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Donnie  Lewter's Image
Ardmore, Alabama
Donnie Lewter
1922 2002
Alphonse  Knipp's Image
Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Alphonse Knipp
1915 2004
Gerrow  Scharlow's Image
Westminster, California
Gerrow Scharlow
1949 1971
Andrew  Nuzzo's Image
Andrew Nuzzo
Heidi  Esping's Image
Portland, Oregon
Heidi Esping
1959 2011
Nicholas  Babbitt's Image
Bristol, Illinois
Nicholas Babbitt
1910 1999
Benjamin  Carr's Image
Greenup Township, Illinois
Benjamin Carr
1924 2000
Peter  Verrone's Image
Peter Verrone
1888 1967
Petra  Olivares's Image
Houston, Texas
Petra Olivares
1908 1986
Emma  Hansen's Image
Sherman, Texas
Emma Hansen
1930 2017
Charles  Forbes's Image
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Charles Forbes
1913 1980
Charles  Bell's Image
Arco, Idaho
Charles Bell
1888 1973
Lawrence  Sexton's Image
Van Nuys, California
Lawrence Sexton
1903 1980
Harry  Holland's Image
Syracuse, New York
Harry Holland
1946 1986
Kenneth  Salvi's Image
Troy, New York
Kenneth Salvi
1952 2006
Mary  Tranquada's Image
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Mary Tranquada
1928 1983
Tommie  Nichols's Image
Fort Worth, Texas
Tommie Nichols
1928 2011
Olivia  Garcia's Image
Rosenberg, Texas
Olivia Garcia
1935 2000
Irmgard  Mayer's Image
Watertown, Wisconsin
Irmgard Mayer
1910 1987
Herman  Kluge's Image
Springfield, Illinois
Herman Kluge
Herman was born May 24, 1900; and died November 03, 1989. Herman is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.
Mary  Zelem's Image
Monongahela, Pennsylvania
Mary Zelem
1903 1929
Samantha  Cipolla's Image
Des Plaines, Illinois
Samantha Cipolla
1988 2009
Nicola  Rosano's Image
Oyster Bay, New York
Nicola Rosano
1937 2014
Minnie  Morris's Image
Bremen, Indiana
Minnie Morris
1901 1985
Fred  Shampang's Image
Fred Shampang
1881 1958
Joseph  Carbone's Image
Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Joseph Carbone
1939 2018
Arthur  Lehr's Image
Bremen, Indiana
Arthur Lehr
1890 1972
Joan  Roehl's Image
Simpsonville, South Carolina
Joan Roehl
1934 2010
Samuel  Scribner's Image
Union City, Tennessee
Samuel Scribner
1934 2013
Sheila  Mauro's Image
Wilson, Kansas
Sheila Mauro
1950 2009
Joe  Smith's Image
Joe Smith
1911 1985
John  Tissaw's Image
Boulder City, Nevada
John Tissaw
1921 2007
Eliner  Lehr's Image
Bremen, Indiana
Eliner Lehr
1922 1991
Henry  Vandervoort's Image
Henry Vandervoort
1877 1961
Adam  Tavens's Image
Solon, Ohio
Adam Tavens
1963 1995
Mary  Ellis's Image
Dyersburg, Tennessee
Mary Ellis
1915 2008
Aldo  Tos's Image
Hawthorne, New York
Aldo Tos
Charles  Van Dyke's Image
Marengo, Ohio
Charles Van Dyke
1923 2000
Lucille  Keathley's Image
Allen City, Kentucky
Lucille Keathley
1922 2010
Amalia  Lunz's Image
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Amalia Lunz
1900 1913