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Stanley  Zaborney's Image
Posen, Michigan
Stanley Zaborney
1929 2017
Jason  Brandt's Image
Jason Brandt
1977 1999
John  Clarin's Image
John Clarin
John  Van Meter's Image
Warren, Ohio
John Van Meter
1927 2011
Peter  Rodger's Image
Falcon Lake, Manitoba
Peter Rodger
1915 1970
George  Exoo's Image
Beckley, West Virginia
George Exoo
1942 2015
David  Blunt's Image
Alamogordo, New Mexico
David Blunt
Ella  Pelfrey's Image
Rome, Georgia
Ella Pelfrey
1902 1990
Emily  Spurney's Image
Emily Spurney
1897 1985
Anna  Meixner's Image
Windsor, Wisconsin
Anna Meixner
1898 1981
Marilyn  Hassett's Image
Des Moines, Iowa
Marilyn Hassett
1937 1979
Florence  Cowie's Image
Florence Cowie
1886 1967
Jane  Kolter's Image
Lima, Ohio
Jane Kolter
1949 2000
John  Hamrick's Image
Richland, Texas
John Hamrick
1929 2002
Raymond  Meixner's Image
Windsor, Wisconsin
Raymond Meixner
1922 2000
Elizabeth  Rowe's Image
Elizabeth Rowe
1916 1978
Bennie  Hartsell's Image
Bennie Hartsell
1942 2014
Eleanor  Ackerman's Image
Eugene, Oregon
Eleanor Ackerman
1912 2015
William  Jones's Image
Pioche, Nevada
William Jones
1904 1992
Wanda  Caudill's Image
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
Wanda Caudill
1952 2018
Kenneth  Brobst's Image
Topeka, Kansas
Kenneth Brobst
1931 2015
Sarah  Fitch's Image
Jacksonville, Texas
Sarah Fitch
1874 1962
Edd  Roper's Image
Aquone, North Carolina
Edd Roper
1888 1979
Virgil  Cross's Image
Roundup, Montana
Virgil Cross
1917 2009
Luvada  Bryant's Image
Osceola, Arkansas
Luvada Bryant
1886 1981
Nellie  Montgomery's Image
Gooding, Idaho
Nellie Montgomery
1917 2010
Paula  Krohn's Image
Paula Krohn
1905 1992
Gary  Lewis's Image
Pascagoula, Mississippi
Gary Lewis
1966 2005
Gale  Bartow's Image
Blue Springs, Missouri
Gale Bartow
1923 2004
Bessie  Kegley's Image
Independence, Virginia
Bessie Kegley
1899 1984
Laura  Johns's Image
Nicholasville, Kentucky
Laura Johns
1894 1973
Charlcye  Dalton's Image
Shreveport, Louisiana
Charlcye Dalton
1917 1998
Jerry  Anderson's Image
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jerry Anderson
1959 2013
Jesse  Mason's Image
Katy, Texas
Jesse Mason
1931 2002
Thomas  Crudup's Image
Austin, Texas
Thomas Crudup
1943 2005
Victor  Tompkins's Image
Binghamton, New York
Victor Tompkins
1970 2018
Chester  Dalton's Image
Shreveport, Louisiana
Chester Dalton
1915 1999
Dora  Ware's Image
LaFayette, Georgia
Dora Ware
1908 1989
Fredericka  Thompson's Image
Mobile, Alabama
Fredericka Thompson
1922 1986
Edna  Woodson's Image
Edna Woodson
1916 1990