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Find Memorials & Obituaries

We Remember has thousands of memory pages. Here’s how to find people, obituaries, and memory pages that matter to you.

Start at the top

The search field at the top of the page under the logo is the first place to start. You can search by name, city, funeral home, and newspaper. Don’t see the Search field? Click the Search button in the upper left next to the main menu.

Narrow it down

As you enter your search terms, we’ll show you the best matches in a drop down menu. For common names and locations, there may be too many choices to show. Click “View all results” to browse the full list on a page. Or, continue to narrow down the search by changing or adding keywords.

Why are there more than one page for my person?

Memory pages can be created by anyone, and there is no “official” page for a given person. For example, two siblings can each create their own pages for a mother who passed away. Each page would have its own memories, guests, and privacy settings. We’d love for them to contribute to the same page, but there may be good reasons why they were started separately. If you find more than one page for your person, you can join one, all, or none — and still create your own as well.

No results? Try again or create a page

First, doublecheck your spelling, as typing mistakes are common. Second, try some variations on the name (James vs. Jim), or a broader location (California vs. San Francisco).

Still can’t find them? We may not have a page yet for your person. Please make one—it’s completely free and only take a few minutes!

Start a new page now!

Who will you remember? It takes less than a minute. It’s completely free for you to create, and always free for friends and family to contribute memories.