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Memories are fragile. Conversations fade. Photos are scattered. That’s why we created a single, simple place to collect and preserve memories. The result is a rich tapestry of stories and photos, preserved for family and friends for years to come.   Completely Free!
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What is a virtual memorial?

Collect stories from living people before they fade.
Preserve memories of those who have passed.

Online memorials are like a group scrapbook for memories

What were they like as children? In college? At work? Participating in a hobby? We Remember encourages you to get memories from everyone who knew them, so you can see sides of them you never knew existed.

Free to create, free to contribute—no subscriptions!

Enter a few details, invite guests, and add a couple of memories. That’s all you need to do! The more people you invite, the more memories you’ll get. We’ll notify you when new memories are added, and you can return to add memories and manage the memorial at any time.

You’re in control of your content and privacy

When you create a memorial for someone, or join another memorial as a moderator, you are in complete control of who can see and post memories. Memorials and memories are public by default, but can be restricted to guests only. Anyone can report a memorial or memory, and memorial owners and moderators can block an unwanted guest or memory at any time.

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“The guest book is well-organized and easy to navigate.”
“...allows families, friends and colleagues to have a beautiful place for recollections, at a natural time for these conversations.”
“Full featured, easy to use, easy to share, easy for family and friends to contribute to, and FREE.”

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Who will you remember? It takes less than a minute. It’s completely free for you to create, and always free for friends and family to contribute memories.