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Walter  Smith's Image
Dayton, Ohio
Walter Smith
1926 2002
Kenneth  Baker's Image
Canton, Georgia
Kenneth Baker
1946 2014
Shirley  Gross's Image
Los Angeles, California
Shirley Gross
1920 2001
Jeremy  Mims's Image
Camden, Alabama
Jeremy Mims
1983 2003
Cecilia  Bowen's Image
Linton, Indiana
Cecilia Bowen
1921 2000
Abe  Monteleone's Image
San Bernardino, California
Abe Monteleone
1924 1979
Earl  Jones's Image
Lubbock, Texas
Earl Jones
1930 2004
Stephen  Edward Brigham, Sr's Image
Stephen Edward Brigham, Sr
1944 2019
Stephen Edward Brigham, Sr, 75, of Bremerton, WA, passed away on November 28, 2019. Born on November 13, 1944 to Jesse C. and Hazel E. (Helgren) Brigham in Bremerton, Stephen first met Carol Hornbeck as neighborhood kids. He would later marry Carol on March 9, 1963. Stephen worked as a rigger at PSNS for 4 years and then transferred to Keyport, working there until retiring in 1996. When he was younger he enjoyed riding his Harley motorcycle, gardening, and spending time with his grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his parents. Stephen's memory will live on with loving wife of 56 years, Carol; son, Stephen, Jr.; daughters, Terresa (Everett) and Rebecca; sister, Brenda; 4...
Vincencia  Seger's Image
Newstead, New York
Vincencia Seger
1923 1988
Lori  Abner's Image
Lori Abner
1961 2018
Bruce  Stark's Image
Drexel, Missouri
Bruce Stark
1930 2019
Kimberly  Carlson's Image
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Kimberly Carlson
1992 2008
Magdalene  McGill's Image
Norfolk, Virginia
Magdalene McGill
1938 2011
William  Ocariz's Image
Miami, Florida
William Ocariz
1963 2012
Robert  Comer's Image
Sayre, Pennsylvania
Robert Comer
1872 1932
Duane  Eslinger's Image
Boyd, Wisconsin
Duane Eslinger
1938 2006
Isaac  Cantrell's Image
Keltonburg, Tennessee
Isaac Cantrell
1847 1905
David  Vincent's Image
Moscow, Pennsylvania
David Vincent
1959 2003
Elizabeth  Bingham's Image
Gastonia, North Carolina
Elizabeth Bingham
1944 2012
Agnes  Plunkett's Image
Muskogee, Oklahoma
Agnes Plunkett
1917 1991
Dewey  Reynolds's Image
Huntsville, Arkansas
Dewey Reynolds
1917 1995
Millene  Kinney's Image
Greenwood, Mississippi
Millene Kinney
1921 2007
Dorothy  Long's Image
Dorothy Long
1920 1963
Dorothy was born May 30, 1920 in Oak Park, Illinois, USA; and died September 00, 1963 in Illinois, USA. Dorothy is buried in Irving Park Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois.
Ray  Minton's Image
Ray Minton
1912 1978
William  James's Image
William James
1903 1981
Vincent  Spinelli's Image
Fleming, New York
Vincent Spinelli
Kenneth  Adamson's Image
Augusta, Michigan
Kenneth Adamson
1936 1994
Solomon  Boggan's Image
Bolling, Alabama
Solomon Boggan
1859 1922
William  Daddio's Image
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
William Daddio
1947 2017
Patrick  Keve's Image
White Plains, New York
Patrick Keve
1964 1987
Donald  McCaughan's Image
Napa, California
Donald McCaughan
1920 2012
Jerome  Dennis's Image
Dalzell, South Carolina
Jerome Dennis
1978 2012
Jennie  Martin's Image
Port Angeles, Washington
Jennie Martin
1872 1918
Allen  Bowsher's Image
Clinton, Missouri
Allen Bowsher
1899 1956
Dean  Springstube's Image
San Diego, California
Dean Springstube
2005 2006
Grace  Campos's Image
Sacramento, California
Grace Campos
1943 1982
Grace  Underwood's Image
Marianna, Arkansas
Grace Underwood
1918 1992
Martin  Skaggs's Image
Martin Skaggs
1842 1927
Jeremy Ray  Haley's Image
Hardin, Kentucky
Jeremy Ray Haley
1987 2009
Sallie  Hicks's Image
Etta, Mississippi
Sallie Hicks
1909 1988