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Memorial Privacy & Content Settings

We understand how important it is to preserve memories. We also understand that human relationships can be complicated, so we’ve built in control and privacy settings from the very beginning. You are always in control of any memory you add, and you control who sees and adds memories for any memorial you moderate.

Name, Headline, Biography/Obituary

This content is always visible to help with searching and discovering memorials. Only moderators can change this information

Who can see memories

The moderator sets the visibility settings for the memorial. A memorial can be set to “All Visitors” or “Members Only”.

All Visitors
All Visitors. Memories visible to anyone with the link. You must still join the memorial to post memories.
Page Members
Memorial Members Only. You must join the memorial to see and post memories.

“All Visitors”

  • The memorial and all memories are visible to anyone with the link to the memorial. (Note that anyone who posts a memory can override this by setting the individual memory they post to “Members Only.”)
  • The memorial can be found via search on Google, We Remember, or Ancestry.com.

“Members Only (Approval Required)”

  • Only the name/headline/biography or obituary are visible to anyone searching on Google or We Remember.
  • All memories, comments and reactions are invisible until the visitorregisterswith We Remember and is approved by the moderator. This also applies to anyone accessing the memorial via a link.

Any memory can be set to “Members Only” by the author

  • When you post a memory, you can choose to make it visible only to other members of the memorial, even if the memorial is set to “All Visitors.”

Who can post memories?

The moderator controls how memories are posted to the memorial by deciding who can post memories and the visibility settings of those posts.

“Members & Guests”

  • Memories and comments from We Remember members are visible immediately.
  • Memories added via Guest Mode are not visible until the moderator approves the post.
  • Guest Mode is on by default, but the moderator can turn it off in the “Memorial Settings” menu.

“Members Only with Moderator Approval”

  • All memories must be approved by a moderator before they are visible.
  • Guest Mode not available. Visitors must register with We Remember to post memories.

“Moderators Only”

  • Only moderators can add memories and comments. Members can read everything in this setting, but they cannot contribute memories or comments.

Guest, Member, and Moderator Responsibilities

All users are responsible for following our Community Rules to keep the community engaging, safe, and appropriate for all. You also agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement by using the We Remember website.

Community Rules

Terms & Conditions

Privacy Statement

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