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Phyllis  Henderson's Image
Liverpool, New York
Phyllis Henderson
1942 1993
Frances  Quinn's Image
Saint Matthews, South Carolina
Frances Quinn
1948 2012
Dorothy  Gamble's Image
Ellejoy, Tennessee
Dorothy Gamble
1922 1990
Elvis  Hilj's Image
Naples, Florida
Elvis Hilj
1978 2009
Colin  Campbell's Image
Estes Park, Colorado
Colin Campbell
1935 2006
Beulah  Stafford's Image
Greenfield, Florida
Beulah Stafford
1898 1988
Matilda  Hammond's Image
Matilda Hammond
1890 1974
Paul  Lewis's Image
Crystal Springs, Mississippi
Paul Lewis
1923 1997
Hazel  Norton/Barber's Image
Arcadia, Florida
Hazel Norton/Barber
1924 1968
Thomas  Vanzandt's Image
Flippin, Arkansas
Thomas Vanzandt
1957 1975
Lloyd  Minaai's Image
Hilo, Hawaii
Lloyd Minaai
1948 2004
Emily  McKinney's Image
Alsace Manor, Pennsylvania
Emily McKinney
1916 2018
Shirley  Foskett's Image
Shirley Foskett
1923 1970
Robert  Venters's Image
Wilmington, North Carolina
Robert Venters
1928 2014
Ariel  Castro's Image
Orient, Ohio
Ariel Castro
1960 2013
Ariel was born July 10, 1960 in Yauco, Puerto Rico, USA; and died September 03, 2013 in Orient, Ohio, USA.
Anthony  DiRubba's Image
Eastchester, New York
Anthony DiRubba
1916 1979
Hattie  Reeder's Image
Charlotte, North Carolina
Hattie Reeder
1889 1951
Jorge  Lopez's Image
San Antonio, Texas
Jorge Lopez
1957 2010
William  Barrentine's Image
Key Hill, Alabama
William Barrentine
1853 1900
Peter  Foster's Image
Du Quoin, Illinois
Peter Foster
1840 1925
Alice  Merkling's Image
Nashville, Tennessee
Alice Merkling
1925 2002
Claude  Staton's Image
Martling, Alabama
Claude Staton
1925 2007
Hilda  Kind's Image
Lake Mills, Wisconsin
Hilda Kind
1913 1998
Clara  Lepore's Image
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Clara Lepore
1914 2000
Anna  Zanke's Image
Fairmont, Minnesota
Anna Zanke
1873 1970
Victor  Wiedeman's Image
Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Victor Wiedeman
1912 1974
Elaine  Ayers's Image
Florence, Texas
Elaine Ayers
1945 2004
John  Bello's Image
John Bello
1935 2014
Brian  Peterson's Image
Brian Peterson
1976 2015
Arthur  Patton's Image
Falls Creek, Pennsylvania
Arthur Patton
1914 1985
Paul  Everding's Image
Devils Lake, North Dakota
Paul Everding
1960 2002
Arthur  Patton's Image
Falls Creek, Pennsylvania
Arthur Patton
1914 1985
Arthur  Patton's Image
Falls Creek, Pennsylvania
Arthur Patton
1914 1985
Raymond  Hill's Image
Edwardsville, Ohio
Raymond Hill
1936 1987
Lyle  Beaviner's Image
Shelby Township, Michigan
Lyle Beaviner
1939 2013
Tom  Crace's Image
Wheel Rim, Kentucky
Tom Crace
Milton  Ranck's Image
Strasburg, Pennsylvania
Milton Ranck
1877 1968
Richard  Wilson's Image
Coldwater, Michigan
Richard Wilson
1960 2008
James  Holmes's Image
Opp, Alabama
James Holmes
1926 1991
Linda  Endorf's Image
Linda Endorf
1945 1976