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Elizabeth  Dewing's Image
Sheldon, Illinois
Elizabeth Dewing
1868 1922
Nicola  Pilla's Image
Saint Louis, Missouri
Nicola Pilla
1888 1956
Lloyd  Smith's Image
Mohawk, New York
Lloyd Smith
1889 1969
Don  Lahrman's Image
Melbourne, Florida
Don Lahrman
1957 1996
Christina  Benavides's Image
Christina Benavides
1955 1969
Loye  Jackson's Image
Bonham, Texas
Loye Jackson
1903 1984
Ricky  Delo's Image
Loyal, Wisconsin
Ricky Delo
1960 1995
Joshua  Curry's Image
Elrod, Alabama
Joshua Curry
1982 2017
Dorothy  Myers's Image
Enid, Oklahoma
Dorothy Myers
1926 2012
Marion  Wyman's Image
North Billerica, Massachusetts
Marion Wyman
1918 1993
Natalie  Harris's Image
Natalie Harris
1968 2019
Allysha  Castaneda's Image
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Allysha Castaneda
1992 2011
John  Vaughan's Image
Springfield, Oregon
John Vaughan
John was born June 26, 1886; and died December 10, 1936. John is buried in Mount Vernon Pioneer Cemetery in Springfield, Oregon.
Barbara  Schulte's Image
Botkins, Ohio
Barbara Schulte
1854 1944
Norman  Dike's Image
Lausanne, Vaud
Norman Dike
1918 1989
Clarence  Ash's Image
West Union, West Virginia
Clarence Ash
1895 1968
Cheryl  Brosch's Image
Houston, Texas
Cheryl Brosch
1965 2002
John  Brazil's Image
East Farmingdale, New York
John Brazil
1946 1981
Dean  Voissem's Image
Sylmar, California
Dean Voissem
1942 1997
Joe  Codner's Image
Salida, Colorado
Joe Codner
1975 1975
Michael  Koons's Image
Michael Koons
1947 1967
Sophia  Muszynski's Image
Forked River, New Jersey
Sophia Muszynski
1916 1977
Susan  Hilton's Image
Marinette, Wisconsin
Susan Hilton
1951 2013
Antonius  Brechtel's Image
Antonius Brechtel
1841 1923
S  Gutierrez's Image
Shoreline, Washington
S Gutierrez
1921 2014
Curtis  Cates's Image
Curtis Cates
1931 1994
Adolph  Altenburg's Image
Harvard, Illinois
Adolph Altenburg
1896 1996
Alice  McKeown's Image
Montevideo, Minnesota
Alice McKeown
1926 2011
Verna  Bishop's Image
Dallas, Texas
Verna Bishop
1897 1975
Auren  Muir's Image
Peoria, Illinois
Auren Muir
1913 1997
Steven  Jones's Image
Steven Jones
1957 2019
STEVEN MATTHEW JONES, Ph.D. Steven Matthew Jones, 61, died January 2, 2019 while visiting his family in Wales, United Kingdom. A private family service was held on February 4, 2019 at Emstrey Crematorium, in Shrewsbury, U.K. Funeral arrangements were with Jackson and Sons in Llanfyllin. A memorial service will be held in Anchorage on March 7th. Born March 24, 1957 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England to Inez and Alan Jones, Steve spent his formative years in Stoke at St. Joseph's School. He graduated with a BSc degree in Geology from Nottingham University in 1983 and traveled to the US to attend University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas for graduate school. He earned a Doctorate in...
Zuheily  Rosado's Image
Palm Coast, Florida
Zuheily Rosado
1980 2013
Dudley  Newton's Image
Ketchum, Oklahoma
Dudley Newton
1881 1919
Alice  Kellogg's Image
Bedford, New York
Alice Kellogg
1893 1979
Vera  Charlotte Hanegan McIntyre's Image
Carmichael, California
Vera Charlotte Hanegan McIntyre
1917 2018
Lee  Phillips's Image
Kleberg, Texas
Lee Phillips
1925 1979
Caleb  Brown's Image
May, Texas
Caleb Brown
1996 2018
Levinah  Prince's Image
Busseyville, Kentucky
Levinah Prince
1820 1900
Carl  Wood's Image
Carl Wood
1925 1997
George  Gummel's Image
Washington, District Of Columbia
George Gummel
1917 1937