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Luther  Hand's Image
Luther Hand
1924 2018
Christina  Messick's Image
Christina Messick
1989 2000
Charles  Theis's Image
Charles Theis
1938 2004
James  Riggs's Image
James Riggs
1936 2009
Elizabeth  Zuczek's Image
Elizabeth Zuczek
Elizabeth was born April 08, 1947; and died March 13, 2006. Elizabeth is buried in Newtown Cemetery in Newtown, Pennsylvania.
Bernard  Dion's Image
Bernard Dion
1923 2009
Alton  Pease's Image
Alton Pease
1941 2010
Virginia  Janca's Image
Virginia Janca
1921 2018
Mary  Mondala's Image
Mary Mondala
1944 2018
Hershell  Kinnaird's Image
Hershell Kinnaird
1957 2005
Vera  Harrington's Image
Vera Harrington
1933 2015
Lisa  James's Image
Lisa James
1969 2018
Violet  Harmon's Image
Violet Harmon
1915 2008
John  Hammack's Image
John Hammack
1926 2017
Robert  Hummer's Image
Robert Hummer
1925 2012
Martin  Jevicky's Image
Martin Jevicky
1961 2007
Kevin  Vendal's Image
Kevin Vendal
1972 2008
David  Durtschi's Image
David Durtschi
1953 2005
Karl  Butikofer's Image
Karl Butikofer
1957 2001
Collier  Gladin's Image
Collier Gladin
1931 2005
Earl Jacob Burton's Image
Glendale, California
Earl Jacob Burton
1917 1992
Mariano  Maldonado's Image
Mariano Maldonado
1959 2018
Jack  Werber's Image
Jack Werber
1931 2000
Tony  Heathcote's Image
Tony Heathcote
1974 2001
Jewell  Faulstich's Image
Jewell Faulstich
1925 2016
Catherine  Mueller's Image
Catherine Mueller
1937 2011
Jamie  Holaus's Image
Jamie Holaus
1990 2017
Carolyn  McIntire's Image
Carolyn McIntire
1936 2001
Patricia  Pakulis's Image
Patricia Pakulis
1932 2000
Elsie  Romero's Image
Elsie Romero
1922 2013
James  Branum's Image
James Branum
1936 2014
Mabel  Johns's Image
Mabel Johns
1931 2018
Jane  Ettesvold's Image
Jane Ettesvold
1912 2005
Leo  Shortino's Image
Leo Shortino
1917 2004
Esther Josephine Omodt's Image
Rochester MN
Esther Josephine Omodt
1931 2018
Esther Josephine Omodt passed away peacefully in her home in Rochester, Minnesota on October 28, 2018 after a short illness. She went to heaven surrounded by her family. Esther was born in Caledonia, Minnesota to Carl and Mary Laumb. She attended high school in Caledonia, and eventually moved to Rochester after marrying her husband, Raymond Omodt in 1952. Together they enjoyed square dancing and going out to dinner with friends and relatives. Esther sang in the Sweet Adeline musical group for many years. While working as a legal secretary in Rochester, she attended the University of Minnesota, and received her Master of Education in Adult Education degree in June of 1996. She taught...
Larry  Moore's Image
Larry Moore
1968 2008
Mary  Phillips's Image
Mary Phillips
1914 2008
Vincent  Ardizzone's Image
Vincent Ardizzone
1965 2005
Vernon  Smythe's Image
Vernon Smythe
1953 2008
Donna  Fry's Image
Donna Fry
1945 2016