881 1963
Inza  Rice's Image
West Des Moines, Iowa
Inza Rice
1903 1988
Virginia  Cole's Image
Virginia Cole
1891 1968