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SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

Page Settings & Privacy

Become a moderator to customize the page and control who sees and posts content.

You are in control

We understand how important it is to preserve memories. We also understand that human relationships can be messy, so we’ve built in control and privacy settings from the very beginning. You are always in control of any memory you add, and you control who sees and adds memories for any page you moderate.

Privacy for Individual Memories

When you add a memory to a person’s page, you decide if that memory is public, or only visible to guests who have joined Friends & Family for that page. When set to Public, you’ll see the memory before joining Friends & Family for that page. Set to “Signed Guests,” it will not display until you have joined the page.

Who can add memories?

These settings apply to all memories on the page.


Anyone with the link can sign the page and post memories, as well as decide if their memories are visible to everyone or just signed-in guests. Moderators can block guests or hide inappropriate posts. Private memories are still private on Open pages.


Anyone with the link can sign the page and add a memory. However, moderators must review and approve content before it is posted, and can block guests if necessary.


Although guests may view memories and comments, only moderators can post content. To gather more about your loved one, while still maintaining control, we recommend the Approval Required option.

Look for “Privacy & Content Settings” in the “Page Settings” menu

Who can see memories?

These settings apply to all memories on the page.


Anyone with a link to the We Remember page can see the tribute section at the top. Individual memories within a We Remember page can be public or private. When guests add memories, they choose whether memories are visible to everyone or just signed-in guests. As owner or moderator, you can choose to keep all memories private for approved guests only. We notify you when new people sign the guestbook and you will need to approve them before they can view memories.

Look for “Privacy & Content Settings” in the “Page Settings” menu

Reporting & Blocking

Sometimes people share things that are inaccurate or inappropriate. We’ve built in controls to help in these situations.


Anyone viewing a page can report a whole page, a single guest, or a memory. Reporting will instantly hide the reported content, and requires you to be signed in to the Friends & Family on that page so we know who made the report. Moderators are then sent an email to review the report and approve or decline the report. Reported content stays hidden to everyone except the owener.


While any guest can report content, only moderators may block and unblock content. Blocked content is hidden to all guests but visible to moderators, who may unblock content at any time.

Look for “Report” and “Block” buttons in the lower right

How to Become a Moderator

Everyone has control of the memories they add, independent of the page. Only moderators can customize the page and change the default privacy settings. To become a moderator:


Anyone who creates a page becomes the first moderator


Pages created by clicking the We Remember widget on a Find a Grave have an option in the lower left to claim the page and become a moderator. This option is only available to the first moderator and disappears once the page has been claimed.

Look for “0 Moderators” in the lower left of the page and click it

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