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Moderator Features & Tools

Become a moderator to help manage a memorials. Moderators are usually family or friends, but can be anyone who wants to customize the memorial and manage privacy and content settings.

Become a Moderator

There are a few ways to become a moderator:

Create a Memorial

If you create a new memorial, you are automatically a moderator.

Funeral Home or Partner

If a funeral home or other partner creates a memorial for you, they will invite you to become a moderator.

Find a Grave

Memorials created by clicking from Find a Grave do not have a moderator by default. Click “About this Memorial” and follow the instructions to become a moderator.

Make another Guest a Moderator

If you are a moderator and want some help managing the memorial, you can give other guests moderator privileges. Select them from the guestbook and click “+ Moderator.”

Not sure if you are a moderator?

If you see an “About This Memorial” button under the headline, you are not yet a moderator. Or, click on yourself in the guestbook. If there’s an “x Moderator” button, you are a moderator and clicking the button will remove your moderator role.

Memorial Settings Menu

Find the following features in the “Memorial Settings” menu under the name. (Note: you must be a moderator to see this button. If you see “About This Memorial” under the headline, you are not a moderator.)

About This Memorial

General information about the memorial, and links to providers if it was not created directly from We Remember. Also includes links to Report and Become a Moderator.

Edit Name, Photo, Headline

The photo and text at the top of the memorial. If it’s incorrect, or you want to change it, do that here.

Delete Memorial

Made a memorial by mistake? Or just decided you don’t want it? No problem, you can delete as long as no other guests have joined or added memories.

Edit Biography

Memorials created by funeral homes and from Find a Grave may come with an obituary. You are free to edit, remove, or replace any of the text.

Add Link to External Memorial

You can add links to other web pages that will display as small cards in the bio. Use it to share a blog, an article, or any other page you can link to.

Privacy & Content Settings

See the help article Privacy & Content Settings for details.

Privacy & Content Settings

Guest Mode Settings

Turn Guest Mode on or off through this menu.


Questions are the most common way people add memories on We Remember! For the best experience, add a few custom questions to get memories on specific topics.

Add a Custom Question

Click “Add” in the memory module to add a custom question.

Edit & Delete Questions

Moderators may edit or delete any question via the ••• menu.


A convenient way to add links to the biography section.

General Link

Link to a blog or a favorite website.

Related Memorials

Since memorials can only be about one person at a time, we added the ability to link We Remember memorials together. Now you can link spouses and other family members for an easy way to navigate between them!

Approving & Blocking

By default, memorials are set to “All Visitors,” so moderators do not have to approve anything. They are still able to block any guest or memory at any time. This setting is the most convenient for members and moderators, while still allowing moderators complete control..

Approve Memories & Members

In either of the “Approval Required” settings, jooining the memorials or posting content will need to be approved by a moderator. We email all moderators immediately with the request, and members or memories remain hidden until they approve or block the request.

Block Memories & Guests

While any member can report content, only moderators may block and unblock content. Blocked content is hidden to all members but available to moderators, who may unblock content at any time.

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