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Augustus  Ellison's Image
Pawhuska, Oklahoma
Augustus Ellison
1912 1943
Catherine  Rivers's Image
Watertown, New York
Catherine Rivers
1901 1919
Bueford  Condon's Image
San Bernardino, California
Bueford Condon
Bueford was born June 12, 1914 in Illinois, USA; and died September 16, 1961 in San Bernardino, California, USA. Bueford is buried in Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California.
Marizona  Robinson's Image
Brentwood, Tennessee
Marizona Robinson
Debbie  Bercume's Image
Sun City, Arizona
Debbie Bercume
1963 2014
Clara  Palmquist's Image
Nicollet County, United States
Clara Palmquist
1895 1940
Sarah  Hesser's Image
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Sarah Hesser
1840 1927
Mayme  Liming's Image
San Antonio, Texas
Mayme Liming
1894 1981
Patrick  Guarisco's Image
New Orleans, Louisiana
Patrick Guarisco
1960 1994
Samuel  Graves's Image
Bartlett, Kansas
Samuel Graves
1843 1918
Hermie  Smith's Image
Goodwater, Alabama
Hermie Smith
1923 2004
Tommy  Thompson's Image
San Bernardino, California
Tommy Thompson
1939 2012
Mary  House's Image
Mount Vernon, Ohio
Mary House
1936 1979
Phillip  Thompson's Image
San Bernardino, California
Phillip Thompson
1944 1998
Herman  Williams's Image
Spring Garden, Illinois
Herman Williams
1906 1980
Pearlette   Carr's Image
Pinellas Park, Florida
Pearlette Carr
1929 2016
Johan "Arvid" Johnson's Image
Dalarna County
Johan "Arvid" Johnson
1885 1949
AnnMarie  Girouard's Image
Worcester, Massachusetts
AnnMarie Girouard
1955 2001
Ildiko  Balatoni's Image
Ildiko Balatoni
1949 2003
Grace  Rausch's Image
Grace Rausch
2012 2012
Edith  Elsass's Image
Edith Elsass
1887 1964
Alex  Carlson's Image
Ellison Bay, Wisconsin
Alex Carlson
1877 1956
Michael  keckler's Image
Rochelle, Illinois
Michael keckler
1958 2015
Patsy  Jennings's Image
Monticello, Indiana
Patsy Jennings
1936 2014
Adele  Fens's Image
Centralia, Iowa
Adele Fens
1916 1984
Marjorie  Thompson's Image
Negaunee, Michigan
Marjorie Thompson
1931 1986
Patricia  Lea's Image
Patricia Lea
1936 1971
Everett  Carter's Image
Loveland, Iowa
Everett Carter
1944 2007
Robert  McCarthy's Image
Peabody, Massachusetts
Robert McCarthy
1926 2017
Julie  Pullian's Image
Julie Pullian
1868 1907
Douglas  Tew's Image
Bristol, Connecticut
Douglas Tew
1947 2014
Christena  Burkey's Image
Delta, Ohio
Christena Burkey
1958 1971
Lacy  Trotter's Image
Lacy Trotter
1912 1988
Linda  Schreffler's Image
Hartville, Ohio
Linda Schreffler
1943 1991
Linda was born in 1943; and died in 1991. Linda is buried in Mount Peace Cemetery in Hartville, Ohio.
Raymond  Niebrugge's Image
Riverside, California
Raymond Niebrugge
1929 1990
Agnes Mabel Constance  Olson's Image
New Sweden, Nicollet County
Agnes Mabel Constance Olson
1895 1961
William  Adamson's Image
Dallas, Texas
William Adamson
1864 1935
Kathryn  Hodge's Image
Kathryn Hodge
1861 1930
Denton  Crocker's Image
Saratoga, New York
Denton Crocker
1919 2012
Earl  Lopez's Image
Bushnell, Florida
Earl Lopez